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The Archos 5 gains access to the full Android Market paving the way for future tablets


Congratulations to Archos 5 users on finally getting the full Android Market!

The Archos 5 has slowly and steadily been building into a nice tablet experience, but with so many bigger and better tablets on the horizon this news is most exciting as a bellwether for Android tablets to come.

The limited number of Android tablets that we have seen released to date have offered either no access to the Android Market or access that was limited to free apps. As those Android users in countries that still don’t have access to the paid Market will tell you this can be quite frustrating.

We know that Android tablets coming in the second half of this year will compete favorably with and in many cases surpass the iPad where hardware specifications are concerned, but that is really only half the battle. As we saw in the early days of the Android Market, developers are not likely to flock to a platform that only allows them to hock their wares for free and users balk at devices that doesn’t offer quality content (I’m not suggesting free content can’t be of high quality, but there is a perception issue there).

With the knowledge that Google is at work on their own Android tablet we can rest assured that the underlying OS will be optimized for the larger form factor devices and it stood to reason that they would bring the full Android Market along for the ride, but it is good to see this rolling out now with time to work out the kinks before Android tablets start to become more mainstream.

The addition of the Android Market is a good step, but it is not the most user friendly experience at the moment and with the meteoric growth of the Market, along with this new category of device assuredly bringing more and different apps along with it, Google might finally be forced to take a more direct hand in cleaning it up.

What steps do you think Google should be taking to improve the Market as it pertains to accessibility in general and to handle the inevitable addition of apps that are geared more specifically to tablet devices?

Update: Unfortunately the good folks over at Archos Fans Forums have informed us that the support for the full Market is not official and is somewhat buggy. Paid apps are only showing up for users that have installed a fairly simple patch (instructions on installing it can be found here). Apologies for the false alarm and here’s hoping that official support is not far off.

Via: CrunchGear

Source: Archos Fans Forums

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  • Lane

    The Market needs:

    1. Automatic updates with the option to roll back to previous versions.
    2. “Just In” list that bundles releases by developer if the developer releases more than 2 or 3 updates within the past 24 hours. Also doesn’t move the bundle back to the top of the list until 24 hours since last update. I’m tired of 10-20 releases/updates of crap by the same Dev clogging up the “Just In” list.
    3. Video link out to youtube on description pages so devs can post videos about their app.

  • http://Website skooal

    In my opinion the market needs:

    1/ access to the paid apps to every country where the Android phone is offered by a carrier… it make no sense to wait years for something that might never come, forcing people to share apps and keys when they would actually pay for them. really… it is a huge loss for developers.

    2/ a good clean up on the babes, boobs, naked cheeks and calendar girls that doesn’t give the wish to offer an android phone to anyone under 18 years of age.

    3/ more good games that are not made of lines and circles and call themselves flight simulators or others, it make my Android phone look like that Amstrad computer I got when I was 12…

    4/ Make sure the apps are either compatible with the different versions of android in use or make sure that everyone is using. the same Android version, 1.5, 1.6, 2.1… it is a bit of a mess out there…

  • http://AndroidNeeds Kaz

    The marketplace is what made the iPhone and it will be what breaks the Android tablet market if it doesn’t have it.

    The marketplace needs to only show applications that will run on that specific device. i.e. Version of Android and Resolution availability.

    Unlike what Skooal said “clean up on the babes, boobs, naked cheeks” (I’m guessing chicks) the marketplace should also have a rating system so that parents can lock a phone to a PG, PG13, R, NC17 style rating system. This way you can give little 10yr old Johnny a Android device and have it locked down. But remember, even in the iPhone there are porn websites that it can get to, so it’s not a “end all” solution.

    Bring out a list of standardization for the Android platform. Google kinda tried to do this but failed. It seems like Microsoft has been sitting back with version 6-6.5 laughing at all the majors out there (Nokia, Motorola, Android, Apple, PALM) and seeing where things are going. They are laughing because they are waiting for everyone to show their poker hand. Palm did a great OS but failed to push the product to the mainstream mainly due to a lack of application support. Android has been doing well, however the product line is very fractured and the Android experience swings from HORRIBLE to Good depending on what device you get. Then there is Nokia, slowly dieing because they just don’t get the whole “Open Application Marketplace” thing for the most part. Then there is the newest company in the phone space Apple who basically invented the phone applications marketplace and full touchscreen OS that WORKS.

    To sum it up I’ve had an iPhone and a couple Android devices (G1 and now Nexus One). Google has done some awesome things and the Android OS is “Freaking Awesome”. However it’s unpolished, even when you look at the new 2.x versions. HTC has done a great job with the SenseUI and other manufacturers have done a “okay” job at trying to do the same thing. Google needs to push the hardware quality needs onto the manufacturers more. I’m appalled at the quality of my Nexus One touchscreen and consider it a huge “FAIL” on Google’s part to label a phone without true multitouch a “Superphone”.

    I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the HTC EVO 4G and hope that things will get better with that phone release. On top of that I could see myself purchasing a nice 10″ Android tablet in the future as long as it’s not a POS, LOL.

  • http://pro-thoughts.blogspot.com/ vkelman

    Kaz, N1 does support multi-tasking now.
    Regarding “a nice 10″ Android tablet”: I would closely follow a progress of Notion Ink Adam tablet. If they will live up to what was promise, it’ll be a great tablet.

  • http://Website brent

    What I don’t like about archos is they create good brochures but all is on paper only — we want to see it first-hand so just release it..

  • http://pro-thoughts.blogspot.com/ vkelman

    I was just told by Arches 5 Android owner and a prominent member of Arches community that it’s a false alarm: A5A *did not* get Android Market access :( For a long time there is a hack existing which allows for Android Market access. It’s not official, it’s buggy and not always working.
    Still no official Market, though.

    • http://forum.achosfans.com Jeez


      The full story explained here:

      • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

        Thanks for the clarification, I will update the post.

    • http://Website Jak Crow

      I have the A5 and added the market hack and have never had a problem with it. It’s just the latest update somehow opened up access to pay apps now, which is great.

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