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SMS Backup: Save your text messages in Gmail, clean out your inbox!

SMS Backup is a great app for someone who texts often but chooses not to delete their messages, and saves them for future records etc.

This app enables you to backup every text message you send and receive into your Gmail account online.

During initial set up, you save your Gmail login details, and manually backup all your previous messages until you’re up to date. Backups can be done in batches of 25, 50, 100, 150 and 200 at a time. Once you’re up to date, you can then set the app to automatically update texts as they come in and go out.

What makes this app great is that once your texts are stored in Gmail, you have permanent records that are easily searchable.

On phones such as the G1, memory can also be a concern as your phone fills up with more and more messages, so it’s great to be able to free up more memory by clearing your inbox, without worrying about losing vital information.

If you’re someone who has a rooted phone, and you’re constantly wiping, this is obviously a great way to ensure that you never lose your text messages.


  • Option for automatic backups once the initial backup has been completed
  • There’s an option available to mark the SMS’s as read as they’re uploaded into your inbox.
  • The app automatically creates an SMS label in Gmail.
  • Free!

Needs Improvement:

  • Support for MMS. Currently, the app only backs up Text messages.
  • Ability to select specific contacts to backup instead of everything.
  • Ability to keep the conversation in one bundle and not in bundles of the amount backed up.

Special Notes: IMAP must be enabled on your Gmail account. See Settings --> Forwarding and POP/IMAP.

Final Verdict

If you find it difficult parting ways with your text messages in order to clear clutter and memory, this is the app for you! Very stable and easy to use!

Reviewer's Device: Rooted G1 running Cyanogen (Android 1.6)
App Version: 1.1.1

For more information, visit http://code.google.com/p/android-sms/wiki/UserGuide

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Note: This review was submitted by Gareth Tiedt as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://ravmania.wordpress.com ravi

    Love this app. Use it every day to backup my texts. Good to see it getting some publicity.

  • http://www.hindsightencore.com Gary

    Thanks for this recommendation! I’ve been waiting for an app to do exactly this. Now, if only I could get it to automatically delete texts (on device) older than 15 days after successful backup.

  • http://Website Lemon

    Highly recommended app. Been using it for about a year.

  • http://Website Jaymoon

    SMS Backup is awesome! It’s really easy to forget this app is even installed. It is completely non-intrusive, and does exactly what it’s supposed to do in the background. It’s pretty quick too. After sending/receiving a couple of texts, by the time it takes me to launch Gmail and check my SMS label, the messages are already backed up!

  • http://Website Matt

    Honestly, I never understood why this wasn’t a standard feature.

  • http://Website Puja Shah

    CommentLove the collection on this site. Visit this site almost everyday, have it in my favorites. For all the readers would like to share a love sms site. Feel it will be useful to you.

  • http://Website Ayesha

    This app is truly amazing. It works very well even if you backup 200 at a time but super fast if you do 50 at a time. It backs up to gmail in an organized way with all the dates showing. Waited so long for something like this and its just what i wanted to do for the longest time. I love this app and highly recommend it. Iam sooooo happpyy about this.

    • sumit


  • http://Website liliana

    I love this is the best :))))

  • http://conectedwell.com Robert Merrill

    Checking this out. Been looking for an app to back up my sms like this for a while.

  • http://Website eLondonGuy

    How do I know transfer these sms’s back to my phone?

    • http://Website Kenneth

      I would say you would access the backup through the internet and gmail using a computer or your phone then copy/paste the information you wanted back on your phone and save as a file to your phone. I don’t think there is a way to Restore them as original, but either way you will retain the information.

  • http://Website Kamal

    After I transfer the first 200 items and it indicates DONE, then says, Restart Backup, my question is when I hit BACKUP AGAIN does it automatically know to go on and back up the next 200, then the next 200 all the way through until all of my existing text messages have been backed up? Or do I have to do something entirely different to back up my texts? Lastly, what if they are specific text messages from specific people that I want to save as opposed to others, how do I set that up? Please advise

    • jesssoul

      I hand deleted items I didn’t want backed up on my phone before running it. There are only a handful of conversations I really need to save and conversations from specific people I care enough to save. I can’t imaging every single txt is critically important. I would suggest a manual cleaning before a back-up. I will likely go in and arrange the back-up txt messages into conversations on GDocs when I find the time so they are better organized for the long-term.

  • http://Website whitney

    This app works nice but I have a question I downloaded this app b/c I have to master reset on my HTC evo. Once I do the master reset how can I get my backed up texts bk on my phone from my gmail acct ?

