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Samsung Galaxy S could be headed for AT&T

There is not a lot of official info to go on here, but I always find it interesting when other sites try to connect the dots. Phonescoop recently spotted a new Android phone from Samsung (model SGH-I897) with a 4 inch AMOLED display and TouchWiz 3.0. They noticed the the bluetooth profile was very similar to that of the Galaxy S (GT-I9000) and speculated the device could be a variant of the original.

Samsung Mobile stated that they intend to launch the Galaxy S in the United States, but no carrier deals have been announced yet.

Our friend Greg from MobileCrunch went on to add that all Samsung phones which had model numbers starting with SGH and ending in 7 (like the Propel [SGH-A767], Propel Pro [SGH-i627], Mythic [SGH-a897], Impression [SGH-A877], Eternity [SGH-A867]) have all gone to AT&T.

Whatever the device actually turns out to be, it does look like AT&T will get some Android device from Samsung later this year. We have really high hopes for the Galaxy S so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that AT&T does not try and cripple it like their first couple of Android phones.

Via: Mobile Crunch

Source: Phone Scoop

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  • JeffersonFreely

    oh god no… I seriously hope they don’t decide to cripple this one too.

  • http://Website T-Mo G1 user

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ? lol I mean really, T-Mobile.. get us SOMETHING… or Google, put the Nexus in retail stores or enable people with family plans to upgrade to it without paying 530… something… lol

    • http://Website Erika

      Its April and they only released one Android phone this year and its just a cliq without a keyboard. wow I’m waiting on something to be released. if their plans wasn’t cheaper i would have switched already.

    • http://Website Se7en2

      Completely agree. That’s why I’ll probably be leaving T-Mo for Sprint and the EVO4G in June.

  • http://Website Gomer

    The only good thing about this phone is the Super AMOLED screen. Take that out of the equation and this is nothing to get excited about.

  • http://Website koolkeith1875

    @gomer, you obviosly don’t know what you’re talking about. Android 2.1 and the fastest proccessor yet sounds pretty good to me.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    Actually, this makes perfect sense. Samsung always figures out a way to ruin their phones. Moving to At&t and crippling their phones is the best way to do it with the Galaxy S.

  • http://Website Hans

    Consider it crippled.

    On another note: I haven’t seen a lot of videos of the Galaxy S, but does it have Touch Wiz for sure?

  • http://Website dethduck

    Why are none of these new phones heading to T-Mobile!? They put Android on the map in the US. Did they piss google off or something?

    • http://Website gad

      It has nothing to do with Google. If T-mobile wants it, they’ll get it

    • http://Website Ryan

      Tmobile is run by a bunch of idiots. If the phone is good you can pretty much bet it won’t come to tmobile. Unless of course it’s running Winmo…. in which case it’s not really a “good” phone anymore.

      • http://Website Keyla

        I beg to differ. T-Mobile does have good phones they just aren’t hitting the US they are all over in Europe. Like the Samsung I7500 which has been released since last year. Its better than all of T-Mobiles current US phones but atlas its not coming here anytime soon if at all. So the only good thing is that if you like any of the AT&T phones you can definately use them on T-Mobiles network b/c they run off the same platform sim cards, and then you’ll have a wider choice to pick from.

        • http://Website James

          i agree, Tmobile Europe has a lot of good phones but Tmobile USA is seriously lacking. Thats the reason the company is doing bad and losing customers. i really hope Tmobile gets the Galaxy S because i need to upgrade. Their other android phones are low end phones.

          • http://Website James

            Tmobile was the first company with android and everybody else is passing them up. ATT just got a android phone and they might get the desire and 3 others which are better than all of Tmobile android phones. it should have been want a Android go to Tmobile. They had a large headstart, first to last in a year. sad

  • http://allstufftech1.blogspot.com Max Fadia

    another sweet phone but i hate it i love android because the customization and freedoms to be a developer but the app door looks too much like an iphone and i know us android users are better than that stupid iphone.

  • http://Website treefq

    If I were Samsung, Dell, and any other android phone maker (except Moto), I would publish (have leaked) how to root the phone.

    Moto already said no rooting allowed but that will hurt them more then help them, I am sure.

    But with a rooted phone you could burn whatever ROM is available.

    Whatever the carrier taketh away, the Modders will give back.

  • http://Website Ace Curry

    If they do not cripple it, I will get it. I was seriously considering leaving my family plan to switch over to Sprint to get the Evo but this one has many of the key featues I liked in the Evo (720p camcorder, HD resolution). If I can stay on AT&T and get a real Android phone, especially one with these features, it would be magical

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  • BiGJaY75

    yessssssss super amoled display and for att? hell yeah!!

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  • http://Website Anonymous

    The only Android phone I have seen work well on AT&T is the Telus (Canadian) Moto Milestone.
    It runs on AT&T’s 3G 850 network.

    It even allows AT&T’s HSPA faster network. I download apps in about 2 seconds on mine.
    So, I would think any Telus Android device may also work with AT&T.

    Seriously tho, T-Mo & Sprint both have the better priced packages, but they do lack in awesome Android phone offerings. Even the Evo with it’s $10. per month extra fee is ridiculous.

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