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Toshl: Keep your expenses controlled

Do you have a lot of expenses to track? Do you need to know where your money is going? Now you can. Toshl has the capability to record the date, value, type of expense and also add a comment to the expense entry if you want.

With Toshl we can see our list of expenses in two ways, using the Timeline view or the Tags view so we can know rapidly where we are spending our money no matter where we are. Also we can define the month that we want to see in case we need to compare expenses with previous months.

The application can also sync with the online service provided by ThirdFrameStudios. After registering at toshl.com, we can see our expenses and can export for several file formats like Text, Excel, PDF and GDocs if we pay for the annual service.

Like the Android application, on the Toshl site we can control all our expenses using the Timeline or Tags view and also see graphs that help us understand where we are spending more money. Using the sync to upload the expenses from time to time and using the PRO subscription option to send emails reports, we can really keep our expenses controlled. If we pay for the PRO subscription we can also edit expenses on the website, search the expenses and see more advanced graphs. Another nice feature is that you always have a backup of your expenses on the Toshl website if you lose or change your Android phone.


  • Easy to use
  • Online backup
  • Export capability to Text, Excel, PDF and GDocs with the PRO subcription

Needs improvement:

  • Graphs in the application
  • More services in the free mode

Final Verdict

If you need one application to keep track and control your expenses, this application is for you. Using it with toshl.com you can have graphs and reports for all expenses and help to keep them to the minimum.

Phone and version used: Nexus One and Toshl 1.5.1

Special notes: The application is free but to have all the features you need to pay the $19.95/year subscription.

Note: This review was submitted by Luis Sismeiro as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website archboy69

    I’m looking forward to the Mint app coming to Android.

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    This was a spectacular review. Screen shots, video, content, and I especially enjoyed the inclusion of the phone type and version of the app.

  • http://www.d0wn.com fabien

    i use EasyMoney to keep track of my expense and do my general accounting , it’s very powerfull ! and awesome !

    graph inside the app , and a widget !

  • http://Website L3reak

    I can’t find this in the market on Droid running stock 2.1

  • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

    Love this app. There’s a big difference between tracking your expences like this and using something like Mint.

  • http://Website Luís Santarém

    I already saw this same review a couple of days ago, in Portuguese: http://is.gd/bmlqM

    Even the images are the same :|

    • http://Website pjfonseca

      Luis, viste porque o autor é o mesmo. :-)

    • http://Website Luis Sismeiro

      The review was made by the same person. It had past 2 days and I though that the review wasn’t accepted by AndroidAndMe, I translated it and published at the androidPT site. No arm done.

      Luis Sismeiro

  • https://eebacanhelp.com Chi-Ming Chien

    For an expense tracker that also syncs across multiple phones and the website (and has a mobile-optimized website for the Android-challenged), you might also try the Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA for short). Entries can be made with or without a cell signal or Wi-Fi. Sync happens automatically once you’re back in range. 4.5 stars in Market.

    EEBA supports true budgeting (monthly, semi-monthly, weekly and bi-weekly) rather than just basic expense tracking. Set a budget for different categories like Dining Out or Groceries, and EEBA tells you if you’re ahead or behind based on your budgeting period.

    We’re in open Beta right now. Website at https://eebacanhelp.com or find us in Market!

  • http://Website Sk

    It is very good. Hope they can improve web interface and allows Edit on Web.

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