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Progressive Insurance introduces first car insurance-focused app for Android

Progressive car insurance now has an app in the Android Market.

The company previously released an iPhone app in January and then decided to release one for Android since it is the fastest growing smartphone platform on the market today.

Progressive claims they are the first major U.S. car insurance group to release an app for Android.

Existing customers can use the app to make payments and manage their claims while new users can compare insurance rates for different cars and get quotes. Those of you who can’t get enough of their endless TV spots can also watch the latest commercials.

“We’ve seen a 30 percent increase in visits to our mobile Web site by Android users over the past four months. Our Android app is designed to simplify the mobile experience for this fast-growing group of customers.”Matt LehmanProgressive’s Web experience director

With the free Android app, users can:

  • Get car insurance quotes and buy a policy
  • Make payments and update policy information
  • Get directions to a local independent insurance agent
  • Get directions to the closest service center, where customers receive Progressive’s concierge level of claims service
  • Research crash test results and recall notices
  • Calculate and budget for monthly car loan payments
  • Compare the relative costs to insure different types of cars
  • Report and track claims
  • Watch the latest Progressive TV commercials

Source: Progressive

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  • http://Website Greg

    Yet another app that doesn’t appear my 1.5 market. This would be a great app to have and use. Com’on 2.1 for Hero.

  • http://Website treefq

    I’ll just take a pic of the Progressive girl. She is super cute!

    • http://Website Kagi


      • @darifresh

        LMAO. They did find a horrible pic of her.

        anyways..yes usaa was first that i know of plus i think u could probably pull up insurance details on personal assistant.

        HTC hero (couldnt wait til june so i went the root n rom route so i wouldnt start hating my hero lol)

  • http://Website Jeff

    USAA has an app for Android that allows you to do auto insurance plus banking functions with it. It even allows you to take a picture of a check and then deposit it into your account all from your camera phone.

    • http://Website kirkymd

      That’s exactly what I thought, Jeff. I love the USAA app. It’s awesome. It works really well and it includes car insurance functions as well! Go USAA!

    • http://Website Patrick O’Leary

      But we can’t watch commercials with the USAA app!

      Seriously, though, with the new quick login option it’s pretty much perfect, and no silly “features.” USAA’s advertising to both potential and existing customers has always been low-key and their app maintains that.

      • http://Website JT82

        Well USAA is members only so they dont need to be so “in your face” with their advertising. Although they stepped it up with some billboards in military areas. But the USAA Android app rocks :) I can do ALL my business from that app PLUS the quick login is a nice touch.

  • http://www.uhanrodric.moonfruit.com Juan

    Yay. I just got my first new car. And just signed up for progressive. In a lame way, I’m pumped about this.

  • http://Website Chris

    Lucky for us 1.5 users we don’t want a progressive app.

    Could you sense the bitterness over 1.5 in there? Lol

  • http://Website droidwolf

    Yea where is my app for 1.5? Why does android hate us? Lol moto cliq.

  • http://Website Gunner

    USAA has had their app on the Market for some time. Progressive is incorrect.

  • http://Website Sara Guillory

    More and more companies are coming on board to provide Android apps, so even if your insurance co doesn’t offer one for your phone now, I think they will soon: http://www.cheapercarinsurance.com/articles/top-5-android-and-iphone-insurance-apps/