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Swype challenge: Can you beat the Guinness World Record?

The razor-toothed piranhas of the genera Serrasalmus and Pygocentrus are the most ferocious freshwater fish in the world. In reality they seldom attack a human.

Thank you can type Swype the above phrase in under 35.54 seconds? An ex-Swype employee recently set the Guinness World Record for fastest text message on a touchscreen mobile phone, but how long with that time stand?

Swype thinks they have the fastest input method and they are now challenging their users to beat the new record. The current world record was set using the Windows-powered Samsung Omnia II, so it would be cool for an Android phone to take the top spot. I know a lot of our readers downloaded the Swype Beta, so give it a try if you are bored and desire to be in the record books.

Note: Due to the overwhelming demand, Swype has temporarily closed the beta test for their Android app. Visit the Swype Beta for Android site to register and they will notify you when the beta is re-opened.

Update: Thanks to Twitter I found out Andrew Steffy has already beat the record with a time of 34.9 seconds. Who is going to try and top that?

From Swype: If you think you have beaten the record, please contact Guinness World Records. All officially recognized Guinness World Records attempts start by completing and submitting an application accessible through the official site. Please visit Guinness World Records Web site in order to receive record guidelines and other important record-specific information.

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  • http://Website Andrew Hewitt

    I just did it in a little over 31 seconds… I’ll post the video soon.

  • http://cel.ly greg passmore

    I just did this (with no typos) on my first try on my g1 in 23 seconds….

    • http://cel.ly greg passmore

      Although, that was with the physical keyboard ;)

  • http://Website Andrew Steffy

    I love how i hear from so many people that they can do it faster but i have yet to find a video that can conclusively show me that they can.

    For example, keeping timer and phone in the camera shot the entire time and showing the entire phrase when you are done without moving camera or cutting to a different shot.

    If you expect it to be believable then you need to adhere to at least these guidelines i just set forth

    • http://Website Andrew Hewitt

      Hahaha, okay, here it is.

      • http://Website Andrew Steffy

        congrats man!! I just want the record to be taken away from samsung.

        • http://Website Andrew Hewitt

          Thanks man. Yeah I agree, I don’t like samsung phones too well. But I have a feeling someone is going to beat me too, so we’ll see.

          • http://Website Andrew Steffy

            hate to burst your bubble, but i just got it in 29 seconds. of course that took like 20 tries because i kept getting getting incorrect words. But I’m sure if you practiced more you could beat that.

  • http://Website Andrew Hewitt

    Yeah haha I expected that to happen. I actually got it in 29 seconds before I got my official one and the only mistake was “realty” instead of “reality”.

    Oh well, maybe I’ll get bored enough eventually to try and beat 29

  • http://www.AndroidAppCritic.com/ AndroidAppCritic

    This is a category invented for publicity. I can match the time using just the HTC IME. It really isn’t that big a deal, especially given the number of text messages and email I send in a given day.

    By the way, there are two typos in the first paragraph (not the quote).

  • http://Website Mocha K

    I downloaded swipe a while ago, and now it is saying that it can’t find the englishUS. I think i broke it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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