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3: A music player with a “wow” factor

Android is something that can be rooted, hacked, and themed but there’s one app that has not been themed yet, the Music Player. The stock music player works alright, but for me lacked the “wow” factor that iTunes has for the iPhone. That was until I found a program called 3.

The first thing you’ll notice when you first start the program, is it’ll ask you if you want to find all the album art for the music on your phone. This is extremely nice because most of the good album art finders are at a cost, and this is totally free. With it finding the album art, another nice feature is the option of choosing the album art. You have the ability to long press on the album art and it will bring to you a selection menu that’ll give you choices and you can select the one that you like.

3 is the first music player that uses the 3D Graphics of the phone to present some eye candy while listening to music. In the program you have a few methods to deliver the way the music is presented to you.

The first is 3. This will give you a cube feel to selecting your music. If you selected the option for the app to find all the music art, you’ll find that on your cube the album art will appear and look so pretty.

The second option available is Wall. This will give you a flat representation of your music. when you select an album it’ll give you more of a 3D feel of the music wall.

And the last is boring. Which is just that, boring. It’s just text that you’d select for the song you’d want to hear – nothing real exciting here. Much like the feel of a generic MP3 player, this will be something you’d want if you want something that looks like stock. In which case, I would recommend using the stock music player.

The Good:

  • Finally a music player that looks great
  • Free Album Art Finder
  • This could easily replace the stock music player

The Bad:

  • If you have a Ram Hack Rom this will run choppy (All 3D Suffers with RH)
  • The album art is only used in this app, meaning it doesn’t embed the art in the MP3 file. So if you have to flash another rom, you’ll have to refind the art.

Special Note: The app name in the Market will soon be updated to 3. For now, search for ‘rockon’ to find this in the Market.

Final Verdict

This is finally a music player that can compete with HTC Music. Try it out and you’ll find nothing but good things with this app.

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Note: This review was submitted by Alan Reboli as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://phaseportrait.blogspot.com/ Ted Pavli

    Cubed (3) certainly is pretty, but it is lacking in important features. If you want a player that compete’s with the iPhone player, you should check out “bTunes”; it looks like the iPhone player (and it supports Bluetooth buttons, which does not appear to be the case with Cubed).

    • http://Website anon

      Yeah but the only problem is btunes is for devices 2.1 and higher. 3 is for 1.6 and higher

  • http://Website @darifresh

    Definitely looks nice. I’ll have to check it out if I ever let go of my nano

  • http://Website Sarah Simmons

    The review was perfect. Not too involved and really highlighted the best aspects of this music player. I like the simplicity of the application and that it isn’t too technical for the average android user, like myself. The wow factor of the rotating album art was a plus. Thanks Alan for the review, I immediately downloaded. Keeping my eyes open for more reviews!

  • http://Website Vik

    I couldn’t find this on the market on the nexus one. Is the QR code correct?

    • http://Website anon

      The app name in the Market will soon be updated to 3. For now, search for ‘rockon’ to find this in the Market.

      • http://Website Vik

        Thanks. Looks like its already been changed to ’3′.

        Thanks to the author for this review. I sure as hell wouldn’t have found this app without the review. Cheers.

  • http://Website Sarah Sorenson

    I found that the review was really useful. I have tried a couple of different apps for music players and haven’t found one that I really liked till now. The app is easy to use and I loved having the album artwork available to me without having to search for it. I am glad I read the review so I knew what to expect from the download. Thanks for the review it was a big help!

  • http://Website Steak Armstrong

    I really appreciate the fact that you noted that if you run a Ram Hack Rom that it would run somewhat “choppy”. I had actually noticed that myself while tinkering with it; while I was reading though it I was hoping that you would/could address that. I can honestly say that I am glad to have gotten that mystery solved. Thank you and I look forward to possibly hearing more outta you.

    • http://Website Riley

      By “ram hack” do you mean the highmem option that’s in a lot of custom ROMs?

      • http://Website Alan Reboli

        Ram Hack is referring to a mod on most G1 ROM’s that’ll steal 10mb from the 3D Accelerator and allow the system to use it. This will speed up everything the phone does, except for gaming (anything 3D).

  • http://Website REEFHEAD

    the app is much better than the stock and it is free. Who doesn’t love free? checked out btunes but it is 2.0 or higher which the majority of original android users are sporting plus it is an ugly knock-off of itunes. This interface is awesome. love the app…. downloading now. thanks for the review.

