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Android 2.1 comes to UK Milestones

UK Milestone users awoke to some good news this morning, as Motorola Europe’s Facebook page announced that Android 2.1 would finally be available for their phones. Forgoing the over-the-air option, Motorola opted to update their phones through PC download, a method similar to the roll out of 2.1 in Canada . Users can find details for the update here, and follow the instructions to download the new firmware.

As a Canadian Milestone user, I can attest that the update is a painless procedure that takes only 10 minutes at maximum. Expect your phone to need two restarts (one while updating, and the other to finalize everything), and to be unable to receive calls or text messages during the update. Long live the Commonwealth!

Source: Facebook

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  • http://Website Rev

    UK != Europe

    • Matt Demers

      The source is Motorola Europe; I’m not saying anything but where the information came from.

  • http://Website Geoff


    I managed to upgrade my Motorola Milestone yesterday over the air in the UK. (System check update in the phone settings). Big file so please do have a wi-fi connection running on your phone.

    Works like a charm. Like the new apps that have turned up with the Android v2.1 from Motorola :D


  • http://Website taras

    I’m still on 2.0; after I upgraded my Milestone to UK 2.0.1, the microphone completely stopped working (even after a complete factory reset).

    Got a replacement now, and it’s staying on 2.0 until I can be sure Motorola haven’t messed up. Looking at their support forums, I’m not sure I want to update straight away!!

    • http://Website Geoff

      I got my Milestone with 2.0 on it back in February. As soon as I turned it on, it requested a update to 2.0.1. Never had any issues with it.

      Now from 2.0.1 to 2.1 has been okay.
      No issues what so ever. :D

      • http://Website taras

        Well, I went for it, and it’s all good so far :)