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Verizon Does… have some of the best Android commercials

Verizon Wireless spent over 100 million to advertise their Motorola Droid and the campaign paid off big time. The Droid sold 1 million units within 74 days of launch, which was quicker than the original iPhone. Verizon continues to heavily market the device and it solidly holds the top spot as most popular Android phone available.

We can all thank the Droid Does TV spots for raising awareness of Google’s mobile operating system. Most of our friends still have no clue what Android is, but at least they can identify a Droid phone now.

I’m not going to point fingers, but I think other carriers could learn from Verizon’s strategy. We like ads that actually show the phone being used and at least mention the Android platform. As Verizon puts it, “See what it feels like to have a cargo bay of intelligent apps at your fingertips.”

Verizon is keeping a good thing going by continuing to pump out new ads. Two new TV spots are starting to air which highlight the ever expanding Android Market. One focuses on Google Sky Map while the other is centered around Slacker Radio (while poking fun at the iPhone’s lack of true multitasking).

Check out the latest videos and let us know what you think.

Via: DroidDog

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  • http://Website bender

    maybe. but only because there are very few other android commercials out there.

  • http://goncalossilva.com Gonçalo Silva

    The Droid commercials have HUGE quality. All of them. They’re great.

  • http://livinginagoogleworld.blogspot.com Jonathan Frederickson

    Maybe they have good commercials, but they blur the lines between the phones and the operating system itself. I often find myself talking to people who have no idea what the difference between Android and Droid is.

    “Yeah, it runs Android.”
    “Oh, it’s a Droid.”

    I think Google needs to get out there and make people realize that a phone is a computer.

    Wait. No. Most people have no idea there’s anything but Windows on computers either, so that won’t work.

  • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

    Other than the concept of advertising Android phones in general, I’m not too sure other carriers/hardware makers have much to learn from Verizon’s Droid campaign. Seems like it was lot of money wasted on courting a very narrow demographic–the former frat boy who now thinks he’s a nerd because he has an Xbox 360 and an Alienware PC.

    The Droid is a nice phone that could easily be pitched towards a wider consumer base, but too many people now think it’s a complicated phone for “geeks”. Sure, Verizon/Motorola got a Droid in the hands of every Apple-hating nerd out there,

    • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

      …speaking of hating Apple, I wish my MacBook would not confuse the trackpad clicker with the spacebar, especially when the mouse is near the submit button. Either that, or my thumbs are too big.

      Anyway… Android ads good, Droid ads bad.

      I thought HTC’s “You” campaign was pretty well-done, although it could have made Android a bit more prominent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-QhxjJFl7E

  • http://itsalltech.com Andrew

    I can’t believe AT&T is still playing those crappy Luke Wilson ads.

  • Polis4rule

    Does your phone do that?

  • http://www.nomad4ever.com Chris @ nomad4ever

    Are you sure they spent 100 Mio for the marketing campaign, but sold only 1 Mio.? That doesn’t look too successful to me. Spending 100 Dollar on every phone sold…..even though only for the ones of the first month….but how long is the life expectancy of those Droids anyway? ;-)

    • http://twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

      Almost correct. They sold the first mil in 74 days. In fact they sold more Droids in 74 days than the original iPhone.

      • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

        The Droid went on the market at $199. The iPhone was $499.

        That article is essentially saying in the first weeks of release, the Chevy Malibu outsold the Corvette. Well, no freakin’ duh–one is a $20k car, the other is $50k. Of course you’re going to get big sales numbers from a less-expensive product.

        • http://Website android and me

          The Droid may be a 10th generation android phone but that is split between several phones running different versions of the operating system. It is the first one to one to run 2.0. also originally the Droid cost $299.

      • http://Website Tom

        Completely idiotic comparison. You’re going to try and validate sales figures for a first generation Apple smartphone in 2007 with at least the 10th Android phone to exist in 2009? Plus take into account the price difference between the two. You want a real comparison, pit the Droid against the 3GS and that’s a fair comparison. I love android as much as the next guy but that article (of which many bloggers have bashed because it’s an idiotic comparison) makes Android look desperate for attention.

  • zbraptorsdr

    i got goosebumps…great quality

  • http://Website Tom

    Despite what you think, Verizon is not happy with their ad campaign since their agency has totally alienated women. 80% of Android users are male. That’s a huge percentage of ignored population folks. Why spend money on advertising to geek men – who are going to buy this without ever seeing a commercial. They need to be advertising to everyone EXCEPT that demographic. And about advertising that you have a computer in your pocket or hyping the Android operating system….just stupid! Normal non-geek folks (aka mass market which is needed for success) could care less about the operating system they have. Studies have proven that 90% don’t even know what operating sys is on their phone – or even care to know. Apple did the right thing in making the OS totally transparent. They don’t even advertise their OS! Because it’s core functionality. You just pick it up and use it. You don’t have to be a geek to “figure it out”.

    Agree with Brian and Jonathon above also. A friend of mine just told me he bought a droid on Sprint (Moment). Ahh, no you didn’t, you bought an Android phone.

    To geeks, of which I am one, the Verizon campaign is great. But why the heck are they selling to me. I’m already sold. HTC nailed it with their commercials. Equally appealing to men, women of all ages and show how the phone can simplify your life — not stupid robots and asteroids. The verizon campaign was a failure. Plain and simple.

    • http://www.troutmoon.com Mary


      You’re exactly right, which explains the recent Verizon ads with the mom tracking her child at a mall. We were approached, but not used for a similar commercial targeted at mom’s using our (Troutmoon’s) Party Plan-it app. We are interested in selling practical apps to make people’s lives easier (Wedding Plan-it, Party Plan-it, Prepared Plan-it, etc), and I haven’t met one non-tech woman who cares about what happens under the hood.


  • http://mycollegelife.org Chris

    I have to object to those who say the campaign was a failure, because in my experience it was not. It has given the platform great exposure (which was very much needed) and helped build a large user base. Your moronic if you think that campaign just targeted geeks. Plenty of technology ignorant people have purchased the Droid as a result of those ads as well.

    Was the campaign perfect, no. I agree that they need to start moving toward a larger demographic. For that I believe they are going to have to rethink their campaign though. Apple’s ads are informative, some times funny, and reach out to a larger audience. For some reason mothers of three just don’t seem to be into terms like “rip through the web like a circular saw through a ripe banana”

  • http://Website Jeremy L

    Whether or not you think the ads were smart or effective is really a moot point. Verizon and Moto are really the only ones that can tell if it was effective. Sales numbers are what count and since we don’t have official numbers, you can’t really say it was a failure.

    And for those that say the ads don’t differentiate Android from the Droid I say it wouldn’t matter. You really think the non-geeks would understand the difference if the commercials said “Droid with Google Android?” I highly doubt it and really don’t see what the big deal is. Those people will buy phones that “look nice” and not because it has Android. Plus the Droid is in the word Android, so it makes sense that people get confused. My favorite are the people that ask if the Motorola 2.1 update will work on their Droid Eris. Trust me, those people will never understand the difference.

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