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Will your next Android phone have Intel inside?

Intel wants to power your next Android smartphone. The world’s largest semiconductor chip maker announced today that they had ported Google’s Android mobile operating system to smartphones based on its Atom microprocessors.

We have seen Android running on the x86 Intel Atom before in tablets and netbooks (I bought one), but this is one of the first times the company has said they plan to target Android smartphones. We expected to see Intel’s Moorestown power some Android phones later this year, but Atom might be used to fill the gap until it is ready. Moorestown is Atom’s successor and Intel says it will offer better performance than dual ARM Cortex-A9 processors.

Virtually every Android phone to date has featured an ARM based processor (Qualcomm, TI, Marvell), so it will be interesting to see something different for a change. I have yet to see any upcoming phones run the Atom processor, but Intel has already partnered with Google to use the CPUs in upcoming Android-powered set-top boxes.

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Source: PC World

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  • http://www.typhon4android.org/ Mike Leahy

    It’s nice to see official support from Intel. I’ll likely use an Atom processor in my future hardware efforts with Android to retain x86 / x86-64 compatibility. This should enable prototyping with standard desktop system arrangements and reduce porting duties for extensive DSP/audio code that I’ll be implementing / adding to the native layer. Rock!

  • Angie Strickland

    This is lame, so I apologize, but that finger in that image is kinda nasty! haha

  • http://Website sam

    Intel is so pathetic. First they try to hype Mobilin then they try to make a “atom app platform”. Now they are trying to port android?

    The days of the x86 monopoly are so gone…

  • http://lytestylez.com marc

    amd should step up! although they dont even have their 6 cores out on newegg yet….

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