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Drop7: Tetris for the smartphone generation

Drop7 is a fun and addicting game that uses both skill and logic. You must drop numbered disks into columns in order to make that disk’s number match the total number of disks in that row or column. Players rack up points by getting combos with rows and columns or chaining together dropping discs. Sound confusing? Watch the video after the jump.

Three game types are available including normal, hardcore, and sequence. Normal is a relaxed easy mode of the game at a slower pace. Hardcore is a faster game which makes it a more intense, difficult game. Sequence gives you the same combination of discs so you can master the strategy to compare yourself against others around the world.

Drop7 was originally released to the iPhone and was recently ported to Android. Wired Magazine’s Clive Thompson called Drop7 “derangedly awesome” and Edge named it the 2nd best iPhone game ever.

Android fans can purchase Drop7 from the Android Market for $2.99. It is not currently compatible with HTC Hero handsets, but an update is coming soon. Hopefully this iPhone-turned-Android developer can reduce the size of the game (8.7 MB) in their next release.

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  • Canterrain

    I was seriously looking at purchasing this game earlier today. I’m glad I waited until this article as I have a HTC Hero. Hopefully they take care of that sooner than later.

    Not a bad video, Aled! You may want to plan out a little more and have a greater idea of what you are going to say. Practice the whole thing while demonstrating before finally hitting record.

    I can say from experience that the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

    • Canterrain

      Aled… Alex… totally the same thing right. (Where’s my app for an edit button and androidandme comments?)

    • Alex Carlson

      Thanks! ill work on that next time. im always open for suggestions to make better videos.

    • http://Website Anonymous Coward

      Actually, it looks like they updated three days ago and took away the “Doesn’t work on Hero” caveat. Woohoo!

    • http://Website Kevin

      If you were my friend, I’d be really busting your balls. But you seem like a nice kid, so I’ll just reiterate what the other guy said. Practice the presentation ahead of time and think things through during the recording. There were times where you got so lost in your explanation of the rules that it snowballed into an awareness of every word coming out of your mouth and then a lack of confidence. Hope I don’t seem harsh, just trying to give some constructive criticism for the betterment of you and the site.

  • haydenTheAndroid

    This is my most played Android game right now, very addictive. I wish the developer would fix a bug that keeps resetting the high scores though (I have found a pretty effective work around for it fortunately) but overall it’s awesome!

    • http://Website Tom C

      What is your workaround?

  • http://Website Richard

    Doth it dun work on thee MyTouch 3G ?

  • http://Website EnterZone

    By far my favorite game on the Android. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve missed by bus stop while playing Drop7. Sequence Mode when I have 10 minutes, Hardcore when I have 3.

  • http://Website Darkseider

    Looks like a fun game but 8.7 meg? Really? That’s a bit steep for a game with simple graphics and a static background/camera. As much as I would like this I can’t see eating into 8.7 meg of my precious space. Guess I will wait until the next version comes out, hopefully smaller, or hopefully Froyo enables Apps2SD and then I won’t care.

  • http://Website Jarl

    doesnt show up on my x10?

  • Christopher Chavez

    My head hurts…. =/