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Adobe employees to receive free Android phones

The whole “Flash vs. Apple” debate seems to be each side taking a series of shots at each other, so why not add one more to the mix? Cnet reports that with Adobe looking to show off Flash for Android at Google I/O, the company will also be receiving free Android phones (that support Flash, of course) for their employees.

While Google giving away phones is nothing new, it seems that by giving phones to Adobe they look to show some solidarity. However, this is a bit perplexing, as Google’s pledged their support for HTML5 in the past, as well. Could Google be inviting Adobe to the prom, only to ditch her when her hot cousin with the oh-so-supple ads shows up?

Source: CNet

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  • moneyman1000000

    I Want flash..Dang sprint hero.

  • http://Website Todd

    “…the company will also be receiving free Android phones for their employees.”

    Are they DROIDs locked to crappy Verizon, like I got stuck with, or Nexus Ones?

    • Matt Demers

      The article reported N1s and various HTC phones; they didn’t have specifics, so I felt that it wouldn’t be wise to include it.

    • SpykeZ

      Surely you were drunk when you posted that as you probably meant ATT since THEY’RE the ones that are raping the droids.

      • http://Website Todd

        While I am a well known drunkard ( ask the Android and Me staff ), I was not drunk at the time, no.

        I am well aware of what carrier the phone Google gave me is locked to (Verizon).

  • http://Website Matt

    Another interesting part of this story is that there are now rumors of an anti-trust suit against Apple for limiting what tools devs can use to build iPhone apps. But yeah, I’ve often wondered that too when reading about the Android/Flash saga, I thought Google was also a proponent of HTML 5. I guess you can just be entirely open and support both without shunning other formats.

  • http://Website Darkseider

    HTML5 is a nice idea which has a long way to go. Currently it can stream video.. whoopedee do. Mind you it is not using GPU acceleration like Flash is so it is much more power/processor intensive. Also note that even when HTML5 matures we will still need Flash for all those nifty Flash games. Remember HTML is a markup language that specifies the formatting of a form. It is getting some goodies added to it in HTML5 but will completely incapable of delivering a multi-media experience like Flash can. That’s why Flash is a PLUG IN and will remain so even when HTML5 has matured. Simply because it will be necessary to have to deliver anything other than simple streaming content.

    • http://Website Gadi Cohen

      Uhhhh….. can Flash do Quake II at 60 fps? I doubt it.

      Yeah, all this stuff still has a long way to go before being fully finalized and having as many users using the latest browsers as currently have flash, but, to me it’s clear who the winner will be.

      I agree with all of Steve Job’s crits of Flash (resource hog and unstable), and as a non Windows user had to deal with endless frustrations from Adobe’s complete disregard or care for my user experience. I’m more than happy that a resource efficient, open source implementations of standards based technology, with support for many more devices, is the future. But in the meantime, I’m happy to have the choice to use Flash on my Android phone.

  • http://Website meh

    The biggest misconception is Flash competing against HTML5. Another misconception is Google favoring Flash over HTML5, Google doesn’t abandon another technology like Apple, Google is more open minded.

    • http://Website Matt

      I think the biggest difference is that Apple wants to control the user experience a lot more, for better or worse. Google, meanwhile, wants to keep everything open and give the consumer the choice: “Do you want to use Flash? It may affect battery life, but that’s up to you.” Personally I’d rather be able to decide these things for myself; Flash may not be a major factor, but at least I (will) have it if I choose to use it.

  • Taylor Wimberly

    +1 for whoever found that post image.

    • infinitybiff

      +1 for whoever shoopped the post image.

      • Matt Demers

        Surprisingly, it’s not shopped.

        • Taylor Wimberly

          Is that a MT3G or a Blackberry?

          • Angie Strickland

            Pretty sure MT3G

  • http://Website TF

    That Oprah photo is from the coolest flash mob ever…

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  • http://Website Zjona

    that’s cool. i just got my Android for free too on with the code 6066252