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Unofficial Android app count reaches 50,000+

AndroLib has reported that the total number of applications on the Android Market has exceeded 50,000; this number is a wee bit bigger than what Google itself has reported during a Q1 earnings report. Jeff Huber, Google’s senior VP of engineering reported the number to be a respectable 38,000, which stands as Google’s “official” count.

“We’re sticking to 38,000 for now. We’ll announce when we do our next formal count.”
-Google, to Android Central

50,000 seems to be quite a big over-estimate if Google is sticking to their lower figure; however, I could see the numbers getting easily inflated due to the amount of not-quite-apps on the marketplace. Any search for “Beautiful Widgets” or “Better Home” will give you a sea of entries that are just for skins, which just make finding the original app that much harder. This flood is one of the main critiques of the marketplace, and something I believe needs to be fixed ASAP to bring us a more functional environment to find apps.

Via: Android Central

Source: AndroLib

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  • http://Website Chris G

    Maybe they should get some sort of search specialist company to help them sort out the android market. But who could they get, hmmm?

    • jjl84

      Yeah, if only they had an algorithm to prioritize search results. Lol, c’mon Google, you’re the global search giant!

  • SliestDragon

    I almost hate hearing about the market growing that fast because I know none of the new apps are any good. I mean seriously, the only time I see a good app in the just in section is when its an app being updated that I already have. And the thing is, that I know Google would never delete apps from the market. I just wish that they would make a way for you to be able to vote an app out. But it’d have to be a pretty sophisticated voting system, because you want it to ha able to instantly remove the spam apps, but not get rid of the app that, after 1 update, has a bug for the Droid users and instead of helping the developer fix it they give it 1* and whine that its broken….(you know who I’m talking about)

    Just my thoughts on the situation…

    • http://Website dethduck

      Rather than voting an app out, i’d rather have the ability to add specific developers to an ignore list so that they never show on the market list. That would help weed out all the damn flood spammers that currently make up 80% of the new apps.

      • SpykeZ

        oh you mean like those half brain retarded SEXY BINKI BRAZILIANS. HOT BLONDES WASHING CARS.

  • http://Website Chris P

    Come on that number represents ringtones and wallpapers and “puzzle” games. If you go below Top20 apps in every category, you get a new category, “pure crap”. The quality of the android apps is inferior, the least, to the ones in app store.

    • http://www.twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

      You mean to tell me with the 180k+ apps in the app store there isn’t a significant number of fud? It’s all quality stuff there right?

      • http://Website Chris P

        I mean to tell you that even the crappy apps have decent graphics.

        • http://Website sweet d

          Hell yeah! Who cares how the app runs, as long as it has sweet graphics!

          wait, that is apple to a teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

    Not only does that include ringtones and wallpapers, it includes all the soundboards.

    But, the quality of the android apps in the app store is not as good as you think. There are about 5,000/100,000 fart apps in the app store. Then add the rest of the crap to that and they probably have about the same %age of crapps.

  • http://Website Rovex

    To be honest most of the app markets have about the same functionality, up to the functional limts of the given OS anyway (pointing no fingers.. Apple). Winmo, Apple and Android can all do much the same stuff. The bigger the store the more crap they have. Apple has 170k apps? 160k are spam. Android 50k? 40k are spam. Winmo (across its various stores and sources) 50k? with about 40k spam or out of date.

  • http://brykins.blogspot.com brykins

    All the more reason for Google to get off it’s backside and build us a web-based Market viewer where we can browse, discuss, filter, buy and install apps using a real screen, real keyboard, etc.

  • http://Website Bill

    Come on guys, quit whining about the number of apps. If there was only 100 apps, everyone would complain that no one is making any apps. It’s no different than websites like download.com that have tens of thousands of apps for the pc – where thousands of them are complete junk.

    There are already websites available that let you view the android market on your pc, like appbrain.com – so quit your whining and appreciate that there are apps available. If you don’t want it, don’t download it – simple as that.
    In the meantime, let budding developers take a shot at creating an app and make it available for us to download, try it out, and give them their feedback so they can improve on it.

  • stalker

    I think many of the 50K+ applications are spams. And sites like http://appbrain.com/ provides filtering of the spam application on android market. If we remove spam applications from that 50K+ then I think the round figure will be 38-39K apps on market.

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  • http://well iphone

    “Any search for “Beautiful Widgets” or “Better Home” will give you a sea of entries that are just for skins, which just make finding the original app that much harder”

    hell ebooks count in the iphone store, what is the difference?

  • http://www.tradebeat.com Robert

    Hey does anyone know a developer that will do a great job and if the idea is good enough take their payment on the back end?

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  • http://Website Jayden

    I think that Google needs to have a genocide of all of these horrible cruddy apps that give your phone viruses! Its rediculous.

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