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Aloqa – Always be a local

Aloqa is an app that makes you an everywhere citizen. It uses GPS to find your location and provide you details on anything you may need to feel comfortable in your locale. It claims with the app you can always feel like a local, and in my experience, doesn’t fail. With a steady stream of help from popular websites including Last.fm, Yelp, Match.com and more, Aloqa brings you information fast. I saw no lag at all moving from pet info, to movies, to singles and ATM listings.

Simply put, this app is well made. You can update the home page to show as many or few channels you want with a wide range of different categories from arts and culture to weather. Anything not provided can be found with a local search, which is available. In addition, the app does allow you to set how often the GPS is used. You can actually turn the GPS off, or throw your battery to the wolves and set GPS updates to once every five seconds (I can’t fathom why that many updates are necessary but it’s cool it can be done). Lastly, it should be addressed that with Aloqa you are able to set alert levels for each individual channel as deactivated, mute, buzz (vibrate), or ring.

The Good

  • Customization — allows you to show and hear what you want
  • Fast program overall
  • No overlay ads!
  • Up to date — Had the newest restaurants in my area and none of the closed restaurants or clubs

Needs improvement

  • Fast food listings should include more options (although you can use Yelp rest. To see all restaurants).
  • A forum or chat would be nice.
  • The ability to purchase directly from app.

Final Verdict

Aloqa is a fantastic app that I can’t believe is free. Whatever you may need to find in the city can be attained with phone numbers, websites, maps, and often reviews. Aloqa claims you’ll always be a local with the app, and after using it, I don’t see why anyone would want to be a stranger.

Note: This review was submitted by Darius Bazemore as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website dextroz

    I wish your review included real live examples of how it benefits instead of just regurgitating the selling points and features of the app. How does it differ from google maps or yelp? What makes it worth having over yellow pages app or places directory?

  • http://Website Patrick

    What scenarios or benefits does this app enable? All your review really talks about is how well the app is made. Most of this stuff I can do with Google Maps.

  • http://Website Abel

    Sorry for the completely off-topic comment, but… man, that’s a huge number of right-side icons you got there. What are those aiming and two-arrows icons? I don’t recognize them. I guess the two arrows could be sync, but I find it odd that, save some incredible coincidence, it would take so long to sync that you could take screenshots of three different areas of the app.

    • http://Website @dariFRESH

      lol. Thats actually one of the bugs/glitches from the old version of a rom i was running. The sync sign would just stay up there.

      @dextroz @patrick I actually avoid comparisons because i thought it was part of the rules. Additionally, Aloqa uses yelp and a number of other sites so why limit myself by using yelp, zagat, yellowpages, etc. I do appreciate the criticism though, I’ll definately try and incorporate it in future reviews.

      *off-topic: I would like a nice google maps review. I was turned off when i couldnt make it a lwp on my rom, and mostly use it for mapping my runs…would love to hear all of what it can do.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    i been using this app since last year, it’s a very great app. It runs faster and smoother than sherpa, and it also more stable. It hasnt crash, freeze, and force close on me like sherpa used to. definitely a 5 star app.

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  • http://www.gpsforcartrackers.com/ GPS For Car

    Sounds like a great piece of application and can’t believe it is free. This is good not only for a locale but foreigners too.