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Verizon Devour OTA update now available

A new software update is now available for the Verizon Devour which includes a number of enhancements and improved functionality. The latest software version (CALAND_X_01.15.08P) makes no changes to the firmware version as it remains Android 1.6. A possible upgrade to Android 2.1 is still under evaluation so customers might be waiting awhile (Q3 or later).

If you have a Devour and have not automatically received the update, you can manually check for it by going to Menu > Settings > About phone > System Update. For detailed help, see the official instructions (pdf).

Device performance

  • Improved response time when Menu, Home, and Back keys are pressed.
  • Adjustments to improve the accuracy of signal strength indicators on the display.
  • Stability improvements made to browser, contacts, and V CAST Music with Rhapsody┬« applications.
  • Multiple enhancements to incoming call performance.
  • Volume keys will now function within the Mobile IM application.
  • Improvements made to ensure pictures are uploaded in the correct orientation.

Email and Calendar

  • Improved functionality to allow users to more easily delete POP3 email accounts.
  • Changed display when setting up new email accounts, prompting users to use a back slash instead of a forward slash.
  • Enhanced Exchange ActiveSync┬« Calendar agenda view to display meeting titles.
  • Verizon.net email accounts will now auto-configure.


  • Overall improvements to ringer, voice dialing application, and multimedia audio when using a headset.
  • DEVOUR 1.15.83 includes updated versions of Google applications.

Source: Verizon Wireless Support

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  • http://Website Austin

    I like the Devour, it’s seems more like a step below the “smart phone” genre, It would probably do best in that category.

  • http://Website Hans

    The picture in this post actually makes the Devour look cool.

  • http://Website ms. matrix

    What a min, how come the devour gets.and update and not the cliq xt

    • http://Website Austin

      Because this is a patch to fix bugs, it’s MOST LIKELY (IMO, I don’t know for sure) a patch OTA from Verizon, not Google.

  • http://Website Steve

    The Devour is Android 1.6 not 1.5.