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Missed Call: Micromanage your notifications

My Droid needs to know something. Green is not the favorite color of every human being in the world. In fact, according to the Internet, the world’s most favorite color is blue. That said, I hate both of those colors. Personally, I enjoy yellow.

Don’t get me wrong! Android is a great OS and the phones that run it are getting better and better. You are constantly updated on new e-mails, text messages, tweets, and a variety of other notifications… which is awesome! But, despite all that awesome, there is one flaw to the system. With the exception of the Facebook application (which, by the way, apparently got it right with the blue) all of your notifications produce the same boring blinking green LED. If you’re like me and normally have your phone on vibrate, a blinking green light isn’t enough to tell you what kind of notification you’ve got.

Enter Missed Call: a free app from the Android Market. Missed Call does more than it’s name may entail. It allows you to set up profiles for a good amount of notifications you might get on your phone, including everything from missed calls and SMSs to your low battery status. This then gives you the ability to set a handful of options for things your phone should do upon receiving these notifications like the LED color, the length and type of vibrations, the ringtone used, and whether or not the notification should repeat. Some of the services, however, have less options than these four. Specifically, things like the low battery service can’t change the LED color from the default red, which I think is okay.

The process is pretty simple. You add a service from the main menu. Then you go into the settings for that particular service. For some services, like the SMS service, you have the option to set general settings for all of the notifications, as well as settings for individual contacts. After choosing the group you are trying to edit notifications for, you are then presented with the options you can change.


  • The ability to fine tune notifications
  • Several options to customize the response to several notifications your phone can generate
  • Easy to use and manage interface

Needs Improvement:

  • Have to turn off the internal notification settings for some of the services before the app will work
  • The notification sound selector seems to be buggy (won’t select the right sound sometimes)
  • Control over other notifications, like getting e-mails and linking into specific applications are non-existent. Hopefully these will be included in the future, though.

Final Verdict

So, if you want to be able to micromanage your notifications this is the app for you; if you just want to be able to change the LED color from green, this is also useful. All in all, this is a pretty nifty little app that gives you access to options that probably should have been in the OS to begin with, and allows you to add that extra bit of color back into your life.

Phone Version: Droid with 2.1

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Note: This review was submitted by Peter Janak as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website Khanlin Rodgers

    y wont LED changing apps work on the CLIQ?

    • http://Website adrian

      the cliqs led light doesnt change colors. it stays white.

      • http://Website Khanlin Rodgers

        is that because it Android 1.5?

        • http://Website Peter Janak

          No, nothing to do with Android. The problem is the fact that the Cliq’s LED is just a single white light, so it can’t produce the other colors. I believe this was documented somewhere.

  • http://Website steve

    Doesn’t work on Droid w/ 2.1. Don’t believe me, check the Market comments.

    • http://Website Peter Janak

      It’s working with my Droid 2.1 just fine. People might just be confused because it doesn’t seem like the the LED color is being set, but that’s because you can’t turn the LED on anymore if the phone is awake.

      The LED only comes on when the phone is sleeping, so to see the color, your phone must be asleep. So, you actually have to receive the type of notification that you have set up in order to actually see the color come through while the phone is asleep to see your LED color.

      But, I will stress again, that it works just fine on Droid 2.1.

  • http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=6018 Chris

    I haven’t tried this app yet, but Nexus One users should keep in mind that third-party apps can’t change the trackball LED color due to low-level driver limitations (click the link at my name for details). Google says this feature might come in a future OS update. Until then, it’s white notifications only for the N1 (aside from blue for an incoming Bluetooth call) unless you root your phone.

  • http://Website Bobba

    It’s interesting the developer refers to LED as “Led”. LED stands for light emitting diode. Usually acronyms are capitalized.

  • http://Website O

    Does anyone know if this can change the colours on the HTC Desire?

  • http://Website TN

    No, it does NOT work on Droid 2.1. I understand that the LED lights up only when the phone is off, but on Droid 2.1 it doesn’t matter what color you set, it will only flash cyan color. There is no color change.

  • http://Website tekfrank


    Using this application is it possible to disable any notification when i get a call ?

    I mean, i would like that when some selected contacts call me, nothing happens, at least i would like the screen to keep being switched off, is it possible ?

    do you know any other application to avoid my Nexus one screen so switch on when having notifications ?

    Thanks for help.

  • http://Website Ashley

    I have the samsung vibrant….for some reason the text notifications play my default song then the song I set for that specific persons sms tone…..how do I either turn off my default sms tone or make it so it only plays the set sms tone for each person?

  • http://none.com Tim

    it worked at one time for me, but after changing some other setting it stopped working. nothing i could do would get it working again… Very unstable!!!

  • http://Website davearcher

    hmmm i must be a retard or something because i cant even figure out how to add service. where is the menu button? i dont see it anywhere. where do i go for that? please help me out. thanks.