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Sirius XM Radio will be broadcasting to your Android 2.1 phone in May

Sirius XM Radio streaming live to your Android 2.1 device in May

Sirius XM Radio announced earlier today that a free Android app will be released in May giving subscribers access to over 120 channels via their Droid or Nexus One. (Presumably the Incredible and all other Android 2.1 devices will be compatible as well.)

If you aren’t a current subscriber the app will carry with it a 7-day trial subscription so you can test it out and see what you think. Once your trial is over there are a number of options for subscriptions and depending on how much programming you are after the monthly fees range from $6.99 to $19.99. If you want to look into it further you can check out all the available packages over on Sirius.

Here’s their quick rundown of features for the app:

  • Listen to over 120 channels of SIRIUS XM Premium Online programming on the go, even while surfing the web or checking email.
  • Bookmark SIRIUS XM Premium Online channels for fast, easy access through a “Favorites” function.
  • View the current channel plus what is playing on all other available channels via the “Lookaround” function.

Nothing too earth shattering in the way of functionality, but if you enjoy Sirius XM Radio this should be a welcome addition to your app collection.

One major caveat is that the following content will not be available through the Android app; MLB Play-by-Play, NFL Play-by-Play, SIRIUS NASCAR Radio, and Howard Stern. Depending on your interests that could be some fairly compelling content that they are withholding so just keep that in mind. It’s also somewhat interesting as my understanding is that once Flash 10.1 is enabled on Android you should be able to just navigate to the Sirius website and listen to any and all of the content you have subscribed to.

Source: PR Newswire

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  • http://Website Onyx Mueller

    2 things:

    1) The pricing you stated is _only_ if you aren’t a Sirius/XM subscriber already.
    2) You cannot access online content unless you are paying for it. If you just have an account for your radio in your car, you cannot use it to listen to the radio on the internet _unless_ you’ve added their internet access service/package.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      I did say that the pricing was only if you aren’t a current subscriber.

      My point regarding the blocked content being accesible by web was more that they wouldn’t be able to lock mobile users out of it for long, but it is good to know that option would carry an extra fee.

  • http://Website Kris

    Will first generation phones get this to?

  • @darifresh

    still not a bad deal…wonder how it’ll compete with podcasts cuz android lovers love free

  • http://Website Mark

    Unless they’ve changed it in the last year, the live NFL channels were not available online either. The NFL will not allow anybody to broadcast games online. (They don’t want to lose subscriptions to their own online service.) That’s the one reason I wouldn’t have canceled my service. I’m not in my car as much as I used to be, and the only reason I would have kept it would be if I could listen to Cowboys games that weren’t on TV in the Seattle market. Unless I wanted to sit in my car to listen to it(I did one game) I couldn’t use sirius for NFL games and had to pay for nfl.com’s service.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Mark, I think you’ve got it right, it looks like the play-by-play services including the mentioned MLB, NFL, and Nascar stations are locked down to only the actual satellite receivers.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Will it have Stern’s channels 100 and 101?

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      No they will not, but unlike the play-by-play services the Stern channels should be available through the Sirius website once Flash 10.1 is enabled.

  • http://Website tim

    You know, this isn’t a bad deal for either Sirius or consumers. This isn’t earth-shattering, but if it had the comedy, news, etc channels, it’s better than what I get via Dish Network. For Sirius, it gets receivers (albeit somewhat limited ones) into way more hands. I always have my phone but do I want to buy another piece of electronics? Not really, my phone (droid) is becoming an uberphone.

    If I could subscribe via my phone bill? Even better.

  • http://Website dustin

    awesome! since here in hawaii we dont have the ability to use xm/sirius radio at all since the xm/sirius satellites dont come across here..

  • http://Website Narflar

    So what, SiriusXM is crap. Ever since the merger they just stopped trying. Now that I got Slacker I don’t need Sat radio. O&A, Ellis and Stern are available for download. The only reason I see keeping Sat radio is if you must have your music interrupted by a douche who feels he must tell you his life story before he plays the next track.

    • http://Website Greho

      Can’t argue with that. The biggest blight on XM is the creature known as “Madison.”

  • http://thisisjohncoffey.com JohnnyACEâ™  GRAND MASTER SEN$Ei {{-_-}}â„¢

    MSNBC Radio FTW


  • http://Website Avondis

    No MLB no NFL no NBA no Howard NO DEAL

  • http://Website Greho


    Since I don’t subscribe to any of the pay channels on XM, the unavailability matters not to me. If the programming, like the NFL, is blocked, odds are I’m watching that on TV anyway.

    But the ability to have the NPR channels and the BBC World Service in my hand is phenomenal.

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