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Verizon set to launch an Incredible device “really soon” – April 29th

Update: I have spoken with several trusted sources and they each confirmed the April 29th launch date for the HTC Incredible.

We all know that Verizon plans to launch the HTC Incredible soon, but the carrier has been very quiet on the details of the device. The last hint  we saw was a couple of Tweets from @VZWOffers that mentioned the HTC Incredible by name and said “good things come to those who wait“. Some of the high-ups at Verizon must not have approved of that message because the tweets were removed after our article went up.

Now comes word that Verizon is preparing their employees for the launch of at least seven new devices. An email is being circulated with the subject “Get ready for liftoff” which contains an image that says “New devices launching really soon!” (see below).

So when is the HTC Incredible going to drop? Target release dates change every day, but one of our sources claims in Incredible is scheduled to arrive on April 29th. Considering the phones are already on order at Verizon warehouses, it seems likely they could make this date if they wanted to.

Part of me feels like Verizon or HTC is intentionally dropping these small hints as we approach the launch. It reminds me of all the leaks before the Nexus One launch which created a huge online buzz.

Which marketing strategy do you prefer? A big press briefing months before the launch date (Sprint EVO 4g)? Or absolutely no official information until a week before the device hits stores?

HTC Incredible on 4/29.

Something is coming...

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  • http://Website Matt


    I’ll be camped out till then, thanks.

  • http://Website Topshelf

    While this looks promising, there’s no way I’m believing this phone will be released until it actually happens. Not to mention I’m at the point where I almost don’t even care anymore. Easily the worst marketing strategy ever. You create a buzz for what, 5% of your market by doing this? Only us techies even know what Android is, so this quiet release will just come and go. Look at the iPad marketing. People who never wanted a tablet before are all suddenly convinced it’s the only way to survive now. Which brings up my other concern…With such a delayed released of the Incredible, tomorrows iPhone news could just make me wait a few more months. While I am really looking forward to the Incredible, all the update delay’s to 2.1 (Hero just delayed) are starting to make me nervous. Either something isn’t working, or someone just don’t care. Anyway, I guess I can at least stop scouring the intraweb every hour for news now. I’ll check back in at the end of the month to see how much longer.

    • http://Website aleis

      no u wont! :)
      i know one thing, if we hear from verizon in a commercial or something more (well…) then i will be camping out on 4/29 also!
      anyone in PA (king of prussia) want to join me!? :)

      • http://Website Topshelf

        Depending on tomorrow’s announcement, I just might see you there. I’m in Bucks County. ;)

  • http://www.matthewdlyons.com matthewdlyons

    I couldn’t say it better than Topshef.

    • http://www.matthewdlyons.com matthewdlyons


  • http://Website juan

    I’m still waiting for one snapdragon phone to make it to tmobile.

    • http://Website andrew

      They have one. the N1

      • http://Website Andy

        … and the HTC HD2. Heresy on an Android board, but it does have a Snapdragon.

  • http://www.corydorning.com Cory

    This is fake. Otherwise, why is the USB760 launching 11/18?

    Ruh-roh! someone didn’t proofread their PS job. lulz

    • http://Website geekosphere101

      It’s not fake. Multiple sites have picked this up, with different screenshots and pics of the info. Sometimes rumors are just rumors, but we KNOW that the Incred is coming to VZW from all the different leaks, an end of April launch fits in line with everything we know so far. No way is this fake. If Taylor says “multiple sources have all confirmed” than I trust that this is legit! Finally we have a launch date, yay! I just hope it’s BOGO when it drops, my dad want’s one almost as much as me.

      • http://Website smdion

        geek is right here.

    • http://Website matt

      11/18 = April 11 or April 18, both Sundays. Sloppy internal work –but what do you expect from Best Buy? No Photochop here. We’ve seen the real PDF and everything.

  • http://Website dov

    htc sense is for girls, that’s why

  • http://Website todd clark

    Why oh why has all the speculation of the Nexus One coming to Verizon as well been slowly fading away?

  • http://Website todd clark

    Why would a lawsuit, if for real, affect the N1 but not the Incredible?

    • http://Website Kevin W

      My thoughts exactly! I think Apple would target all HTC Android phones. I wouldn’t be surprised if Verizon wants Google to hold off on the N1 CDMA release so they can sell the Incredible to the waiting N1 fans.

  • http://Website rundnd

    The LG Cosmos is already out.. I have two in my hands right now. It is mainly a texting phone which requires no data plan. It does not have a music player or video but it does have a QWERTY keyboard

    • http://Website geekosphere101

      Keep in mind this document has a Best Buy Mobile logo on it. As far as I can tell the Cosmos is not yet available in Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile stores, so if this is a Best Buy document, then perhaps the Incredible will hit Verizon stores earlier! Either way, it doesn’t discredit the information.

  • Manly Man

    HTC Incredible should have came out last month! Its kinda outdated now and nobody is checking for it! word to the HTC EVO,Iphone 4g, LG Eclipse LU2300, the nexus one and maybe a nexus two!

  • http://Website Slayer

    I think Google will be launching the N1 for Verizon, https://www.google.com/phone/choose?hl=en&gl=US&s7e= as this link shows Verizon in the spring.

  • http://allstufftech1.blogspot.com Max Fadia

    I have a droid and am excited that i got my 2.1 update but i still get hyped for new android phones and even better coming to my network

  • http://Website bml

    Yeah, I have usb760 already. Thats an old 3g usb card. What gives? I doubt they would post dates publicly like that without some legitimate form of advertising or PR.

    My friend works at best buy and hasn’t seen any such doc as they would usually get.

  • http://Website Icon

    This is not fake. I commented on this site last month that the Incredible was scheduled for a “end of April” launch.

    Manly Man, did you really say the Incredible is out-dated? HA. Only 1 of the phones you listed there even comes close to the Incredible, and that’s the EVO. And the main reason why is purely based on the 4.3 inch touch screen. LG Eclipse? We don’t even know if that’s coming to the states yet. It is launching in South Korea first.

    Trust me, I have physically held and used the Incredible, and it is just that. I will have one, the day its launched.


    • Manly Man

      Yes I say the Incredible! nobody are going for it besides the hardcore android fans and droid owners that want an upgrade thats staying on verzon! YOU SAYING THE MAIN REASON WHY THE EVO IS BETTER BECAUSE OF IS 4.3 SCREEN, or maybe just maybe the hardware and software on the evo is 10x better besides the back cam, and two cams? Only nices things on the Incredible 6GB of flash memory and a 8mp cam! thats it! Not a wide fanbase like apple(Iphone4gs will)! swift google updates/two mics like the nexus one, a keyboard like LG Eclipse even though it might not come here! I guess we going to just agree to disgree on this!

  • http://Website McQ

    Okay, Google online is the only source for the N1. Will the Verizon incredible face the same Mickey Mouse marketing?

    • Drew

      Knowing Verizon, they’ll advertise the crap out of it

      • http://Website McQ

        I’m not so sure about a big Verizon advertising push if Google is the seller. Most of Verizon’s ads are focused on price rather than function. This would be a pretty big departure, especially if you can’t make the purchase in their stores or at Verizon Wireless.

    • http://Website Icon

      The Incredible will be sold in stores. I’m not sure if Verizon has plans to advertise the Incredible like they did the Droid, but I would expect some advertising soon.

  • http://Website mina

    Hopefully they will shed light about the Verizon iPhone

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  • http://Website Tom

    A Friend at Verizon told me they are getting some training on Incredible, but not until May. That doesn’t speak well for an April launch.

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