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eBuddy 1.7.0 – A Powerful Pocket Instant Messaging Suite

For those who are looking for a great Instant Messaging app – no need to look further. eBuddy is your personal communication companion that helps link all of your Instant Messaging handles into one convenient app, with added support for popular social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace that feature their own chat portal.

Anyone who has used a desktop program such as Trillian will feel right at home with eBuddy. Users create a single screen name unique to the eBuddy app, which in turn houses all of your other accounts so users need only to sign on once and remember just one username and password. The UI has also been refined for larger WVGA screens (with support still for HVGA) and features 3 tabs for your contact list, current open chat logs and a collection of currently added IM accounts. The simplicity and elegance of the interface make for a fluid experience that really makes the app a joy to use.

eBuddy can run in the background and alert users of new incoming IMs with a notification similar to text messages, and the notification bar icon will change to indicate an alert as well. This is especially useful for when the phone is either on silent or being used in another app. Switching back to eBuddy is seamless.


  • Multiple supported accounts
  • Social media sites Facebook and MySpace support
  • Battery saver option updates IMs in the background and updates every 15 minutes
  • Integrates contact pictures with screen names
  • Swipe to move between chat windows

Needs Improvement:

  • Blocking and deleting contacts does not save changes to server every time
  • Users can’t change their contact picture when using eBuddy (uses eBuddy logo instead)
  • Doesn’t pull Facebook/MySpace status updates into respective contacts

Final Verdict

This is probably one of the easiest and best looking Instant Messaging apps on the Android Market, and best of all it’s free. For someone who has a lot of different screen names across different services, bringing them all together under one experience is very convenient.

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Note: This review was submitted by Eric Johnson as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://wiredwonder.com agentlotek

    I <3 ebuddy!

  • http://Website tony

    i currently use ebuddy and love it. i’m still waiting for jivetalk to port their app though!

  • http://Website OKK77

    What I hate about eBuddy (and to a lesser extent, fring) is their invasive self-advertisements. I don’t want to be screaming to the world that I use eBuddy/fring!

    • http://Website Eric Johnson

      I agree with you. I hope in an upcoming update that they remedy this so we can use our own contact pictures. I don’t like being forced to used the eBuddy logo. But I guess it’s a small price to pay for the featureset

    • http://Website ScottN

      That’s the very reason I use Meebo and Nimbuzz. I run around a lot but don’t want my clients to know that I was sitting in my office.

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  • http://Website dan

    I completely agree with the “needs improvements” part. When the update includes them, I will be impressed