  • http://www.nickelliott.us Nick

    link to app on market doesnt work anymore (both barcode scan and mobile site link). cant find app to download in market.

    • Drew

      Look for “rockon” and scroll down to the app (it’ll be the cubed sign)

  • http://Website gary

    App is beauitiful but needs the ability to play music by artist as opposed to just albums. Still cool app thanks for the article.

    • http://Website Alan Reboli

      The app does sort by Artist but it is a bit misleading because of the heavy focus on the album art. If you’re using the cubed view, try swiping to the left. You’ll notice it’ll give you numbers and letters. Go to the letter your artist starts with and you’ll see it’ll take you there!

  • http://Website Josh

    The app is awesome–it actually got me to refund my purchase of btunes because I love the interface (and the widget is way better in my opinion since I’m used to the mixzing player widget which is very similar). It is a little annoying that you can only sort by album, but overall I still love it. It turns out playing by artist is pretty simple since all albums of one artist are together, and you can just add each into the queue in a short time, so that problem is solved for me.

  • http://Website jonathan

    Im sorry but this app is absolutely horrible, from it’s hideous graphics to it’s horrible user interfance…I don’t see how you can recommend this so highly (or at all).

  • stalker

    Looks like a nice application.

  • http://Website Moom

    There is always one thing critically missing in all Android music apps, whether 3, bTunes, Mixzing and the likes : a usable “Genre” view.
    All implemented “Genre” views in these above apps while directly lead you to a track list, instead of allowing to browse like this : Genre -> Artist -> Album -> Tracks

    When you review a music app or develop a new one, please consider to implement “Genre” in a correct way. When you have 20GB+ of music on your SD Card, browsing by Genre becomes more than a necessity, and so far only the Archos Music App on the Archos 5 Internet Tablet has shown it understood it.

    • http://Website Alan Reboli

      I personally I only browse by Artist and it seems that maybe the dev feels the same way. I forwarded your idea to the dev. Not everyone searches like I do and I think this is a great idea. Thanks for the feedback!

    • http://Website Zer0-9

      Actually the critical feature missing is an equalizer

    • http://Website barry

      Well on the samsung galaxy the great hackers have managed to unearth the hardware equaliser and it works great. But it still amazes me that I can’t browse by genre in any music player I’ve tried so far. Iphone users laugh at this. All this power in a little device and I still carry around an old IPOD of all things, with rockbox to break it free from apples grip.

      Andoid devs could learn a few things from rockbox I believe

  • http://Website gn00my

    nice app !! thanks for the review , i would have never found it otherwise

  • http://twitter.com/thebignoob Ryan F

    Was unable to find in market :( Droid 2.1

    • http://Website Maxy

      Ryan, search with ‘rockon’ and you will see the result as ’3′ which is cubed.

  • http://Website Norm

    Awesome player. Certainly better than stock. I will also check out bTunes. Awesome review! Thanks Alan

  • http://Website Wade

    Has anyone tested the Bluetooth support yet? I used RockOn for awhile, but the complete lack of BT support forced me to uninstall (when you use the BT playback controls the default Android music player starts playing at the same time).

  • http://Website Anthony

    Thanks for the review. I tried this out for a bit and it was way too busy for me. Back on stock, which I can honestly say I have had no issues with.

  • http://Website Maxy

    Great app. i just downloaded and it simply rocks!

  • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

    They really need to add the OLD Rockon “view” in this new version!!! I LOVE the old version the best. Would like the option of choosing between old or new look =)

  • http://Website Stéphane dustache

    Hi, I must agree with Anthony. Keep it nice and simple … I don’t like the management of playlists via the contextual menus. Too cumbersome. And the cube is actually not practical, even though quite sexy I must admit.
    I also tried out another player called “Music Player Pro”. In the spirit of the stock player with improved UI (there are skins including one windows media player – love it) and interactivity: the player automatically downloads missing album art as well as artist pictures and genre illustrations and displays the views in grid mode. You can even pick your own preferred pictures, and also get some information on the album and/or artist. Quite cool.

  • http://www.candytunes.com android music player

    candytunes has wow factor: http://www.candytunes.com infinite color variations and visualizers for the music. (requires flash/froyo)

  • http://Website barry

    Woa Woa wait a sec, Winamp!! Should have guessed they would do it well!

  • http://what aandarkie

    well i don’t know what too say so just keep moving forward now get out their