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Samsung Galaxy S appears on FCC’s site with ATT 3G

When Samsung announced the Galaxy S, they confirmed it was headed for the United States but chose not to announce a carrier. Recent speculation suggested the phone could land on AT&T and now the evidence is beginning to pile up.

Boy Genius Report spotted the Galaxy S (GT-I9000) on the FCC’s site sporting the AT&T 3G bands. A good number of these FCC filings never turn into actual launches, but we already know the Galaxy S is coming later this year. It is always possible for this device to launch on multiple carriers, but most Android phones have been carrier exclusives in the U.S.

Which carrier would you like to see pick up the Samsung Galaxy S?

Via: BGR

Source: FCC

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  • http://Website David

    I would really really like it to come to VZ. With the Super Amoled screen I would be able to use it outside as my job dictates that.

    • http://Website ken

      The reason why companies still pick AT&T as a carrier is because. It offers them a good hefty amount of cash. Apple knows it and now, Samsung is starting to learn it.
      Samsung Galaxy S reactions

  • http://Website rmc

    Doesn’t matter as long as it’s NOT from Apple!

  • Killa

    Well definetly not AT&T. T-Mobile could really use a boost, so I would like to see them get it.

  • http://Website RDArmand

    T-Mobile, difinately. My G1 is getting a bit long in the tooth, and I’d love for them to get a 2.x Android phone (Nexus One doesn’t count).

    • Drew

      Honestly, the mytouch 2 looks more promising than this Samsung

      And I can’t wait to upgrade my G1

  • http://twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

    Doesn’t matter to me what carrier get’s it so long as they don’t cripple it like AT&T did to the Backflip. That gives Android a bad rep to those who don’t know better.

  • http://Website @dariFRESH

    pretty much feeling like everyone else. if that processor and super AMOLED screen go to waste on AT&T it’d be a pity. i’m a fan of all phones going to sprint and tmobile just because they’re CHEAP!

  • http://www.mobi.rs Mobi

    Samsung i9000 is best Galaxy S model! It’s bad that only will be very expensive!

  • http://Website Rodney

    vzw because i really love this phone and thats the only carrier i can get it on.

  • BiGJaY75

    i for one am glad for att to get a good android device… wait correction great android device.. yes att might fill it with bloatware but its a 4 inch super amoled display.. COME ON!!! att pissed me off so i bought an unlocked mytouch.. release this phone already

  • BiGJaY75

    and besides t mobile and verizon already have android devices to choose from that are great… let att get a phone that will make us forget of the iphone… PLEASE!!

  • http://Website tech1

    I think att should get the GREAT samung droid phone. to keep the competion going . plus i like atts sim card tech more so then vzw’s bullshit phones. and in my area att has the best network. plus vzw pushs all these unneeded apps to your phone trust me i know i work for the tech service the provide to there cust.. and i know about gmail and the backup of contacts. but i just like how att sets there phones up .. vzw pushs to many so called free services to there customers. and for the little brothers of the US network sprint and tmobile .. please no comments.