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SugarSync: This magic briefcase won’t let you down.


Have you ever been in a spot where you really need a file that just happens to be on your home computer or is on a USB stick somewhere under the seat of your car? SugarSync is an app that lets you access the files that you choose to sync between your computers and their servers from the palm of your hand.

The app has a slick, polished interface that is easy to use and set up. SugarSync isn’t groundbreaking in their way of bringing “cloud” file management and file storage/syncing to you, but their way of bringing your most important files to your Android phone is remarkable.


  • SugarSync account needed. You may choose from Free with 2 GB of storage up to large amounts of data backup at monthly/yearly rates.
  • Full desktop client available for file management on your PC or Mac.
  • “Magic Briefcase” folder that automatically syncs between all computers and phones that you have on the account.
  • Integrated file explorer and photo gallery.


  • Automatically syncs your mobile photos (if you choose to).
  • Access your files from any computer in the world with internet access.
  • Easy way to collaborate and share folders to anyone. You can email links for secure access. This is good if the file you are sharing is too large to email.
  • Works great for when you are browsing wallpapers and such on your PC, you can save files to your synced folder and they automatically end up on your phone. No need to mount your USB cord!


  • Large files can be sluggish to load over 3G. Not a fault of the app though.
  • Removes excuses for losing schoolwork.

Wrap Up:
SugarSync is a slick little app and once you get used to using it on your phone and beyond, you realize how many headaches it really saves you.

Note: This review was submitted by Micah Vainikka as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website Jaymoon

    I’ve enjoyed using SugarSync for almost a year now, and I’m anxious to try out this app! Of course I find this post right as SugarSync is down for maintenance. Guess I’ll have to try it later….

  • http://black-cardinal.com Tia

    I really enjoy this app. It has saved me several times when I was in a crunch. I only hope that they will work quickly on getting the ability to have access to computers’ external drives available.

  • http://Website Johnny

    This looks interesting… Will download.

  • http://Website Diana

    I have to disagree with Sugar sync. I had it set up, not to sync with my pictures. I am cheap and take a lot of pictures. However even though the settings to not sync with my laptop were off. It still did it. I had hundreds of pictures from Valentines day that I took on the romantic trip my boyfriend planned. Guess what, as I uploaded to my picture view apparently sugar sync was syncing them to their site. I ran out of room. and before I knew it ALL my pictures were LOST! I mean I had it to erase my sd card after upload. After 2 days searching my computer and sugar sync I had no luck recovering my pictures. Sugar sync was a complete mess Some were there some weren’t. I was distressed. I attempted to delete files I didn’t want. I could no longer use it through my android phone. I had to get a program to retrieve files on a sd card after things were erased.

    What I don’ t like is despite the setting, despite it being turned off If i noticed it on. I was screwed, stressed, and not to mention connecting to my phone was next to impossible. most of the time.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND this app or site.

    My knowledge on computers isn’t beginners. I knew what I was doing.

    • http://Website Unquestionable

      Thanks for the warning. I was thinking of starting to use this until the official DropBox app for android is released but now I’ll make sure to stay far away from this app.

      • http://Website Micah

        I have had this app running perfectly stable on multiple computers and on my phone through many custom roms. I have no reason to vouch for SugarSync but I don’t think that this app was the reason photos were lost.
        Even if you run out of space on a SugarSync account, they let you go over your limit but pester you to upgrade. Also “syncing” pictures and files doesn’t mean it robs files from one location and moves them. This leaves no opportunity (that I am aware of) for files to be lost. I tried to recreate this issue with no success.
        You be the judge!

        • http://Website Steve DVM

          Nope. I agree. Ran out of space…then lost 30 years worth of files. Feebly slow attention or validation and NO resolution after 7 days.

          Works good when it work. Keep you own, non-synced back up of anything important!!!

  • http://lenta.ru DF

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