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Samsung to distribute Yahoo services on upcoming Android phones

Yahoo announced today a strategic global partnership with Samsung that will bring Yahoo’s services to millions of Samsung mobile devices, including those that use Android. Samsung will begin distributing Yahoo services this May, so it is possible that the Galaxy S might be their first Android device to fall under this new agreement.

It will be interesting to see which phones come pre-loaded with Yahoo services because the carrier normally decides which software ships on their phones. AT&T already removed Google search in favor of Yahoo, but all the other major U.S. carriers have stuck with Google services for their Android phones.

Samsung Android phones may come pre-loaded with one or more  of these Yahoo branded services:

  • Yahoo! Mail — Access your favorite Web mail features: Read, reply, compose and send mail; view attachments; get to your personal mail folders; and organize messages by customizable groups.
  • Yahoo! Messenger — Message your friends reliably in real time: view their availability and quickly see their status messages; update your own status; and show your style with emoticons, avatars, or photos.
  • Yahoo! Contacts and Calendar — Look up and/or add contact information and update your calendar.
  • Yahoo! Mobile Front Page — Bring together your favorite content and services from anywhere across the Internet to one location.
  • Yahoo! Search — Get exactly the information and answers you need when you are on the go. Search results are grouped around your query, providing the most relevant information on a single screen.
  • Yahoo! Flickr — Take, share, and discover photos and videos; geo-tag photos; and email them to your Flickr account from your Samsung phone.
  • Yahoo! News — Get the news you’re interested in on your phone. Choose what is relevant to you from a complete list of news categories, including entertainment, sports, business, technology, and more.
  • Yahoo! Finance — Follow broad market indices or a specific company and read the day’s top news, research, and analysis to keep up-to-date about the financial world.
  • Yahoo! Weather — View current weather conditions or a three-day forecast; search for weather conditions by city; find sunrise and sunset times; and get wind, visibility, humidity, and barometer readings.

Source: Business Wire

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  • http://rob.iparker.co.uk/ Rob Parker

    It’ll be interesting to see if they do this the proper ‘Android way’ – for example “Yahoo! Contacts and Calendar” will really be a sync handler – just like Google is normally – for the Contacts and Calendar apps (whereas things like GMail are entirely proprietary, the Contacts and handler are open source, just the sync handlers aren’t).

  • http://Website Mathieu

    I hope Yahoo is gonna release all theses apps in the Market.
    I don’t really get and like the OEM distribution of apps.

    I hope for Samsung that the Android devices will still get Google Search, Gmail… (unlike AT&T)

  • http://Website Chris

    I’ve been a G1 user since the very beginning. Was super excited at the prospect of upgrading to a Galaxy S when/if it’s released on T-Mobile. If Samsung removes Google services in favor of Yahoo! bloatware, I will NEVER consider buying this phone. I’m already hesitant to get an android phone without the XDA community you get with HTC phones, which would fix issues like this. DON’T DO IT SAMSUNG!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Dave K

    Excellent reason to skip the Samsung Galaxy S.

    Yahoo? Really? Come on.

    • Drew

      They’re just adding to the list now.

  • http://Website JarlSX

    what a waste of a great phone that would be

  • http://buhbomp.com cashless

    Samsung phones are no longer candidates for purchase. I might be so vindictive that I could just see myself extending that to all Samsung products.

    I was indifferent about Samsung until now, but they’ve lost any hope of making me a potential customer.

  • http://Website William Furr

    These had better be removable. If not, the phone had better have enough internal storage for it not to matter.

    Hopefully it won’t take long for some enterprising folks at the xda-developers board to crack that sucker and remove the bundled apps.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Interesting, I’m all for diversity. Hopefully that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to use Google’s services if you prefer. Having both Gmail and Flickr official apps, for example, would be really great.

    The perfect solution would be to have both Yahoo! and Google releasing these apps on the Market. I mean, neither of them really have anything to lose in such a situation. Yahoo! would reach all the other manufacturers and carriers, and Google would reach AT&T.

  • http://itsalltech.com Andrew

    Well, I know what phone I WON’T be getting

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    I’m all for this, as long as they don’t mess with what’s already on the phone. Take away my google search and gmail, and you’ve got yourself a deal breaker! But I would be totally fine with all the other stuff, though I doubt I would actually use most of them.

  • http://Website Mike

    Well, I was planning on getting the Samsung Galaxy S, but not anymore. Looks like I will be going for the Dell instead.

    Seriously, putting Yahoo on this device is retarded. They are going to lose as much in sales as Yahoo is paying them to make this move. Not to mention that they are going to lose the revenue cutback from Google.

  • http://Website stevesvag

    Unless I can choose to remove yahoo and put Google back on, this phone is a no go.

  • stalker

    yes.. It would be great if yahoo add these applications in market. So, we can install it anywhere.

  • http://Website Me Love You Long Time

    Note to self, do not buy a Samsung phone due to Yahoo products suck. Even if I could uninstall them, I still would not buy a Samsung phone due to this is a dumb move. Does anyone know if the time will come when

  • http://Website Joey

    Will this be available on older Samsung phones. I have the Moment and like Yahoo! services. It will only be for a year cause I will get rid of this Samsung phone and never buy another Samsung phone again. They take to long to roll out important bug fixing updates.

  • http://www.juegos.gs Juegos

    I think Google is well a head of the competition but Good luck Yahoo/Samsung.

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  • http://Website doctajay

    I actually think that this will be fixed with Google moving to decouple alot of their core components and put them on the market. If google is smart, they will put google maps, gmail, contacts, etc. on the market so that their customers who want to use their stuff, but are using crap phoens like the galaxy S can still use their services. And there would be no way that the companies could circumvent this.

  • http://Website kevin

    its a phone for crying out loud, quit yer bitching, ya really think samsung cares if ya dont buy their phone? damn

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  • http://yahoomessenger claudiu nicoara