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Soccer Multiplayer: The paperless paper soccer


Wandering through the market looking for something new and interesting one day, I was immediately captivated by a game called ‘Soccer Multiplayer.’ The developers took a real gamble not actually naming the game and won. Soccer. Multiplayer. It’s a game. Jackpot! I like all three of those things, and with it being free and only 513kb I couldn’t pass it up.

The actual game is easy to learn, but hard to master. It has a local mode for taking turns on your phone playing against friends, and also an online multiplayer option. The game play is just like paper soccer only digital, and it’s a ten minute battle to the first score. The outcome of the game immediately reflects in your record and ranking, helping keep the competitive drive alive.

Another plus for the game is the chat and friend features. While playing you can open chats and befriend those you’ve competed against. The game developer has also mentioned that the ability to search for friends is an update being worked on.

For all the positive that can be said for this game’s simple, direct execution, it also can leave you wanting more. Soccer Multiplayer is sorely missing any sounds or music and is truly underwhelming graphically. While it was kind of the developers to give you the option of customizing your colors and field, it just isn’t enough to convince me that the developers were concerned with anything besides the game being compact and functional.

The Goods

  • Chat option is always great to have
  • Being able to save friends is awesome
  • Small file size and quick game play

Needs Improvement

  • Group chat outside of games would be greatest
  • Single player mode so you can practice on your owners
  • Music or sounds listening to the vibrations gets annoying

Final Verdict

This game is addictive and doesn’t tax your phone’s memory. It brings back fond memories of paper football, paper soccer, dots, and tic-tac-toe. Soccer Multiplayer is definitely worth a download.

Note: This review was submitted by Darius Bazemore as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

    Thanks for the article. It’s probably worth checking out, but gaming on android in general leaves something to be desired.

    • Alan Reboli

      I second that! Most games are cumbersome at best. And it’s really a bummer. Even emulation has left me wanting. It’s good.. but not where it needs to be. Once the OpenGl drivers are released I bet gaming will intensify tenfold!

      • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

        We shall see. I/O can’t come soon enough.

  • @darifresh

    You guys are right not alot of games that get me excited either. I am determined to get better at this one and Project INF tho. I also have Scratch off i think its called and buka/buqa b/c my girl likes them.

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  • http://Website pillsboy

    ya this game is great- im getting better…

  • http://surfpk.com/ JuNi

    Nice post man ……………….i love soccer to play with frends

  • http://Website Ignacio

    You should review Soccer Says, another nice soccer style game.

  • http://dgfg leart

    I cant install/play this game