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Verizon Droid Incredible review roundup

Update: The Droid Incredible is now on sale.

After months of endless leaks which generated huge buzz, the Droid Incredible finally goes on sale at Verizon tonight at midnight.

With its 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, the Droid Incredible will become the fastest Android phone available at a U.S. retail store. Google’s Nexus One also featured the same CPU, but it has only been available online.

Loaded on the phone will be the latest Android 2.1 firmware with HTC’s updated Sense UI. I was a critic of earlier versions of Sense, but after getting some hands on time with the new HTC Desire and Legend I found myself liking it more and more.

Other notable features of the Incredible include an 8 megapixel camera, improved touch sensor, video out with optional accessory, FM radio, and increased internal storage.

The only downside to the Incredible might be its custom Sense UI. Other HTC phones with Sense have been slow to upgrade from Android 1.x to Android 2.1 and the Incredible could suffer the same fate. Android 2.2 is around the corner and will be released for the Nexus One first, but there is no telling how long it might take Verizon to send out an update.

Users who already own a Droid or Nexus One will want to stick with their phone, but the Incredible makes a nice upgrade for anyone coming from a first generation device. If you are new to Android, the Incredible is your best option right now and you can’t go wrong with the nation’s largest 3G network.

New Verizon customers (2yr contract required) can pick up the Incredible at:

  • $299 at Verizon retail stores (plus $100 mail in rebate)
  • $199 on Verizon’s online site
  • Special introductory price from our online phone store (more details at midnight)

All the cool kids on the block got their demo units early, but we are still waiting to review the phone. Check out the dozen reviews below to get a feeling for what the phone is like.

Reviews are up at:

  • Engadget: “If you’re on Verizon right now, you’re finally getting really great options for phones, but the Incredible is currently sitting at the top of that heap with a good bit of distance to the next in line.”
  • Gizmodo: “It’s also possibly the best Android phone you can buy in the US for now–with the caveat that running a custom user interface introduces the high possibility it will get screwed on future Android updates from Google, as owners of HTC’s other custom Android phones could attest to, still waiting patiently for the update to 2.1 themselves.”
  • Infosync World: “After an afternoon with the HTC Droid Incredible, looking at our iPhone screen was like going from Nintendo 64 to NES.”
  • CNET: “With its polished design and user interface and blazing fast speeds, the HTC Droid Incredible takes pole position as Verizon’s top smartphone and is now the Android device to beat.”
  • Android Central: “For our money the Incredible quickly has made itself the Android smartphone to beat, at least in the United States, and at least until the Evo 4G arrives. And even then, it’s going to be a tough battle.”
  • Android Community: “As you’d hope, the Incredible’s still photos are, well, incredible. Packed with detail, they’re a noticeable step up from what the Nexus One is capable of.”
  • SlashGear: “Incredible, they call it, and for once the marketing hyperbole may be right. The Verizon Droid Incredible by HTC takes a somewhat familiar spec sheet and squeezes out something different enough to stand out from the crowd.”
  • BGR: “What we do know is that HTC has come up with another incredible device, pushing the boundaries of Android in practically every direction we can think of.”
  • IntoMobile: “The Incredible’s feature-set is one of the most impressive of any smartphone currently available today. You get high-end hardware packed into a slim and sexy package — and the hardware works well, without lag or any major snafus.”
  • Phone Arena: “Unfortunately, the minimalistic design approach is the one glaringly eye sore that hinders the Droid Incredible to be elevated to a level beyond its brothers, and with the HTC EVO 4G on the horizon, it’ll have a small window of opportunity to make its impact. “
  • DroidDog: “In summary, the HTC DROID Incredible is a fantastic device. While it has some of the same Sense quirks that the Hero had, it’s leaps and bounds above the Hero.”

Droid Incredible product video:

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  • http://www.youtube.com/droiddoc97 khuram

    want some apps to go with ur DROID Incredeible check my youtube channel @ http://www.youtube.com/droiddoc97

    • http://Website lek

      This phone may cannibalize N1 due to simply having HTC Sense in it and the full “Google Experience”. Plus 8GB internal, 8MP cam. Why bother with an N1 if you’re a VZW customer now? Reactions to Droid Incredible

  • http://Website mauricio

    Nexus One > Incredible & Evo.

    • http://Website Matt

      You should some homework before making such claims. There are too many problems with the Nexus One to bother with it at this point, but thankfully they’ve fixed all those problems, added a better camera, and called it the Incredible.

      • http://Website Daniel

        I disagree. I’ve owned the Nexus one since it’s release and have never had any trouble with it. It’s an amazing device. I hear all these complaints with the 3G issue, but frankly I think everyone makes it seem like more of a problem than it truly is. I experience occasional issues with 3G on my phone as well, but it does not hinder the devices ability to perform as one of the best smart phones ever created thus far. Ontop of that, anyone who experiences issues with bouncing back and forth between 2G and 3G can easily disable 2G and the phone will stay locked on 3G. I love the Nexus and don’t see myself upgrading anytime soon. Don’t get me wrong, I would love an Evo or Incredible simple because I like having the newest devices, but those are not available on T-Mobile and I refuse to be tied down with a 2-year contract (love the T-mobile Flex Pay plans!).

        • http://Website Matt

          I was talking mostly about how the screens eventually turn purple, the critical multi-touch bug, and the fact that the resolution isn’t really the resolution it says it is.

