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Sprint branded Samsung Moment 2 poses for blurrycam

Hot on the heels of the news that Android 2.1 is undergoing internal testing on the original Samsung Moment comes a not so steady snapshot of the Samsung Moment 2 for Sprint with a fresh coat of Android 2.1 on it.

This device certainly has a lot of the original Moment in it, but it has picked up a search key to go along with the menu, back, and home keys (interesting that Samsung is adding keys on some while dropping them on others). The only other change apparent in the photo is some slight tweaking of the keyboard layout.

Details are light on the specs, but what is being reported so far is:

  • Android 2.1 (Yay!)
  • Touchwiz 3.0 (Meh)
  • Full Qwerty (Yay!)
  • No Super AMOLED (BOO!)

There are enough QWERTY fans out there that if this just slots in at the $99 price point held by the original Moment it could certainly sell well for those that don’t want to pony up for whatever the Evo is going to run when it releases this Summer.

Source: WeRAndroid

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