    • Juan

      did you ever get an answer of how to get them back. I had to do a master rester on my phone

  • http://Website bob .

    wow great app ! working fine on my x10a !

    • zee rock

      how do i SMS Backup all my text pls

  • http://Website vishwanath salian

    good sms messages

  • http://Website David N

    If only it could do more than 200 at a time. I have over 17000 sms messages that I need to back up as I thought android would auto back them up to my SD card but it doesn’t. Best app that I could find for backing them up though so my love to the guys who wrote this.

    • http://zegoggl.es Jan Berkel

      There’s an improved version called SMS Backup+ in the market which doesn’t have the 200 message limit. It has some other improvements like MMS and call log backup.

      • localnowhere

        Way to toot you own horn, Jan Berkel.

      • D V

        I just transferred all my text messages to my gmail account, but they are not in order. How do I fix this?

    • zee rock

      i w to save all my text

  • http://gt.com GT

    one of Greatest App that i know for Android

    • becca

      does this app work for iphone too?

      • Suyog Bhobe

        No need for an app if you use delighta.com. Your SMS messages get backed up to your private Google spreadsheet and Gmail.account. Works with every phone. Just sign up at delighta.com and start sending text messages to (408) 357 4815.

  • http://Website kathy


  • http://Website V

    It did back up my txt pic that had :( dose anyone know how i can get it back?

  • http://Website Brittany

    I added this app a few months ago to forward to Gmail and twice now it has stopped forwarding. When I go into my app settings on my Android it says Idle and confirms the last backup was days ago. Am I doing somthing wrong? Why does it stop working and how can I prevent this in the future because sometimes I dont check my Gmail for days and have deleted my texts assuming they were forwarded so obviously if its Idled for some reason, Im not getting them and can lose valuable needed information. I cant seem to find any help on the matter in Gmail Help itself so any help is much appreciated. Thank you

  • http://Website da.midwife

    Thank you so much for the simple information. I LOVE this app!!! I had tried others and they did not work. But this is great and very easy to install!!!

    • zee rock

      how do i save all my text messages

  • http://Website Kenneth

    Just found this site through a search looking for a way to back up sms on my samsung (AT&T). It appears this app is only for android? The samsung uses Java and can download apps. Anyone know of an app that would work on it? Or am I beat?

  • http://Website nikki

    hi. was using this on a samsung i5700 until i recently got the lg optimus. have just really started to play with it and the first thing i downloaded was SMS BACKUP. Trouble is, it claims to not be the ‘correct certiicate’ or something and won’t allow me access to my account.

    help! thanks….and Happy Easter, Passover or whatever it may be.


  • http://Website jamie smith


  • http://Website Bin Larue

    This app is very easy to use and it really works. I am using Motorola XT720

  • http://Website Meg

    The app worked great and shows to have backed up all 967 texts, which are a combination of SMS and MMS. However, when I go to gmail, I only see the SMS texts.

    Can anyone tell me how to view the MMS texts which seemingly got backed up?

  • http://Website mel

    Does anyone know an app like this for the iphone?

  • http://Website wa

    Worked awesome, needed to keep these records for a divorce case. tried to email them without program and important info was lost. time, date, who sent ect. THIS PROGRAM SAVED MY BUTT!

  • http://www.howtospyontextmessages.net spy text messages

    I’ve recently tried SMS Backup+ and while it’s backed them up, it just will not restore them! :(

  • http://Website Shari

    Love love this app. Couldn’t be easier to install & use…

  • http://Website john simms


  • Al

    Does this app work on Nokia (Symbian) phones?

  • Princess






  • tammy

    The app stopped backing up the incoming texts… It looks like I am talking to myself!

  • http://videotomp3converter.com/download/ YouTube to mp3 converter free download

    nice app! I’ve been using it for several months and just cant imagine my work without it.

  • Steve

    I forgot, the YouTube to mp3 converter free download I’m working on is here: http://videotomp3converter.com/download/

  • Shanty

    Very good and useful app! I cant express how I love using it! I guess I love it even more than YouTube video to mp3 http://youtubevideotomp3.com/ !

  • John

    app did send a .xml file to my gmail, but cant open. help what do i do now ?

  • Ken

    doesn’t work on texts sent to my carrier address (e.g. [email protected]). These show up as texts, but aren’t backed up.

  • http://gabtext.com mass text messaging

    Someone necessarily help to make significantly articles I might state. That is the first time I frequented your website page and so far? I surprised with the research you made to make this particular publish incredible. Fantastic process!

