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T-Mobile myTouch Slide details slip out

Remember those myTouch Slide pictures that leaked out in January? Details have been scarce since that time, but new evidence of the phone is beginning to spill out. First the myTouch Slide appeared in Radio Shack’s Direct2U system and now the device has been spotted on the FCC’s site.

The pictures from the FCC’s site resemble earlier photos leaked in January. The back of the Slide looks exactly like the original myTouch (HTC Magic) with the addition of a flash above the camera.

Speculation posted over at TmoNews suggest the Slide could drop May 15, 2010, but we know how carriers love to change these dates before launch. T-Mobile has invested a lot in their myTouch brand, so we truly believe this phone will get a big marketing push when it is released.

Not a lot is known about the specs of the device, but it is expected to be a mid-range phone running Android 2.1. It is rumored to have an ARM11 based processor like first gen Android phones, but it should be a newer Qualcomm model (like the 600 MHz MSM7227 used in the HTC Legend).

Rumored myTouch Slide specs include:

  • 1300mAHr Battery
  • MicroSD memory cardslot is accessible without battery removal.  It is a push to insert and push to remove design.
  • Optical trackpad with an integrated push button.
  • Camera with LED flash.
  • 3.5 mm Headset Jack
  • Slide-out 4 row QWERTY keyboard
  • 320×480 screen resolution.
  • ARM11 processor.

Leaked image of a myTouch Slide prototype.

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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  • http://www.kid-genius.com delayne

    Buttons remind me too much of a Windows Mobile phone :(

  • http://Website Nithin Jino

    Hope T-Mobile realize that only the high powered android phones are in demand (like a min. of a 1 ghz processor and at least 512 mb of RAM).

    If they update the specs to the ones mentioned above and the price is reasonable. People would kill to get a super phone running android with a full qwerty keyboard.

  • http://sweeterskins.net Lemon

    I’ll eat my head if that prototype is the final design…

  • http://Website William

    Quick correction: on the resolution you put 320x48o instead of 320×480. Just thought I would let you know :)

  • http://Website Jonathan_m

    I think this is a step down if you ask me. Hardware wise!. …

  • Vineares

    Should be a 5 row FAIL

  • Drew

    Too bad they couldn’t make a good phone

  • http://Website erick

    if this will be running 2.1 does that mean regular mytouches will get it soon too?

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  • http://Website Aaron

    Knowing tmobile it will be half as good as phones like the evo and cost the same. I figure I’ll give tmobile until my g1 contract runs out at the end of September to give me a good replacement, but if they are going to keep trying to sell me crap phones, well then…see ya tmobile!

  • http://Website Big Joe

    T-mobile, if this is the what you are going to give to your loyal customers, then it is time to move on. My contract was up months ago. I was just waiting for YOU to provide me with a better phone than the other guys.

  • http://Website William Furr

    In other words, this is what the G1 should have been. Whoopie.

    Wake me when they get a snapdragon phone that I can upgrade to (aka not the Nexus One).

  • http://Website RICK

    Seems, all the comments agree. This is pure garbage. WTF is TMO thinking about this?!! Where are the 4in screen phones like the aloha from LG that was outed on engadgetmobile.com?

  • http://Website J D

    This is the next gen sidekick. Dont know what everyone is complaining about. Is a legitimate step above the sidekick lx 09. It just happens to run android. Its for the kids, settle down

  • http://Website Mocha K

    looks like the tmo wing….this is garbage…also the phone i have now with tmo still has android 1.6. I really feel that tmo is letting us down.

  • http://www.hagrin.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=3 zeesix

    Unlike some other comments, I don’t think this is a bad idea. I would just hope that they upgrade the processor and ram to something that makes 2.1 run smoothly.

    I had the original mytouch 3g when it came out, and while I liked android (1.5 at that time), it was still slow, laggy, and had much to be desired for. 2.x and droid/N1, changed that. Mainly because of the hardware. Phones prior to the droid were just not powerful enough.

  • http://Website Danny

    The problem isn’t that this is a crappy android phone. The thing that everyone here is angry about is that T-Mobile has yet to provide or even announce a true 2nd gen android phone. With Verizon having the Droid and getting the Incredible and Sprint getting the EVO, the only US carrier with weaker Android offerings is AT&T, and they were the last ones by far to join the party. This really makes those of us who got the G1 and myTouch when they were the only Android phones to be had feel like we’re really getting the shaft since out carrier, the first one to offer Android to us, won’t offer us a high end Android phone.

  • http://www.nashvilletn-real-estate.com Dean Williams

    When will people realize that the users of this site, and the other Android sites, are still a small population of Android users. Not everybody with a phone is on some message board chatting about features.

    What’s more important is the more Android phones being used, the faster the market grows and the quicker the adoption rate.

    It’s not always about the most super awesome amazing badass phone ever created by man.

  • http://Website Rell

    To be honnest its not a bad phone this was probably before all the the super phones came out. To be honnest also the specs aren’t to bad. If you just want a g1 replacement then its cool but if you want a super Andriod phone this isn’t the phone for you. Also besides the HD2 when did t-mobile ever provide powerful phones? T-mobile is the smallest of the four for a reason want to be for the small pockets crowd. Granted I’m with you in wanting a powerful phone but hopfully when the N1 pro comes you all will be happy. Also T-mobile will start get the super phones just not in 2010

  • http://Website cristian

    i have the tmobile hd2 and about to hack it so it has android 2.1 also this phones the nexus one thats what i used to own and it was laggy as hell plus you can put custom roms on mytouch and g1 easily

  • http://Website Fake Name

    Atleast it supports 2.1 and adobe flash
    I used one today ;)

    • http://Website Fake Name

      Also runs HSPA+

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  • http://Website T-Mo Rep

    i have a cyanogen mytouch now..love it! But got to mess with the mytouch slide, and now I want one (Even more than the hd2) it has all the things that I wish my mytouch had….but that may change when google lets the stores carry Nexus1. Idk, ill mess with it more and see.

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