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Android app review contest winners

I never thought when we started our App review contest that so many people would participate. Thank you to everyone who submitted a review. We were not able to publish every submission that came in (a lot didn’t follow the format, or required too much editing), but we still managed to post close to 100 reviews.

If your review was not published, we will still be going through some of the late entries and contacting those people if they go up. Since so many people enjoyed writing reviews, we are going to keep accepting submissions in the future and coming up with new prizes to encourage participation.

To browse through some of the reviews that came in, check out our Android apps hub. This section of the site is going to get some major love soon, but I’ll save those details for later.

Winners are after the break.

Request an Android app review contest winner

The randomly selected winner of the request a review contest is Carlos Gonzalez who suggested the app NBA Gametime. Congratulations and enjoy your free Verizon Motorola Droid.

App review contest winner

When I started this contest, we were looking for two people who wanted to review apps. I said the winners would be selected at the beginning of May, but I’m only announcing one tonight. The second winner will be selected after we spend a few extra days to make sure we thoroughly review all the entries and talk it over with our team.

The first winner of the review contest is Anthony Domanico who submitted close to a dozen entries. I said we were looking for someone to become a regular reviews editor and he impressed us with his activity (entries, comments, tweets) throughout the entire contest period. For being selected as a winner, Anthony will receive the Android phone of his choice and we will be extending an invitation for him to join our team.

Look for the second winner to be announced next week.

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  • SpykeZ

    grats Anthony, what phone you going for?

  • http://Website Adam Litke

    congrats man.

  • Ryan Larrabee

    Congratulations, try not to spend it all in one place, errr wait.

    Just don’t drop the phone in the toilet.

  • stalker

    Congratulations to the winners.

  • Clint

    Any chance you will split the app reviews in to some other feed. I don’t mean to complain (I admit, I DID get introduced to a couple apps I like and may not have found otherwise) but it’s kind of annoying sifting through all that looking for actual Android news.

  • Anthony Domanico

    Thanks to AAM for putting on this contest and for making the daring move of employing a nut like me. Kidding, kidding.

    SpykeZ, as I am a loyal T-Mobile customer, I will be going the Nexus One route. Realistically, it’s going to be one of the (if not the) best phones T-mobile offers in 2010, and frankly, I’m impatient and the MyTouch just isn’t cutting it for me anymore! :)

    Thanks for the contratulations all. Clint, I’m sure we will look into the issue. Thanks for bringing it up.

    • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

      I’d say keep the $500 cash prize – never know what might be cropping up (UNLOCKED EVO 4G WTFSAUCE)

  • http://Website @dariFRESH

    Congratulations! I was actually hoping Anthony was one of the winners. His/your reviews were among some of my favorites.

    I didn’t think the winners would be announced so soon.

    • Killa

      Yeah, what he said.

  • Lane

    I must say, Anthony Domanico really is the obvious first choice. Hopefully you won’t make the rest of us wait *too* long to find out! :)

  • http://Website MooQ

    Grats Anthony!
    So my guess is that Anthony is for the non-game applications?
    I wrote a review of Zenonia but it didnĀ“t appear yet.
    If androidandme rejects the article, it would be nice to get at least a short e-mail with a reason why.

  • http://Website Sean Doe-Simkins

    Can’t wait for you guys to announce a second winner! Man oh man, the suspense is killing me…

    Did I mention I wrote some stellar reviews? Just sayin’ ;)

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