          Any 3G issue is largely due to the fact that T-Mobile blows.

          • http://Website Matt

            And don’t get me wrong, the Nexus One is still a really great phone, I just think that the Evo and Incredible are better for aforementioned reasons.

          • http://Website Froyo

            My screen isn’t purple, and this issue is usually on fresh phones, it usually goes away. It never happened to me in the first place, so honestly I have no idea how severe this purple screen ‘issue’ is.

            The phone isn’t only on T-Mobile, I also have T-Mobile, and I have yet to have one “3G issue”, people are mostly blowing these small problems (in my eyes) to things that are much more severe than they need to be. The entire phone cannot be characterized by T-Mobile’s supposed 3G issues..

            Have you had a Nexus? I’m curious, because the multi touch bug isn’t prominent at all.. and honestly I have never had it. I’m really not trying to defend the phone by making lies.. but really this issue hasn’t interfered with my use of the phone. It is said if will be fixed in Froyo, though that is just speculation. Judging from the minimal amount of complaints I have been hearing lately.. I assume everyone has become a little more use to the Nexus.

            As for the resolution issue.. I really just don’t know how this makes the phone horrible. The screen is beautiful, and I’d be horribly surprised if the common user even notices. I am all for perfection, and I just really don’t see any imperfections with my device.

            I may be one of the lucky ones though, so go for your Evos and Incredibles people, I’m pretty happy with my Nexus. And I can’t wait for Froyo. Having a real “Google” phone does make a difference! Along with the fact that I’ve overclocked mine to 1.5GHz, Scorpion processor speed already?

        • http://dust Cal

          Nexus also has multi touch issues, a dust leak problem and occasionally the digitizer is just nuts and not recognizing where your one finger is correctly.

  • http://Website Sejin

    Played with one at work today, its amazingly fast

  • http://Website sgb

    just looks like the N1, the desire is a much better looking device than both of them.

    • http://Website Phil

      The Incredible looks like the N1 and the Desire looks better than both (the one that looks like the N1)????

    • http://Website mkrmec

      I barfed a little when I read this.. LOL desire better looking than N1? U got no taste. I think that the design of N1 is much better than any Android phone on market atm, yes .. even EVO with it’s ugly soft buttons.

      Don’t get me started on Sense UI that sucks so badly… N1 stock is much better. Tried sense on my N1 just to see it, and I was disapointed and baffled as to why people talk about it so much.

  • http://Website Jak Crow

    Someone confirm the TV works with the N1 already.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Ummm, the TV?… Do you mean the FM radio?

    • http://Website mkrmec

      Why do you need TV on your phone? It’s not that there is nothing good on the channels that your provider provides. And TV on phone is just plane stupid, that’s my opinion. Now streaming movies and shows that’s different.

  • http://Website brandon jennings

    Im going from the droid to incredible. I enjoyed the droid, but the camera and the processor on the incredible is too good to pass up. I love taking pics and uploading them directly to Facebook, and this should really enhance this experience. I’m using my sisters upgrade, and giving her my droid. I’m sure the incredible should hold me over untill next summer when I get my upgrade. Fear the dear.

  • http://Website Phil

    Minimalistic eye sore? Ok its a flat black piece of glass just like an iPhone…..the NEW iPhone. And somehow no one saw that as an eyesore.

  • http://Website zlander

    I can’t wait until the fedex man drops it off for me 2mrrw….I will be flying home from work, placing my g1 in a box to ship to gazelle.com (which will help pay my tmobile etf) and getting a boner from the incredible-ness of the incredible…I just hope the new iphone or the evo doesn’t surpass this 2 mch, bcuz I was defending the hell out of it to a coworker today

    • http://Website mkrmec

      hehe :D if the iPhone doesn’t surpass this one whould be wierd. Any phone that comes out after some uber phone comes out must be better than that one anyway.. that’s “LAW” :D

      Don’t worry, Android will still do more than the iPhone and it won’t be as close minded.

      • http://Website zlander

        I was pretty disappointed about that too…but man do I love this fone

  • E-man

    Why doesn’t it come with head phones?!

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  • http://www.patscowindshieldrepair.com/ patrick

    the droid incredible is incredible

  • http://Website bubbles is incredible

    Bubbles wants this phone, it makes bubbles love Android even more.

  • http://Website chris

    ^What are you? 3?
    anyways, i held an incredible today. first impressions:
    -sort of plastic feeling-not the quality feeling of the N1
    -looks way too much like an iphone. barf
    -hate sense

    -i did like the touchscreen-smooth and very responsive
    -nice, bright screen

    would much rather have an N1.

  • http://Website Steve Jobs

    Man I wish my iphone was as cool as this phone, maybe I can patent this and use it for my next Iphone

  • http://Website Kenji O.

    Really nice review. I think I’m still gonna stick to my guns and go with the EVO, but the Incredible makes me think twice.

  • http://Website Karl

    The phone is outstanding ,Extremly fast, Its just unbelievable in the speed of the processor and 3 g. I’m mesmerized by it!
    My Nexus 1 was never this…. Nor was my Iphone 3g, HTC and Verizon what a wicked Droid you have made.

  • http://Website Ena

    I bought the Epic this morning and not 24 hours later the screen has turned purple I have no clue why, but I’m very disappointed. the phone is completely awesome and fast WOW but I guess everything has glitches. What can I do about the color issue?