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Zedge: Customizing Your Phone With Art and Sound


Whether you’re looking for a new notification sound, ringtone, or a high quality wallpaper to make that home screen more enjoyable, Zedge has you covered. Zedge.com is a website for users to upload wallpapers and ringtones for download, and Zedge delivers with their free mobile application for Android.

Unlike Android’s default tabs that are placed at the top of the screen, Zedge uses a custom tab interface that places the tabs at the bottom of the screen for easier one handed use. To search, just slide up the Search tab, much as you would Android’s sliding app drawer on the home screen. Type in your keywords, and Zedge searches wallpapers and ringtones simultaneously lightning fast. Choose between the two to start looking at the results.

When viewing wallpapers, Zedge displays 10 images at a time. You can mark something as a favorite, or tap the image to enlarge it and bring up a download button. Once downloaded, tap “Set” and you’re done. Easy, simple, fast.

Where Zedge really stands out is how it manages ringtones. On the results page after a search, Zedge has a small play button next to each file, and tapping it automatically starts buffering and playing the sound without switching screens. While the audio is playing, the search tab transforms into a green download button, making it obvious how to obtain the selected ringtone. One minor annoyance when viewing ringtones was the titles of the files. Since Zedge relies on user uploads, the results will only be as precise as the user defined titles and tags. This can be irritating when looking for something specific. When viewing all available ringtones (as opposed to searching with keywords), there are 27 provided categories and genres to refine the results, in addition to the standard “Most Downloads”, “Newest”, etc. This method of searching often results in finding something really cool that you didn’t even know you were looking for.

The Good

  • Incredibly fast, responsive, clean, and intuitive user interface.
  • Fast searching
  • Links with a Zedge.com account for syncing favorites
  • Easy to set downloaded material as ringtones and wallpaper

The Bad

  • Search results are only as precise as the user defined tags
  • Music search results are sparse due to copyright
  • Permanent ads at the top of the screen

Application Note: 3G or Wi-Fi is recommended if you want your downloads to finish before your phone is obsolete.

Final Verdict

Zedge is a fast application with a great UI that delivers when you’re looking for new alert sounds, ringtones, or wallpapers to spice up your phone.

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Note: This review was submitted by Jared Haren as part of our app review contest.

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    I’ve used Zedge for years and have NEVER had to pay for a ringtone or wall paper since!

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    I use it all the time. i love it!!!

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    Sounds like a cool app and easy to use to. Can’t wait for it to come out! I’ll definitely download it when it’s on the market.

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      Uhhh, it’s already on market Sandy!

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    Yay phone customization! Maybe in the future though they could include fields or somesuch for the labels, to make them more specific.