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PicSay Pro: Everything looks better with googly eyes


PicSay was one of the first apps that I downloaded after getting my G1. I’d heard that it was fun and easy to use, so I wanted to give it a try for myself. After downloading and trying the free version for maybe an hour, PicSay Pro became the first paid app that I bought.

The operation of PicSay Pro couldn’t be easier. You open the app, click the “Get a picture” button, and choose a picture from your gallery. It offers to resize larger pictures for you if necessary, and then drops you into the app itself. On the G1, pressing the Menu button brings up all of your options: Word Balloon, Title, Stickers, Effects, Export, etc. Word Balloon and Title are fairly self explanatory, but the real meat of the app is in Stickers and Effects.

The first picture I made using PicSay was imported from an MMS my brother-in-law sent me. He found some candy cigarettes, and sent me a picture pretending to be all tough. Naturally, I added googly eyes and a word balloon saying something silly. I opened the menu, choose Stickers, and a wide variety of categories appeared. I chose Eyes and then picked an appropriate set from the choices. PicSay then drops the sticker onto your picture, where you can move it by tapping and dragging your finger, and tilt/resize the picture using an icon on the corner of each sticker. The tilt/resize can take a bit of practice to get right, especially when you have big fingers like I do. Even with a bit of a learning curve, it’s still very easy to add a wide variety of stickers to your pictures.

I can’t possibly review PicSay Pro without at least mentioning the photo effects. I was floored by the sheer number of effects that are included in this app! There are far too many to discuss them all here, but suffice to say that most anything you’d need is in this app, and you will definitely get your money’s worth.

After you’ve made any changes you want to make, don’t forget to click Export and save your photo to your SD card. PicSay will keep the last picture you edited active until you open a new one, but if you don’t export the picture, it will be gone.

The Good:

  • It’s basically Photoshop on your phone
  • It’s very easy to add stickers and effects to your pictures, and stickers are easy to move and manipulate
  • TONS of stickers and effects, with more added through app updates
  • Multi-touch is available on 2.x devices
  • This app is just plain fun!

The Bad:

  • Slight learning curve for tilting/resizing

Final Verdict

PicSay Pro is a superb app, and I recommend it very highly. It can be used simply for fun, to show off, or for legitimate photo editing. I was actually able to throw together an edited photo for an event at work in a matter of minutes using PicSay Pro. PicSay Pro is available in the Android Market for €1.99 (Roughly $2.96), and it’s worth every penny! A free version is also available.

Note: This review was submitted by Justin Jelinek as part of our app review contest.

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    Frak i was almost done with my review for this same app :( : (

    • Justin

      Sorry! If it makes you feel any better, I submitted the review last Friday, and it just got posted today

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    Love this app, one of the first I paid for. Just hate that pics have to be sized down though…

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    I love this app! I am wondering if there’s a similar program that does the same easily for Windows?

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    Really amazing app, a must have

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    Forgot to add: price is very very decent as well (sub $3)