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Android 2.1 with Sense UI coming to myTouch 3G

It just makes sense. T-Mobile spent a ton of time and money customizing HTC’s Sense UI for their upcoming myTouch 3G Slide and they will be bringing it to multiple devices. Techland scored a meeting with Andrew Sherrard, the VP of Production Innovation for T-Mobile, who revealed that first generation myTouch 3G owners will soon get an upgrade that modifies the vanilla Android UI to match the updated UI found on the Slide (codenamed Espresso).

The myTouch 3G Slide launches in June, so expect an upgrade for the original myTouch 3G to follow that. For an in depth look at the new “Espresso” UI, check out our hands-on video of a leaked ROM. No mention was made of the G1′s future, but hackers have already been able to get the Espresso ROM working on their device so maybe T-Mobile will release the same upgrade.

This is an interesting turn of events because we always heard that Google was in charge of the software updates for the G1 and myTouch 3G. We assumed they would remain stock Android devices, but T-Mobile has decided to change direction and go with Sense UI. As long as the devices get upgraded, customers should be happy so T-Mobile can load whatever they want on their phones. Those users who prefer the vanilla Android experience, can always hack their device and load the latest CyanogenMod (or the thousand other custom ROMs) and still get Android 2.1.

Via: TmoNews

Source: Techland

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  • http://Website maximosis

    I think this will be great for the Non-rooted crowd. Give them a nice flashy android experience to show off.

    • Killa

      Yep, and I’m one of them. Although with how quiet everything was about the MT3G getting upgraded, I was thinking (and hoping) that it was gonna jump straight to 2.2. Oh well. At least this one’s coming with the “Espresso” UI.

  • David Shellabarger

    I’m pretty excited about this, but I know other people won’t be.
    That’s a pretty big change, I’m guessing all the customization that people have done to their phone will be lost.

    Sounds like a customer service nightmare.

  • http://Website hector

    No, it doesn’t make sense. There’s not enough RAM for Sense and 2.1 and still perform well. Won’t believe it till I see.

    • bdveteran18

      Well obviously there is a difference in RAM but think of how much time has gone by before there was any word that T-Mobile was updating any devices. i think they have figured that out by now and maybe not everything will be exactly the same as other phones with more RAM and bigger processors but it is a update of the OS none-the-less. Those who are running factory handsets will be pleased and probably not even know that they’re missing anything if anything is missing at all.

      Cheers T-Mobile

    • http://Website nate

      I’m running MyTouch Slide on my MT3G and if you set it up right, it runs very quick. Of course you can fail at it like any other Sense ROM but my phone flies.

    • http://Website ObsceneJesster

      I don’t think the Mytouch 32a ( the one with the 3.5mm jack) will have any problems at all running 2.1 with Sense.

      288mb RAM is enough as long as you dontt have every widget known to man running.

  • http://Website Lunchbox

    Personally I could do without the bubbles on every icon, but other than that it could be good.

  • juanito

    Whichever course they elect to take, I just wish they would publish a timeline. I’ve got roughly a year left on my G1 contract, it would be nice to know what I can expect. I guess I should just root the thing – but with the slow processor, and limited RAM, if there was an optimized stock upgrade, I’m sort of waiting to see what will be offered.

    • http://Website Bruce C

      Do yourself a favor and let your contract expire – then get an iPhone – Android is dead.

  • Courtney

    I’d be really happy to see this hit the G1

    • Christopher Chavez

      There is no WAY this will hit the G1..

      The G1 can barely handle stock ANDROID, let alone Sense UI. LOL

      I’m sorry G1, but I think its time to retire you… =(

      • Mr_Tricorder

        Retire the G1 just when Cyanogen is breathing new life into it with his newly-released and soon-to-be-stable eclair build? I stopped by the Verizon store the other day to play around with their android phones and held my rooted G1 next to their Incredible and played with them both at the same time. Their display phone stuttered and lagged while mine moved along fluidly. I’m not saying that a G1 can really out-perform an Incredible in a fair and balanced test, but there’s still some zing left in that clunky qwerty 1st-gen phone.

    • Mr_Tricorder

      I seriously doubt the G1 will get this. It’s ROM is partitioned differently and doesn’t have enough storage space for any eclair ROM without a non-stock SPL (specifically the DangerSPL ported from the HTC Magic). I really don’t see Google, HTC, or T-Mobile providing an official avenue for replacing the stock G1 SPL with one that will support eclair.