  • http://vobplayer.org/ marilynlucas11

    Haven’t you heared about vob file player?

  • Tim

    I like the app, but why are some of my backed up text strings only my texts. I have lengthy text chats with someone, but SMS back up only seems to be backing up my texts and not the other person’s. It’s like listening to someone on the phone not knowing what it being said on the other end of the line.

  • Julissa

    Hello! I must say that this is such a useful and interesting information over here. This option is extremely useful for me! Thanks a lot for sharing!
    mp4 to mp3 converter http://mp4tomp3converter.org/

  • http://freemkvplayer.net mkv player download

    Great idea, thakks! I bet it’s really useful if you want to cheat on someone. :D

  • http://deligha.com Suyog Bhobe

    delighta allows you to backup your SMS messages to your google spreadsheet. No app to download, no smartphone necessary. Just send or forward your SMS to 1-408-357-4815 and it gets backed up to your google spreadsheet. No fuss, no muss!

  • http://www.delighta.com Suyog Bhobe

    delighta allows you to backup your SMS messages to your private google spreadsheet. Simply forward your SMS to 1-408-357-4815 and it gets backed up to your google spreadsheet. No app to download, no smartphone needed. Try it, you will like it.

    There is a way to create columns in the spreadsheet. Use the $ sign to indicate column names followed by the value. If you want to track how much you spend on eating out, the SMS could look like this:
    $lunch 7.95 $dinner 15.95

  • mj25

    I am really appreciating this app so far. Quick question: After backing them up to my Gmail account, it just shows the other person’s number, rather than their name. Please let me know either way if there is a workaround so that I can easily see who was texting me. Thanks!

  • nabs

    it only back up received sms…it does not back up the replies that were sent as a conversations!..any one has any ideas on how to fix this

  • al

    hello i have a different kind of question about this ap as i have borrowed my ex girls phone which is an LG android, would this mean she can see my texts in her account if she has it activated and if i have it switched off on the phone? any help would be appreciated as i dont do anything wrong by it but she tends to think i do so i pay for it anyway!, thanks heaps

  • Mystery man

    Is there a way so that i can send some textmessages when backed up to another email? and have it be able to switch easily between both?

  • hamid

    i want to backup my sms (send and receive) but i am not online and i need some software to backup offline or text in memory so can i do this?

  • Suyog Bhobe

    There is no need for an app anymore. Register your phone with delighta.com and start backing up your SMSs to your Gmail and google spreasheet automatically by forwarding them to 1-408-357-4815. With delighta.com you can do a lot more with SMS. You can add your appointments to your google calendar, enter data in spreadsheets (with column names), get translations of your SMS, etc. You can also create a group of telephone numbers and send your SMS to everyone in your group by simply texting it to the Delighta phone number.

  • Jessie

    I can’t figure out how to save the incoming texts that match up to the outcoming ones that I have saved. It says I need to force quit every time I tried and now it says there’s nothing else to back up….help!! I need those incoming SMS saved!

  • Laura

    love the concept of the app – if only I could get it to work! cant seem to find the texts on my gmail account anywhere! can anyone lead a stupid person through the process of finding the texts in gmail?? thanks a lot!

  • Johnnyboy

    I downloaded the app, very excited, not sure where to find them in my email account… does it send an email?

  • Tom

    There is an application called IPhone SMS To Gmail at http://www.nerdyhearn.com which does this automatically from your iTunes backup. It supports SMS/MMS and iMessages with attachments.

    • Johnnyboy379

      Yep, found it in my SMS folder it created in my gmail, thanks for responding!

  • Willie

    How do I know if this ap works on my HTC Tilt 2? I need to save some texts from both me & the other person. Can someone tell me how to do this? I don’t see where I actually get the ap or put in my phone number. Thank you

  • amanda

    Have you guys noticed that sometimes this app only saves half of your conversation. Like all my texts will be saved but my friends replies to me will not show or be backed up. If they are backed up they are in a separate email all by themselves??
    Thanks for any feedback. :)

    • Suyog Bhobe

      Hi Amanda,

      Try http://www.delighta.com. It is free.
      There is no app to download and delighta works with every phone in every country in the world since it is SMS based. It also offers easy to use Group SMS and much more.

    • Emily

      Hey Amanda,

      I’m having the exact same problem where only half of the conversation saves, so only the texts that I sent out are backed up–not any of my friends replies. Did you ever figure out how to fix it? I’m having trouble finding information about how to fix it online. Thanks!

