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T-Mobile rolls out new software update to Motorola CLIQ users

Motorola has finished the early testing of their latest CLIQ update and T-Mobile has begun rolling it out to all users. The 1.4.8 update provides improvements to the phone’s battery, touchscreen, and Bluetooth functionality. For a full list of changes see the official 1.4.8 release notes.

The firmware of the latest update remains at Android 1.5, but Motorola is still planning a move to Android 2.1 in Q2 2010.

A small group of users experienced issues after the last CLIQ OTA update, but Motorola conducted extensive testing of this release over at the T-Mobile forums. Users should have no worries about installing this update.

If you have a Motorola CLIQ, let us know how the 1.4.8 update performs.

Instructions for installing software:

  1. For a successful installation, we recommend installing these updates while the battery in your phone is fully charged. Make sure you have an active SIM card installed in your phone.
  2. This software update will be accomplished in two steps.
  3. First Step: Select the Settings icon in the main menu.
  4. Select About phone and then select System Updates.
  5. Select Download;after the software is downloaded, select Install.
  6. After the software is installed, your phone will re-start automatically.
  7. Second Step: After your phone restarts, you will receive a prompt to download the second update. If you are not automatically prompted for the second software update, you should manually check for updates. From the main menu, select the Settings icon, select About phone, select System Updates.
  8. Select Download; after software is downloaded, select Install.
  9. After the software is installed, your phone will re-start automatically.
  10. Your phone is now updated with 1.4.8 software.

Via: Twitter

Source: Motorola

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  • http://geekinginsocal.com Tony

    Saw T-Mobile’s update on Twitter, but I’m dragging my feet on this one. I don’t care how much they said they tested it, I’m still a little gun shy after the last update.

    Anyway, it’s not showing up on my phone yet. ;)


    • http://geekinginsocal.com Tony

      Well, sounds like it’s working okay for people, and it’s showing up on my update list….

      Might as well….

      *throws the dice*

      • http://geekinginsocal.com Tony

        Been a few days, haven’t noticed any real improvement in my phone. But, I haven’t been able to get the Browser to work since the update, it’s been constantly force closing and I’ve instead been using Opera Mini. Sadly, I still haven’t been able to figure out how to make it my default, since I don’t think you CAN make it your default. :(

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

    My CLIQ is still on version 1.1.31.

  • http://Website Jay

    I have had the new update for about 2 weeks and everything has worked great until about 3 days ago….My Cliq stopped receiving Happenings and RSS Feed updates and I contacted T-Mobile today to complain….They told me that they were aware of a problem with MotoBlur and that it was not a hardware problem for Cliq users but a problem with MotoBlur itself….They told me to please be patient as Motorola was hard at work to fix the problem……I just started receiving my Happenings once again before this post but my RSS Feeds are still not updating…..Is anyone else experiencing similar issues with their Moto Cliq?…..

  • http://Website andrew harrington

    I looked for the update, and it said my phone was already up to date. I just recently got the cliq. Is that the reason why I can’t get the update?

  • http://Website ricky

    I just got the update notification and I keep serching for it and it says that the update search is currently not working what does this mean y can’t I get it?

  • http://Website Ken_Kouture

    You all need to read the info. It clearly said t-mobile is rolling out an update. Fyi that means its going to be (OTA). Be patient and you will eventually get it.

  • http://Website Cameltoad

    Software Update for the Motorola CLIQâ„¢ 1.4.8


    I recieved the OTA update during the night, clicked download in the morning, and it said: Software Update for the Motorola CLIQâ„¢ 1.4.8. No update available.

  • http://Website Slice

    just received the update.. east coast.. 2:58 april 9th.. downloading it now ! =)

  • http://Website Slice

    Ok so I just installed the update, however it supposed to be a two step process and after you install the first one and the phone restarts you are supposed to be prompted to start the second step of the download, but I was not. When I do a manual check it says that it is not available at this time and it says that I am runing 1.4.2 when the full download is supposed to be 1.4.8 wtf I guess I only get half of the update then.

  • http://Website Slice

    K so I feel like a dumbass now because it just found the second part of the update and I am installing it now.. I will let you know what I think of the new firmware shortly.

  • http://Website Slice

    Really not much of a difference. Everything seems just a little more responsive and less sluggish. Keyboard is definitely noticeably more responsive. End call button has been repositioned, which is good I guess. Nothing to really brag about just makes everything a little bit quicker. My theory is that all of these firmware updates are just prepping the device to be able to handle android 2.1.

  • http://Website chris

    Mine isn’t giving me the second half of the update either… how did you get the second half Slice?

  • http://Website Slice

    Just wait like 10 minutes and try searching for it again and it should be there.

  • http://Website chris

    They must just be slow to roll it out in my are. Been on 1.4.2 for over an hour now…

  • http://Website jt

    I am downloading the 2nd half now. So excited!

  • http://Website Juan

    Both versions loaded fine on my Cliq – Portland, OR

  • http://www.abunailee.narcthatcar.com Lee

    Well I have updated to 1.4.8 and I’ve noticed that all of the info that I manually entered on my Social Network contacts prior to the update has been erased. For example, I have a cousin that is my Facebook friend but they choose to not have their phone numbers on their Facebook profiles. So, the last time I saw them at a family function I entered their phone number under their contact entry but now I have to figure out a way to get their numbers again. This really sucks because sometimes I seldom meet them and it is much easier to contact them directly by calling. Thank you very much.

    • http://www.abunailee.narcthatcar.com EmeryLee

      Sometime after I wrote the above my contacts got re-populated.

  • http://Website Jordan Chan

    Just updated my CLIQ. Works well. I previously had problems with the touchscreen buttons near the edge of the phone, but it seems better now. Touchpad is more responsive, hopefully battery life is extended. :)

  • http://Website Darius T

    Update loaded with no problem. The screens seem a little faster now. Only issue I had was with Swype, but reinstalling resolved that issue..

  • http://Website Chiquita

    I just downloade the update yesterday and it is HORRIBLE. It is supposed to fix the bluetooth quality and switching through songs and what not. Well my music no longer skips when listening in my car through bluetooth audio (which is a plus) but it refuses to play one song through and constantly tells me that my bluetooth device is disconnected when the icon is still on my phone.

    I cannot turn bluetooth off on my phone – i have to take the battery out for that. It constantly freezes and forecloses more than what it did before.

    MOTOBLUR keeps loosing my password for my yahoo email address and constantly asks me to re-authenticate it. UGH!!! Just frustration.

    Apparently Motorola knows the update they issued is crap and they are re-issuing another one. I hope it’s sooner rather than later.

  • http://Website Raymond

    i got my update and the touch screen is off by half and inch….anyone get this? its a brand new phone i just got sent to me because my first one’s keyboard light went out…..let me know

  • http://Website Lou

    Downloaded patch 1.4.8 last Saturday on Moto Cliq. Battery life has gotten much worse. On the prior patch level, I was getting 10 hours. Now, I am getting 6 hours (using full performance mode).

  • http://Website sergio

    1.4.8 sucks I want the new update but it wount let me update my cliq… can u help me…