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Zillow: Is that house for sale?


In my neighborhood, as I walk my dog around every few days, I often wonder if any of the houses there are on the market. What’s more, I think about how they compare with my home’s value. Enter Zillow: an app on the Android Market that aims to answer these questions.

Apart from searching active listings in your general area, the app can display historical data such as property values, previous sale dates, factual information (bedroom/bathroom count/square footage/etc.), and comparables for other homes in the area. This is done by utilizing your GPS location, pulling up an inlay of Google Maps, and then overlaying the data as clickable houses. Red means “For Sale”, Purple means “For Rent”, Yellow means “Sold”. Often these listings are coupled with pictures pulled from the same listings hosted on Zillow.com.

In addition, you are able to search for a particular property and see all of this same data, which makes it very useful for people who want to either check out a home they may be interested in purchasing (or renting), or just to satisfy their own curiosity. Much like in Google Maps, there are layers that can be applied, so the user can view the map of houses in Satellite view, Traffic or, if available, using Street View. These all make for fun ways to search for homes, and make it that much easier to develop an informed decision, all from the palm of your hand.


  • Uses familiar Google Maps to overlay data on
  • Has a separate list view for immediate listings with pertinent data
  • Listings include historical data, sale prices, pictures and comparables in the area
  • Constantly updates with Zillow.com
  • Includes selling realtor’s contact information

Needs Improvement:

  • Sold houses lose pictures and other data after sale
  • Not all addresses have data available (may not be a bad thing)
  • Doesn’t include MLS # in the listing, so must go by address

Final Verdict

Overall this app is a great tool for the average homebuyer and provides up to date information on homes that are available for purchase or rent. While not all important details are included, there’s no doubt the information contained therein is a powerful tool for making an informed purchasing decision.

Note: This review was submitted by Eric Johnson as part of our app review contest.

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  • http://Website permafrost91

    I just bought a house and used Zillow to begin my search. Loved the app! However, my realtor advised me that Zillow’s listings are often outdated and that http://www.realtor.com is the most current source for real estate listings because it sources the MLS database. In fact, the houses I found on Zillow and wanted to look at with my realtor were all already sold! So, until Zillow keeps their database more up-to-date, the app should only be used to gauge the market, not to look for real estate.

  • @darifresh

    yea i hate zillow…nothing against the developers because it looks great but its outdated and doesnt list many of the available rentals or houses for sale in my area

  • http://Website ronabong

    I used this during our search for a new home. Works great but would like too see some option that show type of sale (Pending, REO ect.). It does give you a general idea of home prices in a area. Not accurate but close enough.

  • http://www.sequim-real-estate-blog.com real estate sequim

    Zillow is a great tool. I use it in my day to day work. It doesn’t replace the value of someone who understands property values but, it is a great tool.

  • http://www.flatfsbo.com Flat FSBO

    Hi, thanks for the well written article. I work with buyers and sellers and regularly try to make them understand how to sell a home… Beautifully done.

  • Rebecca Hurst

    Thanks for the information! I am new to these smart phones, my daughter has been helping me a little bit, but there are still so many things I do not know. It seems like they have apps for everything, even real estate now. I think it’s great! I am thinking of moving to Casper, Wyoming to be closer to my family, so I would love to see what kind of real estate they have there.