  • mitchk

    I really don’t like the style of that, its just lost everything that I think looks classic android… and the bubbles round the apps looks rubbish =\ Glad the uk HTC magics wont be getting this. Bleh…

  • http://Website James

    FINALLY! not rooting my phone or hacking it will at long last pay off. anyone know when the update will be going over the air? and if it will require a wipe?

    • http://Website mike

      t-mobile has sent out a notice that somthing big will happen on june 19, and people are saying it was about the my touch slide but obviously it already came out so i believe june 19 will be the day or somtime during this month.
      I have the g1 and the my touch 3g 3.5mm so im extremely excited for this update to come over air

      • http://Website Bruce C.

        Heard your exact words last December – didn’t happen. …

  • http://Website Dean

    does this apply to all mytouch owners? even those that have the updated version with the 3.5 mm jack?

  • http://Website kris

    I’m excited. … I always wanted sense on my fender

  • http://Website Jozef Del Mundo

    Android 2.1 looks quite awesome on the mytouch 3g =]
    thankfully i recently got the mytouch 3g 3.5 mm jack a few weeks ago

  • http://Website Jim

    I’m torn. Happy to see an update, not so happy to see SenseUI forced on me. I’ve got 4 android devices, 2 x g1, 1 x mt3g (v2), and 1 x n1. See a pattern here? it’s that I don’t have any UI crap over android. I like the straight experience. That’s what has kept me from aborting Tmo.. I don’t want the Droid, was waiting for N1 to come to VZW, but they aborted for the incredible.. sprint has aborted for the EVO.. all of which have Sense UI.

    So kinda excited to see how it runs (it’s my wife’s phone), but I definitely don’t want it on any of my other phones.

  • http://Website jian9007

    While I’m happy for the 2.1 update, it should come with the ability to turn off the Sense UI. I bought a phone with Google branding so I could have the stock android. If I’m getting sense UI I might as well grab the Incredible with Verizon as it has similar N1 specs but with some hard keys (which I like) as well. Kudos if they give an option to turn off Sense UI and jeers if they don’t.

    • http://Website Hans

      The Incredible has hard keys? I didn’t notice that.

  • http://Website Sam

    does this mean the mytouch will be getting multitouch capabilities too?

  • David Shellabarger

    Espresso is not Sense UI.
    I’m fairly certain they are different.

    • tenkely

      Espresso is the updated Sense

      • David Shellabarger

        yeah I just noticed that. Sorry about that.

  • Tenkely

    Booooo for Sense UI!!!

    If I wanted Sense I would not have bought a MyTouch. This is a perfect example of why we need a Google Phone Store, handset makers keep convincing carriers that everyone wants these bolt on UIs… At least give an option: “stock” or “gimickey fluff”, and don’t force this upon me. Cyanogen is close to stock, guess that’s what I will be doing.

    Vanilla for life!!

    • http://Website ObsceneJesster

      Relax, your not going to be forced to use the Sense UI. There is a option to disable it.

  • http://Website Canterrain

    Let’s dispel some rumors and confirm some others.

    Sense UI makes things harder on the phone.

    Eh: True and false. Older phones may have a harder time running it. I don’t notice the horrifying lag people seem to claim about on my Hero, even before I rooted it. Maybe when I upgrade to something faster I’ll know by comparison. The mytouch is similar in power to the Hero so should run it well enough.

    Sense UI changes things so that not all additions work.

    Eh: True and false again. It does change things. The way contacts are handled is different for instance. But the changes are integrated well enough that other things that interact with stock still sees to interact with Sense UI well enough. Take Twitter and Facebook integration into contacts for instance. Still works beautifully on my hero, able to see friend’s updates just fine in the people view (I just question the need for it at all, isn’t that what widgets are for?)

    Sense UI means you won’t get updates as fast.

    Currently I’m going to call this false. No first generation phone, whether or not it has sense UI, has yet to see an official upgrade to 2.1. No the Hero (sense), not the moment (stock, no custome UI), no the cliq (blur), not the mytouch (stock, no custom UI). Not from Verizon, not from Sprint, not from T-mobile, not from ATT. And so on.

    So clearly there’s a LOT more at play here than just whether the phone has a custom UI. People quote the Nexus 1 getting updated quickly because it has just stock, but so far that’s A: basically an assumption as there really haven’t been any major upgrades to speak of yet for the Nexus 1 (especially a radical jump like from 1.5/1.6 to 2.1), and unsurprising if it does since it’s GOOGLE’s phone. There’s alot more on them to update their own phone, and alot more ease for them than a carrier.

