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Remote for iTunes: Better than the original.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but sometimes, the imitation exceeds the original. That is the case with this handy little app. Having previously switched from an iPhone, I missed my iTunes remote app. A lot.

But no longer! Remote for iTunes is exactly what the name suggests: a simple iTunes app. It has a simple, uncluttered interface that syncs with iTunes without a hitch. Unlike the actual iPhone version which took nearly half a minute to connect to my library, this app does it in seconds! The speed doesn’t just stop there: the cover art for my albums fly off my machine and onto the phone so even scrolling through the library can be pretty. It doesn’t have cover flow, but for true functionality, you can’t do better. Even with the original iPhone app.


  • Simple and well-designed interface
  • Faster than the original iPhone remote app


  • No cover flow
  • Doesn’t connect to iTunes if the computer is at the lock screen
  • Could have a better UI for playlists with sub-headings for video/audio/podcasts. Currently, everything shows up as a playlist

Final Verdict

This app is in beta at the moment, but there is very little to improve on. It’s a must have for any iTunes user.

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Note: This review was submitted by Raffy Halim as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website yul000

    Unfortunately not compatible for Android 1.5 :p

  • http://Website Jeff

    Sounds pretty sweet. What I’d really like, though, is an app for the ipod or android that would allow me to stream directly from the device to my stereo via airport express. I’m confused as to why apple hasn’t rolled that out yet, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see the android community come up with a solution first.

    • http://Website John


  • http://Website Rush

    Good idea, the program does not work. It takes forever to add itself as a remote. You have to reconnect the remote everytime you open the program on the phone. iTunes tells you that the code that you are putting in is incorrect even though it is what the program is telling you.

    Little left to improve upon? Right.

    No thanks. I will stick with GMote. It works great and allows me to stream media to my phone. I am saying a hearty NO to this.

  • http://Website Joel

    Coverflow is patented so there will not be an update of that

    • http://Website Name (required)

      Cover Flow is just about the silliest thing apple’s ever wasted screen real estate on.

  • http://Website Aiman

    Definitely a must have app! So much better than the old Tunes Remote!

  • http://twitter.com/xau xaueious

    Going to be a paid app very soon though. Expiring within two weeks :(

  • http://Website SuperRon

    Is this App only available in the US because it does not appear in the market in the UK?

  • Tes

    Could we stop this? Can we PLEASE hold the developers to a higher standard?

    This thing is in beta, it’s clearly not finished and has major show stopping gaps in functionality (everything shows up as a long playlist?! This is acceptable?)

    The Market isn’t going to get better if we take half baked software and start using hyperbole to talk it up. It’s got promise but it’s a promise broken at the moment. There’s no sin in saying it.

    • http://Website QD

      promise kept now. wow.

  • http://Website Raffy

    @rush: sorry to hear you’ve had problems- my droid synced in seconds and the only issue I have is that it wont connect when my mac is on the lock screen.

    @tes- I was genuinely impressed with it even at beta. Yep everything shows up as a playlist, but everything DOES show up. Maybe I just have low standards :P

    • Tes

      I’m sure I’m not the only person with several thousand tracks in their iTunes library. You need the artist/album/song/genre to traverse a collection of any substantial size. The bare minimum it should do is show the music and play it…and that’s about all this seems to do.

      My frustration comes from several reviews here that make statements like “best” or “better” etc…when it’s not. There’s an overall lack of polish that apps like Spotify, Last.fm, RunStar, Evernote etc prove has no excuse to be there.

      • http://nrotpd.com mike pags

        Can you clarify this: “There’s an overall lack of polish that apps like Spotify, Last.fm, RunStar, Evernote etc prove has no excuse to be there.” ??

        You’re saying that those apps _could_ be better, right?

        I haven’t used Spotify or Runstar, and Last.fm was ok-er before it started causing random reboots, BUT:
        I am personally of the opinion that Evernote is one of the worst apps on my Droid. great service; terrible app…

        • Tes

          No, I’m saying the apps I mention work AND look good. It seems most of the other apps on Android are one or the other.

