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The next chapter in the Droid saga begins April 29th

Potential customers interested in the Droid Incredible by HTC can now sign up to receive more details about the pre-order on Verizon’s site. Just as we reported last week, the device will become available on April 29th. No retail price has been announced, but rumors suggest the Incredible will go for $199 with a 2yr contract.

Update: The site is now password protected, but you can see what it looked like in the screen grab below.

The Droid Incredible by HTC.

For those that missed it, the Droid Incredible specs leaked out last week.

Highlights of the Incredible specs include:

  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon at 1 GHz.
  • OS: Android 2.1 with Sense UI
  • Memory: 576MB RAM/512MB ROM
  • Screen: 3.7-inch AMOLED at 480×800.
  • Radios: 1xRTT, EVDO Rev. A.
  • Dimensions: 4.63×2.30×0.47 inches.
  • Weight: 4.6 ounces with battery.
  • Camera: 8MP with autofocus and flash.
  • Battery: 1300 mAh (talk time rated at 313 minutes, 146 hours’ standby)
  • aGPS
  • Digital compass
  • Proximity Sensor
  • Light sensor
  • Bluetooth 2.1
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
  • 3.5mm headphone jack

Source: Verizon

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  • http://Website Andrew

    Droid Incredible……. what a stupid name.

    • http://Website Alan Reboli

      Yeah, but that’s HTC for you. Example: Dream, Magic, Hero, Wizard, Universal. Incredible is just keeping up with the status quo. :D

      • http://Website Kevin

        At least they’re better than the names T-Mobile came up with for the HTC devices. G1? MyTouch 3G? Now those are dumb names. I’d take Dream or Magic over those.

        • http://www.dizware.blogspot.com Diz(WARE)

          Ehhh, I would disagree. The Magic is a much better name than the myTouch(which was obviously meant to grab people who where used to the iPhone name) but monumentally lesser of a name than its other code name “The Ion.” As for the the G1, that is a much better name than the Dream in almost every context.

    • http://Website Jay

      HTC is just trying to one up the Droid by adding “Incredible”, but Moto is going to get them back by releasing the Droid Incrediblest with IncrediBlur

  • http://Website geekosphere101

    Sweeeet! I can’t wait for this phone!

    • http://Website jessa

      Yes, it has a resemblances like the N1 and other HTC design. Packing along with that Snapdragon makes it more incredible. .

  • http://Website bubbles boy toy

    Verizon gets all the good phones. Tmobile usa is wack, t mobile usa should think of getting some phones from t mob uk I may have to leave and try verizon

    • http://Website Alan Reboli

      Yeah, I’ll have to agree with this. When they released that the GSM HTC Hero was UK only.. it was a sad day. But let us not forget that T-MO US birthed the first android phone. I’m sure T-MO US will bounce back.

    • http://Website Poosh

      umm….have you ever heard of the HTC HD2?? I’m pretty sure that’s an amazing phone for t-mobile!

    • http://Website Alan Reboli

      That’s true. But I’m sure (since this is an android based site), that he was referring to cool android phones. :D

    • Drew

      Unfortunately, T-Mo US uses different 3G bands than their Europe counterparts, meaning they have to gain approval from the FCC to use a phone on their 3G bands.

  • http://Website skooal

    Nice, but I would prefer them to put their efforts into their frustrated customers and release the android 2.1 on older devices (like the Hero for example)… all my iphone friends are teasing me with the iphone OS 4.0 coming and I still have an outdated piece of software… which will only be upgraded by buying a new phone… pathetic…

    • http://Website geekosphere101

      Since when has Verizon had the Hero? Or do you mean the Eris? XDA has the 2.1 update leak, go and get it if you’re that disgruntled.

      • http://Website skooal

        I was talking about HTC, not Verizon… I should have explain it better… we don’t have Verizon in Ireland… cheers!!!

  • http://Website david sommers

    The Droid part has to go. sounds stupid. Nice phone but im going to Sprint and EVO. Yearly upgrades and cheaper is good for me. And if it doesnt work well in 30 days i can return it with no restocking fees.

  • http://Website Matt

    Oops – shouldn’t have linked to that, apparently. Now it’s password protected. Some web monkey at Verizon’s probably getting his/her ass handed to him/her, haha.

  • http://Website Colin

    It’s not the droid I’m looking for.

  • http://Website Zealot

    This is basically the HTC Desire with an 8MP (instead of 5MP) camera.

  • http://Website Derek

    Isnt this the Google N1 but for Verizon instead of GSM??

  • http://Website Rios1er

    Weak phone was looking forward to the samsung galaxy s but too bad for all us verizon users we will never get to know unless we go to AT&T!.

    • http://Website Hans

      Go for the Galaxy S if you want a crippled android phone on at&t.

  • http://Website jose

    man i really hope this phone comes out when it says it does, i finally decided 2 cancell my phone when i read this, if it doesnt come out, ill proab hold off for sprints 4g

  • http://Website jose

    just have 1 question maybe some one here can answer, is it possible to download apps from android market? i heard you can only download from verizon app store

    • http://Website GadgetQueen

      Of course you can download from Android Market. You’re thinking of iApple where you can only download from IApprove.

      • http://Website skooal

        That’s only when you can have access to the paid apps… when will that be possible elsewhere than north America? sick of the thousands of free sexy pics apps….

  • JAStark87

    jose i dont know where u heard that but i have the droid and i have always been able to download from the android market without a single problem at all the only thing is with the droid and probably verizon is theres also a verizon tab on there that has some of verizon’s recommended apps but u dont have to download them nor do they come pre installed except for visual voicemail but u can uninstall it if u dont want it

  • http://Website cmwhitehead

    If you think about it, this device is nothing special. It’s made by HTC just like every other superior smartphone on the market, and pretty much has the exact same hardware specs as all the other ones. The 8 megapixel camera is the defining hardware difference compared to the others. Nonetheless this is going to be a great device!

    – Nexus One

    • http://Website Me

      Except the Incredible has a lil bit more RAM 276 compared to 256. Maybe be a tad bit quicker. Damn Nexus fan bois starting to sound like Iphag fanbois.

      • http://Website Me

        Oops meant to say 576 and 512.

        • http://Website cmwhitehead

          I was not hattin on the phone and I don’t single my self to one device simply because I have a nexus one.. i was just saying that the specs are similar all of the other htc phones on the market.

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  • http://Website mazzmoney

    EVO 4G FTW!!!!!

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  • http://Website masud

    who wants verizon this phones do not have sim card and you cannot use this phone no where in the world or with other carrier…..no good at all or sprint

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