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Antennas: Find the carrier best for your area

If you have wondered what mobile carrier is best for you or your area, or simply wanted to know where your phone is getting its signal from, then Antennas is the app for you. Antennas can monitor GSM and CMDA networks while the app is open or in the background to collect data about approximate antenna locations and signal strength. This data is displayed on Google Maps, and can also be exported to a KML file.

This app does a good job of mapping the antennas, but it lacks in a few other areas. Currently settings are not preserved across application restarts. Running the application uses battery power very quickly, although this is just a reality of using the cell radio continuously. The application can also be killed by the operating system to free up memory if the battery is running low. When this happens background logging will stop. To avoid this, users should kill other unnecessary tasks when they run Antennas in the background.


  • Record data about your carrier’s network.
  • Easily export data as plain text logs or KML files.
  • 2/3G GSM and CMDA support


  • Background scanning consumes battery power very quickly.
  • App gets killed by Android OS easily
  • CDMA support requires Android 2.0 (Eclair)

What’s next:
The developer has several new features planned for the next release which include addressing usability issues.

Final Verdict

If you want to gather information about the location of antennas that are serving you then this app is a must. Yes, it uses a decent amount of your battery, but if you plug your phone in while driving around town, battery power won’t be a problem. Once you’ve gathered data, export it and share it with others.

Note: This review was submitted by Kevin Jones as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website Jmn

    Does it only test the provider you are currently on? Can GSM phones test CMDA? Price? What kind of review is this? I wish app reviews would stop bring posted on the widget. App reviews isn’t android news.

  • http://Website Neil

    I have No camera get URL or name of app!!
    Please Help!!!!

  • http://Website David

    I think you meant “Find the best carrier for your area.”

    Also, I agree with the Jmn – there’s a lot of important info that’s missing here.

  • http://Website lessthanjoey

    Huh? How do I monitor other carriers?

    I installed it but it just tells me I’m on T-Mobile and what my signal strength is. No info on AT&T (let alone CDMA networks).

  • http://www.zdwonline.de Haf

    The review is made under a false premise. The application help website clearly states that the marked antennas are all from the carrier to which you currently are connected to, so no, you can’t track antennas by other carriers, and no, you can’t use this application to make a decision about the best carrier for you, at least not with only one SIM card and therefore only one set of carrier data.
    Also the location of the antennas is only part of how well your reception can be expected to be. If the antenna is directional and does not point in your direction, then it won’t be of use for you.