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The Droid Incredible is sold out online


Apparently you can add incredible demand to the list of adjectives describing Verizon’s latest and greatest. The Droid Incredible sold out on Verizon’s site about 6 hours after its official launch (pre-orders of course have been open for 10 days now).

Never fear if you didn’t get your order in yet as the wait for the next shipment won’t be too long, orders placed as of this posting will ship on May 4th. You can try heading down to your local Verizon retail location, but depending on your location you may want to try looking them up and giving a call first.

If you want to get a real steal on the Incredible don’t forget that your friendly neighborhood Android and Me Store has a special discounted introductory price available right now.

If anyone has picked up or received their Incredible already I’m sure everyone would love to hear some first impressions.

Source: Verizon

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  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    I played with my friends Incredible at work. Damn nice. Weighs nothing. Sense ui seems pretty cool… some things I like a lot, some things I’m just ok with.
    Everyone agrees that it looks way cooler with the back panel off and the red exposed.
    She did have problems getting data to work on the phone. Ended up having to do a complete factory reset before she was able to get on 3G.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      No question someone needs to make a clear back for the Incredible so you can rock the red loud and proud.

      Interesting on the data problem, I haven’t seen that popping up with those that got it early. Did everything seem to straighten out once she did the reset?

      • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

        Yep, all works now, but it was frustrating, because she couldn’t really do anything cool on her phone for a whole day. We got her on the wifi at work, but due to security settings (I’m guessing), you can’t actually download apps from the market over wifi here.
        She’s loving the phone now though!

        P.S. I was impressed with the e-mail application as part of sense ui. Anyone know of an app similar to that on the market?

  • http://Website Jonathan m

    Placing my order with you guys later today! So put one on hold for me! :)

  • http://none Matt

    I GOT MINE AROUND 11am via FedEx! I LOVE IT! So far it’s simply amazing. I’ll be doing a full video/written review for the site that BOUGHT IT FOR ME (I won their contest) as soon as I can put it down! Not trying to plug but they did allow me to have an Incredible in my lap as I type!


    - Matt

    • http://none Matt

      Hmm, their site is down right now for some reason apparently…

  • Matt R

    I got really lucky. Stopped by Verizon on my way to work and they said they were sold out. I was going to wait there to order one but the wait was really long so I figured I’d come back later when it would be less crowded. I show up at 2pm expecting to order an Incredible, and it turns out they got another shipment, so I got one. A very nice surprise.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      Congrats, clearly you two were destined for one another.

  • http://Website Bubbles Loves u

    Bubbles thinks this is the most incredible device out this year. Bubbles may get one of these or wait for the HTC EVO.

  • http://Website arcospark

    Well, I got mine on Thursday. This is my first smartphone and first encounter with Android. I like the phone a lot – light weight, bright screen, simple interface.

    But there are a lot of things I either don’t like or will take a while to get used to:

    1) The touch-only keyboard. Every phone I used before had a keyboard that I could type on with both thumbs. This touch version is hard to type one with one hand. I haven’t found a way to hold it and have both thumbs free. Not only that, some apps don’t rotate the keyboard into ‘landscape’ orientation, and the narrow keyboard is VERY tight space for my fingers.

    2) I need to use both hands and two gestures to unlock the screen. Really? It’s a pain already, what will it be in a month?

    3) Stuff bings, and rings and bleeps at me. What? WHAT IS IT?!

    4) I find it hard to get back to a screen/app I was working on before a phonecall. Is there a ‘stack’ somewhere that I can backtrack on?

    5) Is there a way to save snippets of text I regularly type? Like the name of the bank I search for, or the restaurant chain I like? Maybe if the keyboard was more usable this would be less of an issue.

    Oh, well, I’ll keep plugging away at this.

  • http://Website LovemyDroid

    I was suffering for several years with my iPhone on AT&T just waiting for Apple to support Verizon. When the Incredible was announced, I gave up my wait (and loyalty to Apple) and jumped on board!

    I love my new Droid Incredible. By utilizing the web in a more integrated manner, these devices offer richer applications that I was used to on my iPhone.

    My only two suggestions are:

    1. Make it more obvious to go to “Market” to download new apps. It took me over two hours to figure this out, and then it was only by accident (I was trying all preloaded widgets)…

    2. Put a touchscreen button on the camera. I find it very shaky to press the optical button for pictures, especially in dim lighting. Seems like a good third party camera application if anybody is listening…

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