    Sense UI should simply just be able to be turned on and off.

    This isn’t a really true false thing, but a personal preference thing. The real problem is Sense UI, to be as grand as it is, has been integrated tightly into the core functions of Stock Android, and prior to 2.1 it added a ton of features android really needed (subsequent updates all the way to 2.1 has addressed some of that admittedly). I can’t picture an easy way to make Sense UI turn on and off without including two versions of the OS (that’d kill the phone), and it’d be pointless on HTC to work so hard on it and then have it turned off….

    • tenkely

      Preference Preference Preference. Some people love Sense, I am not one of them, which is why I bought a phone that did NOT run it. I am just wanting to make the point that not everyone wants this stuff. Lots of people prefer the vanilla Android. When speaking to friends of mine who have a Hero and an Eris (both running 1.5 btw), they wish they had known about the stock UI (their fault for not consulting me, hah).
      All I want are options, one pair of underwear is not going to fit everyone… this isn’t Apple.

    • http://Website alex

      actually the Droid Eris, just got android 2.1 today, and it has Sense UI

      • Canterrain

        I noticed that report just after I typed my message, although I’ve still not seen anything about anyone actually receiving the update (I’m sure those will roll in though).

        That still supports my point since if anything, the sense UI flavor got a 2.1 update before any stock rom 1st gen phone did.

        • tenkely

          Motorola Droid?

          • tenkely

            Ha never mind! (1st Gen)

          • Canterrain

            Haha, and even at that going from 2.0 to 2.1 isn’t anywhere near the jump from 1.5/1.6 to 2.1. But yah, I was speaking 1st gen devices as you pointed out.

        • http://Website nexus one

          Droid Eris is second gen.. LOL fail

  • http://Website tori

    If there is a question of Ram I guess that is why when I first bought the 3G with 4gig about 10days later they came out with the 3G. 3.5MM PHONE and gave out 8g of memory card. I ran to that store asap to get that new phone since I had just bought mine. I think the 8g memory upgrade and the3.5mm jack was all designed so the phones would be equipped and ready for the new upgrades.

    • http://Website ObsceneJesster

      The 8gb ROM memory has nothing to do with running a UI better. It is the RAM that will help with running 2.1 w/ Sense.

      Just so you know, the Mytouch 32a (the one with the 3.5mm jack) has 256mb RAM which is more than the original Mytouch which only has 192mb RAM.

  • http://Website Topher

    Sense UI on the Incredible is very well designed, but this looks hideous!

  • kim

    I’m super excited! Glad I don’t go with that crappy moto cliq

  • http://Website NiX

    omg…if someone have trouble to get 2.1 sense simply dont upgrade ur phone :)
    it’s better to have something,than nothing.
    there is a solution to get a stock 2.1 android rom(cyanogen).stop to cry for stupid things that have already a solution

    • tenkely

      Sometimes upgrades are mandatory, and it is not always better to have something over nothing. That something, could be something that I do not want. So please forgive me for expressing my discontent that an upgrade I have waited forever for will cause a switch to a UI bolt on that I deem inferior to the stock ROM. Also, I am aware that I can root my phone and have rooted my G1, but not everyone is willing or able to do so, simple fact. I stand firmly behind my original statement that if I had wanted the Sense UI I would not have bought a MyTouch. It is a different experience, good for some and not good for others.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Sense UI is amazing.. if it comes to the MT3G it will be a new and fresh thing for the Mytouch.. Go TMobile!

  • Miguel

    I recently dropped my G1 but this time the screen cracked. :( I went to a T-Mo store and asked what my options were, wait for a full upgrade (For me, until Jan), buy a new G1 (still want about $240s or so, they’re crazy! Or I could go pay $89 to get the screen replaced, which I’ll likely do but the rep said the G1 would be discontinued when the new Mytouch 3G hits in June.

    My device is rooted by the way, running the latest cyanogenmod (2.1) and I have no complaints. For now, I’m sticking with my G1 and T-Mo. :)

    • http://Website PETER MIKHAIL

      just look on eBay for “Google G1 Replacement Touch Screen Digitizer Glass Lens” this will run you about $40. then look online for a bunch of guides on how to open the g1 (easy). as long as the phone still responds to touch this should work.

  • cobaltleo

    I hope that image at the top is not what its gonna look like. I hate those icons they look exactly like a iphones icons. i just got my phone a week ago. I’m not ready for such a drastic change. can you still use your own wallpapers with this new UI?

