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Dot 2: How long can you last with your blue balls?

The guys at ustwo like to showoff and they are back with another 48 hour app. Dot 2 is the second in a “cool’ectible” series (2/6) of forthcoming apps, called 48hApps. Each title is created in 48 hours and features simple design and addictive gameplay.

In Dot 2 the player is a white dot whose survival is dependent on eating the blue dots (FOOD) while avoiding the red triangles (DEATH).  This time gameplay takes place in a 3D world with a rolling landscape, instead of the top down view of the first Dot. The goal of the game is to see how long you can survive.

Twitter and Facebook integration allow players to submit their scores to the world and compete with their friends.

Our readers will be pleased to read that ustwo went out of their way to make sure Dot 2 will play on as many handsets as possible. The game has been localized into 12 languages and features support for all major Android handset screen sizes (QVGA, HVGA, and WVGA).

Dot 2 is available for free on the Android Market. How long can you last with your blue balls?

Source: ustwo

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  • Anthony Domanico

    LOL… ummm… I’d have MAYBE titled it a bit differently ;)

  • http://Website bvdbijl

    That’s what she said :P

  • Canterrain

    Intuitive, addicting, and available on most handsets. The graphics are simple, yet likable, and the song is only slightly annoying and yet nostalgic of my NES years.

    I’d definitely recommend this as a five minute time killer. Excuse me while I give it another try…

  • anakin78z

    Lol, look at that little xperia.

  • anakin78z

    Uhh… so the game looks absolutely nothing like the video. Is this some bad joke? Taylor? Is that just a fancy trailer for the game, or is that what the iPhone version actually looks like?

    • Clark Wimberly

      Its just some fancy trailer. They’ve done that in the past too, make a trailer that looks nothing like the gameplay.

      • Canterrain

        Yeah, pretty standard to release the trailer that looks 3 times as good as the actual game.
        This is the webcomic equivalent of huge fancy color well drawn advertisement banner that leads to a crappily drawn pencils comic.

        Only not quite so bad, since the graphics aren’t terrible (they’re simple, but that’s all they need to be.)

        Now if they come out with a dot3 that looks like the trailer, I’ll download that right away.

  • Mike Leahy

    hah hah… Giggle giggle… I expected hijinks cause the second I saw the trailer video I was like um… ok.. So somehow they managed to pull together some pretty cool OpenGL ES 2.x effects.. The motion blurs and depth of field blurring in the video requires OpenGL ES 2.x and a level of sophistication well beyond what they demonstrated in the showoff thread and certainly not achievable in 48 hours with widespread device support. Keep cool™… ;P Keep it coming though…

  • http://Website AD

    The background music in the game isn’t exactly the best ear candy but it’s a nice time waster.

    • http://Website R

      I love it. Would quite like it as my theme music that followed me as i walked happily down the road.

  • millsustwo

    You have to hand it to us, it’s a pretty awesome casual game that proves that Android is fast becoming a power platform for gamers.