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Sprint begins internal testing of Android 2.1 update for Samsung Moment

Android Central has the first screens of the official Android 2.1 update running on Sprint’s Samsung Moment. Internal employees are testing the update first and the rumor says it could be ready in the coming weeks. Sprint previously said the Hero and Moment would receive Android 2.1 by early Q2, so it is possible we could see the updates this month (but I doubt it).

Just as we reported earlier in the year, the update wipes all data and some Android 2.1 features are missing. The update does not appear to include multitouch pinch zoom controls and I have been unable to confirm that the Samsung display will even support it. Live wallpapers are also absent as we expected.

The user did not report how he received the update, but it is believed to be PC based like earlier Moment updates. When the time comes, customers should also be able to update their phones at a Sprint repair center.

Sprint PR is pretty on the ball, so we just have to wait and see when they reveal the full details of this update.

Just got it early this morning and it is not for general release yet. I just started playing with it, but it seems much faster/more responsive than 1.5.

It does not appear to have pinch-to-zoom on either the Gallery or the Browser. Same backgrounds/bloatware that 1.5 has. When you launch NFL Mobile Live, it tells you it will be replaced by “Sprint Football Live”.

It actually, now, has VPN built in (PPTP, L2TP, L2TP/IPSec both PSK and Certificate-based). Bluetooth is vastly improved. There is no more cutting out. Your headset will re-pair without having to put the phone into discoverable mode after you reboot.

You slide-to-answer a phone call now. It has voice input (“an experimental feature using Google’s networked speech recognition”) built it and it actually works! No more texting while driving! Extremely cool!

Email will now work with any certificate (not just signed).

The update erases everything on the device, and it’s probably a good idea just to reinstall everything from scratch. Some of the 1.5 apps I’m not finding in the Market for 2.1. And some versions of apps in the Market say they don’t work with 2.0 yet.KansasCityJoeAndroid Central forums

Source: Android Central

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