  • http://Website AD

    As much as it’s Sense, I’m not a big fan of the bubble icons. That’s my only drawback.

    Would it be possible to update and, if not liked, root to stock ui?

  • cobaltleo

    well i just watched the video of the sense on the g1 and while the icons still sux the rest looked decent and looks like you can use your own wallpapers after all

  • krazytrixxxsta

    if google is in charge of the g1 and the mytouch upgrades why the fuck these f**kers havent updated my god damn mytouch yet

  • http://Website deckrider

    I’m disappointed. Hopefully there will be be a way to turn it off in favor of the standard UI.

  • http://Website Eddie p

    i was hoping for 2.1 for a long time and when i saw 2.2 running on the mytouch i was even more excited, then i get this. Although a lot of it looks cool some things i dont like are, the bottom dock, the bubbles on the icons, and the lock screen(i’ve been wanting the 2.1 lockscreen) so i guess im still undecided about it especially with 2.2 around the corner.

  • http://Website ObsceneJesster

    I don’t think the Mytouch 32a ( the one with the 3.5mm jack) will have any problems at all running 2.1 with Sense.

    256mb of RAM is enough as long as you dontt have every widget known to man running.

    Now the original Mytouch (the 32b) only has 192mb of RAM. That may be a little sluggish running 2.1 w/ Sense.

  • Prince77

    You this is messed up. I have the Behold 2 (POFS) and I can’t believe they haven’t updated this phone except for the problems it was having. I am still having more problems with it. I think I will get the My Touch Slide when it comes out.

  • http://Website Omar85

    Hey Guys
    I got the HTC Magic on Vodafone, Will there be a 2.0 or 2.1 update for magic users on Vodafone??, if so then when??,

  • http://Website mike24611

    I was just about to give up on this update so I am a little bit excited, but they dragged it out so long I am on the verge of grabbing the HD2. Lets see if it actually comes through.

  • Yogs3


    • http://Website Kyle

      Lame? Idiots these days!

  • http://Website william

    the only thing i like is the black skin of sense, footprints and the clock/weather…feel the weather.
    Other then that not really liking.

    My dad has an eris. Which is 1.5&sense with 288ram
    His phone is slower then my, mytouch 1.2…
    I might just wait and root to get froyo since its faster then eclair

  • http://Website rj

    G1 were discontinued awhile back by tmobile so I doubt the update will affect any G1. but most mytouch user’s should get update over the air some time in june just after the mytouch slide hits stores june 4. so mytouch users be ready for 2.1 in june.

  • http://Website steve

    Good. It’s about time

  • http://Website Jonah

    so im guessing it will come to all mytouch devices?
    32b and 32a? is that what they are meaning?

  • http://Website Brian Campbell

    im just so excited to finally get something other than 1.6!!!

    • http://Website rj

      we have all be waiting.

  • http://Website cory

    To little to late I have already made the switch to verizon for an updated phone, tmo was just to slow in handling thier little baby. after 6 years with tmobile and 03 unlimited plans I am calling ti quits because of the way they acted on this whole thing with the mytouch.

  • http://Website Armani Gordon

    I have a MT3G. What’s with all the fuss! If you don’t want Sense UI, you can simply deny the upgrade. Just like with 1.5 to 1.6. There’s no sense in arguing about it. I personally am syked for the upgrade and have been waiting forever for it. And to the G1 owners, there’s no way you guys are getting it unless they take away some new features.

  • dubya504

    So what is the difference Sense Ul and Froyo?

  • http://Website runescience

    I am a seasoned programmer, and a Tmobil user. I want to do some programming for android. I have some specific apps to write. Does it make sense to wait to jun for the new machines to come out? (which one will I want) or is myTouch 3G(Android 2.1 with Sense UI) a good enough alternative?? I understand there is limited room to write apps. As you cant run apps from the mem card?


  • http://Website Ben

    So when is this coming out? i really want it, i hope it looks good. are they making the new Swype texting for the mytouch 3g the originals?

  • dubya504

    So when is this coming out? Now you hear talk about the update of Android 2.1 w/ Sense UI and now you hear of update Android 2.2 w/ Froyo. It’s either one or the other!!!!! Stop playing when will the DAMN updates come out?

