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Some Incredible renders of Verizon’s next Android phone

We recently learned the launch date and official specs of Verizon’s HTC Incredible, but we have yet to see some non-blurry close up photos of the phone. It might be several more weeks before the product is announced (and demo units are sent out), but someone has posted a high quality render for all to enjoy.

The phone looks a lot like the previous leaks we have seen. The red battery cover has been replaced with a black one, but all the internals of the device (battery included) are still red. There also appears to be an optical trackpad on the front of the phone, but it looks different from what we have seen on the HTC Desire and Legend. I guess we will find out shortly.

The final design could still be altered, but this is the best look at the phone I have seen.

The HTC Incredible. Click to enlarge.

Source: Wikipedia

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