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Adobe showcases mobile optimized sites for Android

Google is set to unveil Android 2.2 this week at Google I/O and Flash 10.1 will be one of the major features that gets highlighted. Adobe is already gearing up for the launch by highlighting a couple dozen sites that are optimized for the mobile platform. The guys at TechCrunch were able to locate the landing page that users will be directed to after installing the new Flash 10.1 beta.

The early focus appears to be on video and games, the two cornerstones of Flash. A slew of games will be provided by Kongregate, MiniClip, and South Park Studios while video will come from Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers. TV shows will be available from TBS, TNT, and BET. Other suggested sites include Google Finance, Wall Street Journal,, and many more.

For a complete list of showcase sites, see the Nexus One and the Droid landing pages. Droid owners should be happy because I think this confirms our predictions that their devices will be among the first to taste FroYo Android 2.2.

Featured Flash sites include:

Via: TechCrunch

Source: Adobe

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  • http://Website jp2dj1

    Wow!!! N1 & DROID will get froyo, but where’s the g1, mytouch, cliq, behold, Eris, and liquid update to 2.2! Even 2.1… some are still “crazy” waiting 1.6!!!!! please Google make special updates for each phone at least! Am I right or wrong??

    • http://Website wallie

      buy a new phone?

      • http://Website Kyle

        First of all wallie you’ve been awarded idiot of the day! Second not everyone has enough money to get a new smart phone.

        Thinking would be a great choice before browsing the web.

    • http://Website John Barker

      In regards to Flash, it doesn’t much matter. You need a new device to run the new flash anyhow. :-\

    • http://Website drksilenc

      Wow!!! N1 & DROID will get froyo, but where’s the g1, mytouch, cliq, behold, Eris, and liquid update to 2.2! Even 2.1… some are still “crazy” waiting 1.6!!!!! please Google make special updates for each phone at least! Am I right or wrong??

      g1 prbly cant even support 2.0+ cause of the lack of ram.
      eris has 2.1
      i havnt seen a motoblur phone with 2.0+ so thats moto

    • http://Website Tynen

      It’s called CM5 ;)

  • http://Website jonmall1441

    I’m hoping that HTC have got something planned for their devices… I don’t want to wait ages for my desire to get the update to 2.2

    • gratiz

      as the desire has the same hardware as the nexus one. it shouldnt be a problem to port it to the desire.

      • http://Website kramyo

        Its does indeed have similar hardware, as does the incredible but the biggest difference between those phones and the nexus or droid is that they run HTC sense on top of android. This means HTC will have to update their UI before phones with sense can update to 2.2. If you own a device running HTC sense don’t hold your breath for 2.2…it could be a while.

        Its sucks that this is the case but that is the reality. If you want quick updates to the newest versions of android, get a phone that runs pure android without a manufacturer or carrier UI.

        Furthermore, I don’t understand why manufacturers like HTC spend time and money creating their own UI. I have used phones with both the standard android UI and HTC sense and see very little if any advantages of sense. The standard android UI works great and is simple and easy to use. HTC sense just muddies the water, sure the weather animations are cool it has some integrated widgets but for almost everything that HTC sense offers stock, there is a suitable alternative available in the market.

        If you are in the market for an android phone, look for one without a custom UI, you will be happy you did. Just look at the HTC Hero, it just got 2.1 today, the day before 2.2 is coming out.

  • http://Website Ryan

    The Droid landing page link just redirects to the Nexus One page.

  • E-man

    The incredible should receive it also, right?

  • http://Website MrS

    I shot a quick video showing the Kongregate mobile site working on the Incredible. Not all games work, but when they do, they’re playable. Flash 10.1 should make everything Incredible :-)

  • Aaron

    I wish that 1st gen phone owners would stop being so cheap & upgrade their damn phones instead of complaining all the time.
    Even Apple is dropping full support for their 1st and 2nd generation phones.

    If you want these new features, purchase hardware that will be able to support it.

    • http://Website Daniel

      First of all, even the second-generation iPhones are older than the G1, the oldest Android device. Second, as you said it, it’s “full support”. They still can run iPhone OS 4 and enjoy most features.

      So, no, the situation doesn’t compare. The Android situation is sad any way you look at it, and dropping support so soon will only harm the public’s perception of all the devices in the market, past and future. Hopefully Google, the manufacturers and the carriers will surprise us in the next few months.

    • http://Website B

      I wish people would stop telling others do this and do that. Unless you’re paying for said hardware, you have no business telling people what their priorities should be. I have a Nexus One, but I also have enough sense to not tell people I don’t even know what to do with their money, or lack thereof.

      • Killa

        Preach it!

  • http://Website Dante

    2.2….what happened to the cliq users still stuck on 1.5…

  • Ian

    Flash can’t run on the older devices. The processors are not good enough, but maybe they’ll put flash light on the older devices

    Also, I’m sure flash will be ported to Rooted firmwares soon anyway

  • Hitesh Joshi

    it’s a good post i enjoy reading it

  • http://Website abdon

    Really? This is a weak showing from Adobe. Nine of the sites worked. I have an Incredible.

    • http://Website abdon

      I meant none. Not nine.

      • http://Website drksilenc

        UR NOT USING 2.2… pay attention before you start spouting bs off

  • http://Website Robin

    Just tried some on my desktop (Change the user agent of firefox to droid´s and have 10.1 rc4 installed) I seems almost everything is ready to launch.

  • rhY

    I want a good solid Mario Kart 64 implementation. And maybe a BT Wiimote to sync it with. And the ability to play buddies on my contact list real time while on speaker phone.

    K Thnx.

  • http://Website Zed

    When it mentions Droid … do we think that includes the Milestone variant too?

  • Mr.Droid

    So far we know that Nexii and Droid are going to have flash, but what about the Incredible? The Incredible is the top Android phone on Verizon right now. Verizon should be making sure that their Droids always stay updated!

  • stalker

    1 day to go for Google io and froyo.

  • http://Website Ip

    Will facebook flash b available to play zynga games??

  • Jacques LeDisco

    Street Talk has Adult Slang in 19 languages, street drug & gambling terms.

  • Lindsay

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