  • Mike

    Hey good app BUT WHERE DOES IT SAVE TO??????

    Looked through all my gmail and can’t find it anywhere??


  • Verna Ray

    I has a email two days ago, now my password does not work and my pass word was
    my cats name gray gray ray. could you help me and delete all the other pass words

  • nousheen

    Once our text messages are stored in our gmail account, can we store or transfer them back to our smart phone or not? I want to transfer my messages from my phone to gmail because I need to do some hard set up which will delete my contacts & messages but I want to transfer them back to my phone after that set up.

  • Rebecca

    I am unable to setup the app because it seems to be having problems accepting the AuthToken from gmail – I hit the “Grant Access” button and it just sits there – I have double checked the email and the password to make sure they are correct and I have enable IMAP on my gmail account- anything else?

  • Prateek

    Great App. Its reduce storage issue as well data management issue.

  • Jessi

    I use a program called VeryAndroid SMS Backup that can copy my android text messages to computer via usb. Works. Check this info: http://www.veryandroid.com/pctool-for-sms-backup/how-to-transfer-sms-for-android-to-pc.html

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  • hunny

    kya hal hai

  • hunny

    ma chuda le teri

  • Lacee Morgan

    I just got the SMS backup app from the android market which backsup all my text messages to my gmail,everything has been going now and it hasnt backed up anything on my email for hours now. All the settings are correct on my phone and I dont know how to fix it so i get it automatically backed up to my email. And my imap is already enabled on gmail. What to do?

    • Suyog Bhobe

      Try http://www.delighta.com. Just sign in at http://www.delighta.com and start forwarding your SMS to 1-408-357-4815. It will get backed up to Gmail and your Google spreadsheet (you get to pick a name when you sign in). There is no app to download.

  • Toni

    How do you download it ?

  • NicoleHay

    I’m using gcloud one app to backup everything not only contacts and it backs up to the cloud

  • sajjad

    helo sir,,,, plz help me…. how to read someone sms

  • SMS Backup & Restore
  • D V

    Does anyone know how to put the text messages in order? They all transfered over, but the conversation is out of order.

  • apolsoft

    I strongly recommend that you use “Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer”, because I just purchased, I feel very good.

  • apolsoft

    Since I bought “Apolsoft Android SMS Transfer” and use it, no matter how many text messages I have, It can provide me a fast speed for backup. More importantly, It has its own desktop management tools, the ability to import text messages to the desktop management tools to edit, delete, print and other operations, Many free software can not do it and the software is very easy to use. So, I am very optimistic about this software, I hope my review could bring some benefits for you. This is not what the ad! !

    • megan

      can you do key word search once the text msgs are archived to find things quickly?

  • Rohit Kumar
  • Rohit Kumar
  • megan

    Is there an option for key word search of text messages from gmail once they are backed up?

  • Queena

    This SMS Backup is cool! I love it. It has something in common with another one software, which is also a android management tool, helping you back up contacts, SMS, pictures, music, and video, etc, as well as transferring anything to your computer.

  • boinkenn

    This software can either backup and restore SMS and can backup and restore Contacts, very handy. I’ve been using and strongly recommend you to use.
    OR You can search ” obbosoft ” in google……

  • Mccremona


    I backed up my SMS from android with an app that converted them to txt/xml files. Then I discovered the SMS Backup app that converted them to emails in gmail. I want to put this xml/txt file in gmail like sms backup app does. How can I do this please?

  • David

    I just found this and am in the process of backing up my texts, but I’m noticing that it’s only transfering the phone number, not the name of the contact. On some level, I guess this makes sense, but is there any way to pull the name over as well? I created a new gmail account just for the texts. Do I have to sync something to it for that to happen?



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  • andromasters

    Hi yes it is good application, but if you want something new e.g. in design install Cloudy Sms Backup. This app can restore and backup your text messages and keep them in safe place in the cloud. Can also backup your sms to many formats. See link below:

    ★ https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.andromasters.cloudysms ★

  • qolpoi

    To backup your SMS, you can also transfer them to your computer with the help of Vibosoft Android Mobile Manager. This app can backup everything in your Android.


  • ALI

    hello.can anyone have sample source code of sms & contacts backup.plez send me..i want it for my project

  • pcy

    Why it tells me that i need to enable IMAP setting and my gmail account name and password wrong?

    I have indeed enabled the IMAP and the gmail account name & password is correct.

    Anyone know why ?

  • sherry

    What so you do when you go to read the text on computer and only my part of conversation is there not the other person texting with? Plz help really need both sides of the conversations