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LogMeIn Ignition releases Android beta

Enterprise users have a reason to smile today, as LogMeIn has launched a public beta of their Ignition remote access application onto the Android market. LogMeIn Ignition allows users to access their entire computer, including both files and applications, right from your Android phone.

Setting up LogMeIn Ignition was a quick and painless process – simply head over to and create a free account from the computer you wish to remotely control. You will then be asked to download the LogMeIn Free program and set up a secure password to link your phone to your PC. Within about five minutes, I was controlling my netbook from the palm of my hand.

So how well does the Ignition remote access process work? After spending about 30 minutes with Ignition, I was able to type a Gtalk message to our fearless leader Taylor, open up a word document and type a few words, type a Buzz post, and that was about it. It may be because I’m still running a MyTouch 3g which doesn’t quite have the horsepower of its younger Android brothers, but the whole process seemed to go very slow.

Because Ignition is in a very early public beta, several bugs are to be expected and hopefully will be worked out in the final release. Being able to remotely control your computer from your Android phone will be a welcome addition to the capabilities of the Android platform, and as an enterprise user I greatly look forward to the final release of the Ignition app.

The LogMeIn team is actively looking for Android users to test the Ignition app, and to provide feedback on issues you are having. The Android app, registration on the website, and remote access software for your PC are all FREE. Ignition is not going to get better without your help, so head on over to their Android page and follow the install instructions to test this app out today.

LogMeIn Ignition for Android highlights:

  • One-click access to your computers from your Android
  • Unlimited access to all your personal and work computers
  • Go mobile without the worry of leaving something behind

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  • Taylor Wimberly

    Surprisingly easy to install and setup. The controls they got are awesome. Lots of multitouch going on like two finger scrolling, pinch zoom, double tabs, etc. Runs great on my Nexus One.

  • http://Website Bryce Reeves

    One of The best apps i’ve used so far for android works great on my nexus 1. Absolutely love it, it runs fast smooth and has lots of features. I have had no problems with it at all.

  • http://Website MaxOmus

    WooHoo! About time… man, been waiting & waiting for this app. I’ve had to put up w/ my buddy rave about his iPhone app forever now…

  • http://Website J. Poliko

    Did they already stop the beta? I scanned the code to download and it couldn’t find the app.

    • Tony Bullard

      It was a limited beta. I know when I got the email about it (I was already a logmein use) they said to go fast cause there was a limited amount of accounts.

    • http://Website borisattva

      i just scanned the code and was able to get it immediately.

  • http://Website E-man

    Pretty cool!

  • http://Website Pablo Villanueva

    I’m trying to download the beta from the market scanning the code but i can’t find it, i’m in Spain, does anybody have the apk file to install it? Thanks !

  • Chris @ nomad4ever

    The barcode doesn’t seem to work on my HTC Legend here. Also searching for Logmein on the Android markets shows no results……

  • http://Website Michel

    In France too we can’t see the app, if someone can post a link to the english .apk, thanks in advance !

  • http://Website Fluesopp

    It’s because it’s only available in some locations:
    From the android page: Ignition for Android Beta program is available in US, CA, UK, AU, NZ only.

    • Anthony Domanico

      Thank you for pointing this out, as I forgot to include it in the post. LogMeIn Ignition is currently only available in the US, CA, UK, AU, and NZ.

      • SGB101

        dam missed this at the time and it sems to of gone now :-(

        im in the UK cant wait till the launch

  • http://Website Ryan

    Does this mean I have to leave my laptop on at home all day? What about screensavers with passwords?

    • Anthony Domanico

      The computer needs to be on/active for it to work properly, as the connection is over the internet, and offline computers are inherently not online :)

    • http://Website Eurotrash

      What the H$%$ would your screensaver have to do with it ? I hope you have the box that laptop came in because you should return it…

  • Hugh Briss

    PhoneMyPC is far easier to use. Much easier to switch multiple monitors and no silly trying to point a mouse at a button, you just tap it or double tap it.

    • Anthony Domanico

      True, PhoneMyPC is more polished and offers some better functionality, but LogMeIn is in a very early Beta. Again, I’d encourage you to simply try it out and provide feedback so they can make it better along the way.

    • Tony Bullard

      Also, is a desktop sharing application on it’s own. I use it at work all the time, so having an android companion to it is great.

  • http://Website mino

    and secure? can this company scan my computer with their app?

  • http://Flawless/Perfect! Charles

    I’ve been using this for about a day now. Two adjectives: Flawless and Perfect. has totally nailed this one!

  • David Shellabarger

    I love LogMeIn. I use them all the time. Can’t wait to try to Android app.

    Their iPhone app is $29.99. I wonder how much the release version on Android will be.
    $29.99 is a little steep.

  • http://Website Sid

    Just downloaded it this morning, before seeing this article. ha ha.
    I have the G1, and the app runs a bit slowly on it, but overall very nice…

  • http://Website CK

    I cant find the logmein ignition on the EVO Market…..What is it under???/

  • Medisoft

    Looks like I’m a LITTLE too late for the beta… :(

  • http://Website JH

    I have an HTC Hero and when I scanned the bar code it said the app wasn’t available :(
    But I got an email saying it was available
    Please help!