          I can’t speak for your experience, but Evernote does everything it’s supposed to do in a mobile format for me. I’ve not experienced the crashes you describe with Last.fm either, but what I can say is there is clear branding, proper use of colours and the available assets to make the apps look appealing as well as them functioning. I’m usually torn between two apps, one that works but looks like it was written in a rush as some school project or one that’s polished but lacks features.

          Why are these things becoming mutually exclusive?

          • http://Website joel

            Have you explored the entire app at all? I can control the volume with my phone’s volume buttons. Also, when I look at the library, it shows artist/albums/tracks… not one big playlist. Your gripes with the app seem uneducated.

    • http://Website Carl

      um, open your eyes much?

  • http://Website Bird

    I came from an iPhone to a Droid and MUCH prefer the iPhone Remote app to this. One simple feature that I used constantly was the ability to change the volume on my machine. None of that in this app. And as others have said, it could “look” a lot better. Plain black with tiny album cover thumbnails is not exactly ideal.

    • http://Website teschall

      Volume control works perfectly using your volume rocker… ;)

  • http://Website mills

    Awesome app! Perfect for when you’re having a get together and the computer is in the other room!

  • http://Website Dale

    This is a great app, almost as good as the ipod one. yes it’s faster, but it has less of that itunes functionality that makes it seemless.
    The article says that it doesn’t connect if the computer is at the lockscreen, but as of right now, i just tried it and it connected fine.

  • http://www.jonnylam.com Jonathan

    The worst part about Remote for iTunes? ITunes. Ba-zing!

    • Dolese

      Really?! I can’t think of any other media organize/player application and looks as well or performs as well as itunes. When I can sit in my living room hit the music/movie tab hit cover flow and immediately be immersed in my media experience. Shuffling through my collection of movies or music looks very impressive and functional.

  • http://clintharvey.net scH

    Thank you so much for pointing this app out. It’s awesome. Before I installed it I anticipated making a feature request for being able to control which “speakers” audio was sent to since I use my PC’s iTunes to stream music to my stereo via Airport Express. What do you know, the feature is already there and works great.

    This is gonna be a great party app.

    As far as Tes’s gripes, I’m not seeing the issues he/she is reporting either. There’s a tab for “Playing”, Artists, Albums, and Playlists. Maybe I got a later version.

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  • http://Website Wolf

    Apple TV support would be really nice. Ever since my PC HD crashed, my entire music library is at the mercy of my Apple TV – would love to be able to control it from this remote. If anyone knows how to download the contents of his/her Apple TV back to their PC, please let me know. Thanks.

  • http://Website Lewis

    Can’t get it to work. My Incredible shows up a for split second under Devices in iTunes, then disappears.
    Too bad.

    • http://Website JD

      Sounds like you have multiple network connections to your iTunes computer. Remove one temporarily and try it again. See their help page.

  • http://Website Sina

    Works PERFECTLY on my new Dell Streak! I love this app!!

    My only request: Please allow for widescreen use so I can use this app while my tablet phone is in its docking station.

    • http://Website Qdog

      Has landscape mode now.

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  • http://Website xmas

    Worked perfectly on my hTC Hero the first time. Since having shut both PC and Hero down there was problems which I resolved by giving static ip adr to both PC and Hero -then it worked fine again. Since PC and Hero was shut down next time it hasn’t been working AT ALL!
    :( Seems like iTunes is not recog. my Hero anymore….

    • http://Website xmas

      Ok, working again – me messing around with static ip-adresses, giving it a wrong one ; )

      FAB APP!

  • http://Website OperaG

    This sounds quite good – does it also allow you to play movies / tv series bought through iTunes?


  • http://Website Sanzio29

    Just downloaded app but cant connect to itunes. does it work on itunes 10

    • http://Website QD


  • http://Website Knots

    Just downloaded Android App. Works with any DACP server (including Mediamokey plugin) but DOESN’T ALLOW TO RATE your music from the remote.

  • http://Website Leemajik

    With the latest update of i tunes not valid yet…

  • http://annanord.com Fred

    What a brilliant app! Works great on my froyo htc desire.

  • http://Website Qdog

    Works great for me on iTunes 10.

  • yao

    我想下载一个android平台的itunes播放器,不知道有没有,有的话发给我。谢谢。[email protected]

  • Erdal Cam


    I hope some of the “Cons” from your list gone with my app:

    Maybe you can review it…