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Choice of Broadsides: An ocean of choice in a sea of text

With the salt spray in my hair and the taste of victory in the air, I ordered a full broadside against the smaller Gaulish schooner. But in my excitement I forgot that I was working with an undersized crew on a captured merchant ship. After the cannons were fired, my small crew couldn’t couldn’t keep up enough gunfire to keep the enemy ship away, and we were soon boarded. I ended up spending several years in a dirty prison camp.

While it turns out that my sailing skills aren’t all they could be, Choice of Broadsides was still an exciting ride. Choice of Broadsides is a choose-your-own-adventure type text game that puts you in command of a navy vessel from the legendary days of wooden sailing and iron cannons. The game is entirely text based, so don’t expect any flashy graphics, but it offers enough freedom to keep the most ambitious captain-to-be furling various sails and battening sundry hatches.

Choice of Broadsides is a followup to Choice of the Dragon, a similar, though not as deep, text based game built around, surprise, surprise, dragons. Unimaginative naming aside, Choice of Broadsides starts out by letting you set up a character. It can be man or woman, hero or dirt bag, personable or annoying, the choice is yours. As situations arise, you’re free to make decisions based on what you imagine your character doing, not just on what choice will yield the best outcomes, since there isn’t necessarily a right or wrong answer, merely different results. You can successfully play a selfish captain, seeking his own fortune on the bent backs of his tortured crew, or you can become a selfless hero, who’s altruistic exertions propel him from adventure to adventure. The end result is a universe of freedom seldom seen on the android platform.


  • Well written and engaging
  • Very real feeling of freedom of action
  • Interesting cross between a book and a game
  • It’s free (ad supported)


  • No graphics to speak of
  • Games only save at the beginning of each chapter

Special Notes: Based on the success of Choice of the Dragon, and how well Choice of Broadsides is doing, the publisher, Choice of Games, is almost certain to publish another game. If you enjoy the first two, keep an eye out for the next one.

Final Verdict

If you don’t hate reading, and can get past the simple look of the game, Choice of Broadsides offers a great retreat from reality, and a good way to kill a little time.

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    I was reading this review in Newsrob four hours ago and decided to download the game even though it’s not my usual style. I played it through twice. Not bad at all. I’m hoping the next one will have an interesting subject like this one. The first title doesn’t interest me as much. It may not be your style but I recommend everyone give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised.

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