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Android Handbook: Android knowledge in your pocket.


Have you ever been approached while using your Android phone or asked in the middle of a conversation; what are the specs of that phone? Most cases you can answer with the basics like screen size and resolution. What if the concerned person would like to know more or maybe like to compare Android phones? Now instead of browsing the web or guessing, there is an app that does all the work for you. Introducing Android Handbook!

Not one of the most useful apps around, but if there are specifics you need to know about any Android phone released or soon to be released it has what you need. You can search by manufacturer to narrow down your choices which is nice. It displays the device by the manufacturer, name of the device, version, and the release date. As far as I can see, the info is pretty accurate. There is a nice little note at the bottom of the screen: “We will keep database up to date!”


  • Information is accurate and up to date
  • Easily accessible and information is compiled in one place for convenience
  • Gallery feature to view a screenshot of the device you’ve selected


  • UI could use some polishing
  • More screenshots of the selected device
  • Font could be a little bit bigger

Final Verdict

Android Handbook can be a useful tool for determining a future phone purchase or maybe just to compare your phone against a new release. Not an app for everyone but it is available on the Market at your disposal.

Note: This review was submitted by Terrell Zeigler as part of our app review contest.

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  • stalker

    wow.. great application. Its great if it works offline.

  • http://Website Terran

    Pointless…the same information can be found using Wapedia. There’s no need for this app.

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  • http://ifcell.com ifcell

    Great. But where I can be download the ebook (if any)?

  • kris parker


  • sagar

    wt is androiad