  • dubya504

    Think about this. You root your phone to get a better ROM, you break the warranty. But the carriers hold back on the updates for the NEW MODEL smartphones to come out leaving with original handheld outdated while always trying to persuade to you buy THE NEXT WAVE of smartphone. You’re damn if you root and it don’t work and You’re damn if you don’t root because you have to wait for the carriers to come out with the updates. Android 2.1 w/ Sense UI. Android 2.2 w/ froyo and my firmware is still 1.6. Recently I heard that there a version out there called Super D now what version is this? Come out with the DAMN updates already!

  • http://Website Agent Styles

    Will this update require a wipe?

  • dubya504

    How to manually install Android 2.2 on your MT3G?

  • silverrocket08

    i really hope this update really does come to the mytouch
    it looks real cool and it would be niece to have somthing different in the phone for a change

  • http://Website claudioko

    I have really lost the hope to get an official update of android for my magic, seriously.

    why they are going to update old phones with the same operating system that have the new phones? it’s obviously they will not do this, people will prefer to buy a cheaper old phone with 2.1 or 2.2 that is the same as a new phone but more expensive … also there’s no official information from tmobile or htc (and i think the customer services sucks a lot)

    also sorry for my english, not my native language

    • http://Website Dean

      that would seriously be so lame if they didn’t update after the announcement. you can’t just go back on something like that, i mean they already knew that the myTouch slide would be released in June. it would be hypocritical of htc or t-mobile if they didn’t update the older phones just because a newer model happens to have the same software, when they knew that would be the case after they announced the 2.1 update for the original myTouch. just sayin, have some patience. they said it was in development still, give it some time. we’re all hoping they will follow through on it.

  • http://Website Frank

    I am going on about the Slide anywhere I can… seriously, just get it if you’re even slightly considering it, you won’t be disappointed. My initial plan, coming off a 2 year old BB 8320 was to go with the Bold or the HD2. I didn’t know Tmo’s Bold, the 9700, looks NOTHING like the 8900 (my sis has one on AT&T and I liked it a lot)… it’s just a Curve with different keys and faster internals – fail. Then the HD2… looks awesome online, feels like a cinder block to me in the store and I realized I NEED a physical keyboard after lightning fast typing on the BB. When I got into the store, the Cliq jumped to the front after not even considering it beforehand, but it feels like an awesome phone… then I found out about the Slide and figured I’d better wait and see. I’m really glad I did… it is super fast, the apps run like buttah, and the UI enhancements are AWESOME. I’ve used a Touch and an iPhone that belong to friends and family and I think Apple fails when it comes to an enhanced UI… it’s ALWAYS the same and once you’ve played with an iPhone, it gets boring… at least to me, it’s totally about the apps there and nothing else. Android has the apps and it can have UI enhancements built on top of it that go WAY beyond just apps and a cool phone… it’s about evolution of the navigation and interaction, which I don’t see much of on the iphone. But hey, it obviously works for Apple and its fans… and I’m not a hater, I’ve had apple computers for 10 years… heck, I’m typing this on a 12″ powerbook that I’ll get rid of when someone pries it from my cold, dead hands. Enough rambling – bottom line, Slide is awesome, it’s way better than anyone is giving it credit for and you should check it out yourself… GET IT.

  • http://Website Don

    Now there’s a report that the 2.1 update is being delayed so they can bring myTouch 3G owners 2.2 froyo!

    Hope that’s the truth, but boy, am I sick of waiting for Google/HTC/TMobile to upgrade their loyal customers. I swear, if Apple had released the iPhone for magenta I would have jumped the Android ship by now. The market fragmentation is horrendous. Maybe I’ll feel different once froyo is working on my phone, but for now I’m just sick of waiting and lack of official word.

  • http://Website Bruce Coler

    Bull – same rumors over and over for 8 months – T-Mobile doesn’t have a Director of Development. They only have an off the shelf procurement department which contracts with secondary manufacturers to sell untested modified handsets. Android may be overtaking iPhone but its because one carrier offers iPhone and dozens of carriers pedal incarnations of Android. mT3G will never get Android 2.*. Wanna bet?

  • Regdroid


  • Regdroid


  • Regdroid


  • http://Website luis

    why hasnt my phone the my touch 3g gotten the 2.1 update ?

  • http://Website chris

    why is this taking so long i dont get it
    they really need to work harder

  • http://Website AJ

    Fuuck Tmobile wtf is going on, imma root my shit lol

  • http://Website shawnman

    Once a month I get a message from T-Mobile… and every time I get excited thinking “It’s finally here” and “My phone really isn’t going to be left behind” Alas it just a message letting me know that my new phone bill is available…

  • http://Website al

    so when do my touch 3g Eric Clapton users get an update or upgrade???