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Kitten Cannon: Not PETA Approved


Kitten Cannon is a simple game produced by Hands-On Mobile and sold on the Android Market for $0.99. The goal of Kitten Cannon is to launch a kitten, puppy, or baby monkey out of a cannon the longest distance you can by any means possible. After launching your animal of choice, you will notice small TNT packages, trampolines, Venus fly traps, and death spikes. TNT and trampolines propel your animal longer distance while death spikes and Venus fly traps stop you in your tracks.

The cannon has a power meter that goes up and down. The more “full” it is, the further your initial shot goes. You also pick the level of the cannon for your shot as well. Of course the large part of the game is to hit the TNT and trampolines which are randomly placed along the trajectory of your cannon. For added difficulty, they are not placed in same spot every shot, meaning that no two shots are the same. This adds a great re-playability to the game, as you cannot simply find a certain power and angle to shoot to get the best distance. Instead, you must experiment and have a bit of luck to succeed.


  • Added Facebook and Twitter support for posting scores.
  • Scoreboard
  • $.99 price
  • More than one option for projectile


  • Currently the only sound effects are for the Kitten. For a game as polished and well known as this, I would expect to have sound effects for all options, not just one.
  • No Baby Seal choice

Final Verdict

Like many games for your cellphone, you want something quick and fun that will keep you occupied and keep you interested. With the recent update slowing the power meter to a more reasonable speed and the addition of Facebook and Twitter support, this game has been taken to a new level. If support is added for better sound effects and more animals, this game would be a solid 10. Until then, rest assured that it is well worth the $.99 and will keep you, your friends, and/or kids well occupied.

Note: This review was submitted by Adam Litke as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website Dave K

    Give this guest blogger extra points for the “No Baby Seal choice” con.

  • http://Website Mojo Yugen

    Maybe they can add the option to shoot a PETA protester our of the canon. I’d pay extra for that. Or at least have a PETA rep. out there trying to catch and save the kittens.

    And for any brain-addled vegetarians, just remember, these aren’t real animals.

  • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

    Nice review, lame game. I wish game devs would spend more time making games that are remarkable for their unique gameplay and fun factor, not the ability to get cheap publicity by offending people.

  • http://www.johnpariah.wordpress.com John Olesen

    i love it. its simple and fun, reminds me of Monkey Kick Flip or whatever it was called.

    still waiting for some REALLY good Android games to come out.

    • http://Website Adam Litke

      Better games will hopefully be on the way as android phones begin coming with 8gb+ of on board storage. A large factor that limits current game developers is that on board storage is so small when comparing to something like the iPhone. Simply take a look at the size of iPhone games compared to Android games, the file sizes are crazy different on the high end games that have large levels and great graphics.

      Hopefully android is headed that way with the rumored Apps2Sd coming in the next couple of updates.

      • SpykeZ

        whats stopping them from installing on the SD card than? Space physics did it for their expansion levels cause it was so large.

        • http://Website Adam Litke

          I am not sure on what the exact reason is but I do know that the rumor is it will be coming next big update for android. Currently you can Root your phone as I did and run apps2Sd but you cannot run apps2sd unless you have a rooted phone meaning Average Joe out there is not able to which thus portrays Android apps badly as they can only have small sized apps meaning not so great apps many times in comparison to a certain other OS.

  • http://Website Aksel

    “For added difficulty, they are not placed in same spot every shot,”

    I thought that was just because it was supposed to be random? And how can you ‘experiment” to succeed? Is there a way of shooting the kitten which makes it more likely to hit a explosive?
    To me, it’s a game of press the button, receive random number, rinse and repeat.

    That sausage game on the iPhone is much better, as you can actually control the projectile after launch.

    BTW: I only reach around 500m-1000m each round. What’s your average score?

    • http://Website Adam Litke

      I seem to find that the lower trajectories at fast speeds seem to give you a better chance of longer distances. All of my big scores have been from lower trajectories at top speeds. That is what I meant by experiment but you are right it is mostly a game of point and shoot but with a lot of fun. I have spent a lot of time with this game when on business trips and I have a couple of hours to burn for whatever reason. lol that or surfing this site for anything new and interesting.

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    Lol, might get this next time I’m waiting at the airport. Oh wait, is it FAA approved?

    • http://Website Adam Litke

      Lol not to sure on that one. Maybe we ask Mythbuster’s if shooting kittens, puppies, or baby monkeys at a plane will take it out of the air.

      Of course they would have to test baby seals also as that is the next evolution of this game.

  • http://Website Tabitha L.

    This game is definitely addicting & I agree that you need a bit of luck to succeed! I’d also like it if they had other sound effects besides the kitten. Very good review!

  • http://Website JC13

    Hmm I didn’t like this game. Has no real depth… aim the cannon, shoot the cannon… and watch the kitten bounce for a long time. I’m glad the Android Market allows app refunds lol Android FTW!

    • http://Website Adam Litke

      It is definitely not a game that has a story line. Unless you are some kind of super animal spy maybe and this is your training? It is just suppose to be stupid fun really, at least you gave it a try though.

      Oh and yes Android Market Refunds FTW! I think everyone has used that at least once.

  • http://Website larry

    Check out this video PETA made: http://meat.org

  • stalker

    woaaaha.. I will give it a try.