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Quick Settings: Manage system settings from anywhere


With the large number of features that the Android OS offers, it can sometimes get overwhelming when trying to change something as simple as, say, your WiFi settings. With the 1.6 “Donut” release, developers attempted to fix this problem with the Power Control widget; a desktop bar that allows quick access to toggling WiFi, Bluetooth, screen brightness and other settings. But changing the network, or bluetooth device, still took digging through menu after menu. Enter Quick Settings, a free app available for every version of Android.

This handy app allows access to almost every possible setting you would need to change, all from the status bar. No need to switch to your desktop to change the screen timeout or notification volume. A quick swipe of the finger from inside almost any app will bring up a dashboard giving you full control over your device.

There are already a number of “toggle” programs available on the Market to accomplish this same feat. Most are limited to desktop widgets, buttons that take up space, or static menus that do not match your workflow. Quick Settings rectifies these problems and more.

You can easily customize which settings are available to toggle and in what order. A quick tap on any setting, rather than the toggle button itself, jumps you straight to the system menu for easy and in-depth changes. It also provides a quick overview of your phone and SD Card’s available memory, your battery statistics and settings, and a flashlight.

The developer is very responsive to suggestions and questions, and has some small upgrades in store for the app. One of the upcoming features is a small battery widget that allows access to the Quick Settings dialog.

Here is a short video from TheCommonTech of the application in action:


  • Quick access to most system settings
  • Customizable to fit usage and workflow
  • Easy overview of battery and system memory
  • Low/No memory use when in tray
  • Replaces numerous apps (all-in-one)


  • LED flashlight limited to Motorola Droid
  • Theme doesn’t match stock Android UI fully

Final Verdict

This application allows easy access to all of your system settings and a simple overview of your phone’s memory and battery. For a fast, free app that does it all, look no further than Quick Settings.

Note: This review was submitted by Philippe Fenderson as part of our app review contest.

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  • Killa

    This was one of first apps I downloaded on my myTouch and I love it! That upcoming feature sounds awesome too!

  • http://Website Anh

    Oh yeah, i love this fabulous app. Searched for a handy app that can substitue for a pile of widgets and found this some days ago. Very happy with Quick setting right now :D.

  • http://Website J

    Wow I’ve been using the stock Droid power settings until now. This is AMAZING. Thanks for the review and getting the word out on this really cool app :).

  • http://Website Matt

    Love this app!

    * sits in notification area for access from any program
    * “dialog” appearance option places settings over the currently running app so the browser doesn’t have to refresh or lists don’t have to repopulate
    * LOVE the brightness bar options
    * a toggle to turn off mobile data (3G/EDGE/MMS)
    * quick access to battery percentage and battery use
    * customize which toggles you want and in which order

    Seriously great app.

  • http://Website artcarney

    Not sure why the author thinks the LED flashlight only works with the droid. I have a non-rooted mt3g v 1.2 running Donut and the flashlight works perfectly with it.

  • http://Website Cris

    nice app :) Now I can keep my desktop cleaner by removing other power management widgets.

  • http://Website Zac

    Just want to add, so far, the functionality of the app is so well implemented that it seems like it should of been a part of the Android OS to begin with.

    • http://Website Claudio

      I totally agree, I was thinking the same thing.

  • http://Website Matthew C. Evans

    The app is very good, but how come the GPS receiver toggle switch just brings you to the “Location and Security Settings” rather than toggling the GPS on and off? I’m running a Motorola Droid.

    • http://Website Tony Bullard

      The ability to directly turn on and off the GPS is reserved for system apps. I think it’s a security thing. You wouldn’t want some app from the market having the ability to switch in the GPS without you knowing…

  • http://Website JWhite

    Thanks for the review –
    Love the app!

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  • http://Website WJCole

    Great, convenient app!

    One request: I would like an option to link to the entire Android Settings menu (just as is now done for the GPS subset). This would be useful when user is in serious tech mode, and needs quick access to other settings for configuration and testing process.


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  • parag mhatre

    Karbonn a30