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Adventures in advertising: Samsung Behold II man

We have seen a lot of Android commercials over the last year, but this one leaves me speechless. Samsung Mobile paid someone to create a series of Behold II Man videos and you can find the results after the jump. Only 115 people have actually viewed the video since it went up last month, so we thought we would share it with our readers. Money well spent? You decide.

Maybe Samsung should focus some more resources on that Android 2.x upgrade they promised Behold II owners.

Source: YouTube

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  • TornadoTexan

    This is almost as bad as the Windows 7 party planner commercials

  • http://Website Garet

    they would of been better just showing that girl jumping for the whole video

  • Killa

    Woooooow… it reminds me of the old Batman series (corny).

    Money well spent? I don’t think so.

  • Prince77

    You know what I am not even going to watch the video. I have the Behold 2 and this phone is pathetic. There wasn’t any real marketing for the phone until 4 or 5 months after it was out. They won’t let you delete apps that come with the phone, you can disable the stock text messaging. I am paying monthly for this phone but when something better comes out I am ditching this POS.

  • http://Website erick

    prince77 I know how you feel. I won this phone and it sucked so much! it was so slow and the accelerometer didn’t work after a while and it would also turn off by itself alot. so I finally traded it for a mytouch :)

    • Prince77

      When I called T-Mobile, they were only trying to replace it with a Blackberry or a Dash. It’s all good I will get me another phone next month, if not I am leaving T-Mobile.

      • http://Website Derald

        Funny I had the DASH 3G it was crap I went through three of them! TMobile gave me a choice between the Behold2 or Blackberry, so I guess we know how they feel about these phones.

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  • http://Website Marcelo

    Prince, go to Sprint! its waayyyy better than t mobile thats for sure

  • http://Website Garet

    wow I never had a problem with the phone except the memory card thing phone was fast responsive I dropped it several times and still no problems I just upgraded to the Nexus One

    • Prince77

      Garet that is the thing, everyone had atleast one problem with them phone everybody didn’t have the same problems but something was wrong. take me, I didn’t have the memory card issue probably because I never that much stuff on it. I had the vibrating problem, where when I get text message and not read it and it keeps alerting me after a while it would start to vibrate and I couldn’t turn it off. I would have to take the battery out to stop. I return the phone to the store twice and got one in the mail like two or three more times. Then the update that took two months for me to receive, it put some BS apps on there but I can’t take them off. Then there is some problem with the screen where it looks like static now, and they don’t have no response for it.

      • http://Website Garet

        Wow sorry I have given mine to my ex-wife and she has no problems with it either I would suggest you just change it for the cliqXT maybe they should do that exchange for you since you have already returned it 3 times if not keep calling back until you get a rep that is friendlier I have found getting the right Rep is key to getting anything done and just listen to their attitude when they answer your first few questions if it sucks hang up call back.

  • http://Website Matthew

    If you want to fix your behold 2 problems I suggest rooting it.

  • androidashley

    HTC should put me in a cape and let me be EVOGirl on the streets of Los Angeles.

    Epic. Win.

  • http://Website BeDammit

    Based on your description.. it almost sounds like you have an app thats causing the problems you mention.

    I would try running the phone with no apps from the market and see if you have the problem
    If it does.. then it could be an app that tmobile put on it.

    Back in the day.. (6 years ago) I had the first Tmo Pocket PC phone. I found that the apps they put on the phone cause it to be unstable.
    Just a Thought.

  • http://Website James

    I have behold 2. I work for Tmobile and I wouldn’t recommend this phone to anyone. The cliq xt and mytouch are better devices.

  • MacCrow

    Motorola will launch handsets aimed at the youth market. Android will come with 2.1 installed, 3.1 and camera system Motoblur, market oriented social networks. Its design is based on Motocube A45.

  • http://Website Billingsgate

    I have the BHII and it’s working great. I’ve also noted that it has a better camera than many of the newer phones out including the HD2. Apps do cause problems sometimes like Prince77 is experiencing.

    T-Mo really dropped the ball with marketing this phone at the time, and the wait for Android updates is annoying so I am considering rooting, but the phone works perfect for me.

  • http://Website Amy

    I won the behold 2 as well. Never had any memory card issues but I did have to factory reset it once due to it getting stuck on the loading screen. And since that reset it has actually been working decently. I still want a better phone and am debating switching to verizone. I’m hoping the Project Emerald thing is going to be something decent. Or at least give us our damn 2.0 upgrade!

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