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AT&T will expand HSPA+ to 250m in 2010

AT&T announced on Friday that they will be expanding their HSPA+ footprint to reach 250 million people by the end of 2010. We previously reported that AT&T would use HSPA+ in certain locations during their transition to 4G LTE in 2011, so this new move sounds like a response to Sprint and T-Mobile who are also upgrading their networks to offer higher speeds.

The HSPA+ implementation being used by AT&T will double their current 7.2 Mbps download speeds to 14.4 Mbps. This is slower than T-Mobile’s 21 Mbps HSPA+, but AT&T will cover a larger area this year. T-Mobile hopes to blanket 185 million with HSPA+, while AT&T is aiming for 250 million.

Now that AT&T is moving to HSPA+ we expect they will have a matching handset by the holidays. It could be the next iPhone, or it could be an Android phone like T-Mobile is planning.

Source: Electronista

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  • http://Website dre

    Does the T-Mobile nexus support hspa

    • Taylor Wimberly

      HSPA+ is backwards compatible with existing HSPA devices. The Nexus One is limited to HSPA 7.2, but it should benefit when T-Mobile completes their HSPA+ rollout this year. Customers should expect faster downloads and improved latency on the network.

      • http://Website dre

        OK thanks a lot

  • http://Website Galen20K

    Considering HSPA+ is as fast or faster than preliminary 4G, I’m VERY excited about it!

    Cannot wait till T-Mobile brings out phones that support HSPA+ this summer. = D I”m a very happy dude.

  • http://Website Jayy336

    AT&T HSPA+, Now dropping your calls TWO TIMES as fast ;)

    • http://Website ronabong

      LOL no doubt.

  • http://Website ox

    what the heck new zealand has hspa+ up and running. i live in los angeles why is it taking so long

  • http://Website joeskir

    well fellas im not sure about this, i mean isnt it common knowlage that atts ceo openly admits he hates customers and treats them souly as interactions? now im not one for playing favorites but it would seem that all these companies coming out with enhanced networks are charging more(evo 4g aka rip-off).the only company that seems to stay at all solid is tmobile especily with verizon already threatening data caps on a LTE network that doesnt even exsist yet and att that no one can afford, cricket(even i wont stupe this low(sory crkt owners)).granted tmo doesnt have the heavyweights but project emerald is just around the corner.

  • http://Website avi

    Cool..I love my Nexus One on T-Mobile and with the expansion to hspa+ i think I’m gonna love it even more. If people say the Nexus is blazing fast then with hspa+ it’ll be blazing blazing blazing FAST!!

  • http://Website swazedahustla

    A little info for you guys who just read things and believe them just like that.

    When the bandwidth is less then 4% used, speeds up to 20mbps is doable. But when the you go past 4% to 22 % your speed will drop to less then 7mbps. If the networks has more the 23% used, your speeds are dropped futher down to 1.2 mbps.

    Secondly, your radio will be capped at 7mbps max speed. Because of battery life and fcc regulations.
    So your max speed is 7mbps, when 22% or less of the spectrum is being used. When greater then 23% is being used, the speeds will be forced down to 1.2 mbps. (I am trying to keep is simple)

    Wimax will give you a continuous 3-8 mbps, with the network has less then 98% used, 1.2-3mpbs from 98-100% used, connection( should be right round 8mbps, but milage will vary). With bursts up to 10mbps.

    Wimax is capablie of mimo 2×2. Hspa+ 1×1.

    Botttom line.

    Hspa+ is a great technology that will improve 3g speeds to between 1.2-3mbps. Wimax will consistently give you speeds between 3-8mbps.

    Which will make wimax minimally equal and maximally 3 times faster.

    That said, hspa+ is consistent through out the network, and on a carrier that has little customer base. Wimax is limited to only a few cities.

    So the quesiton is, do you live in an high population area, if yes wimax.

    Do you live in a 4 g area, if yes wimax.

    Do you live in a sprint area, if yes wimax.

    If you answered no, then you have to decide.

    hspa+ is what lte is going to start as, just 3.5g. It will then slowly change over to lte-a by 2015-16.

    There are the facts, you decide

  • http://Website GABRIEL

    CHICAGO — 4G World — Everyone knows that AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) is planning to move to Long Term Evolution (LTE) next year, but is the operator also planning a further upgrade of its 3G network in 2011?

    In his keynote here on Tuesday, David Haight, VP of business development at AT&T’s Emerging Devices Organization, said that if users roam off LTE, they would go to faster 3G in 2011. “The good news is that you’re going to fall back to HSPA+, so you’re falling back to 21 megabits, not 7.2 or 3.6,” Haight told the crowd. (See 4G World: AT&T Learns Lessons From iPad.)

    So far, AT&T has only said that it will deploy the earlier 14.4Mbit/s upgrade by the end of this year – 2010, revealing nothing about a 21Mbit/s upgrade in 2011. So we asked AT&T what the official word on this was.

    “HSPA+ technology has a theoretical maximum speed of 21Mbps,” a spokeswoman said, in an email reply to questions. “WE HAVE NOT BEGUN DEPLOYING THE TECHNOLOGY AT THIS TIME”,she said that ONLY this October – then now magically they have 21 hspa+??? (See AT&T Plots Widescale HSPA+ Rollout .)

    Nonetheless, if AT&T is interested in keeping up with GSM rival T-Mobile then HSPA+ is a logical progression. T-Mobile is currently rolling out a 21Mbit/s upgrade for 100 cities by year’s end; it currently has the speed boost running in 75 cities in the US.

    The average download speeds offered on 21Mbit/s HSPA+ are in the 5 to 8 Mbit/s range. (See T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Rivals Clearwire, US LTE Speeds.)
    When we are in Austin,Texas for ANDROID FESTIVAL, TMobile executives said that 42Mbps hspa+ will be available by last week of January or 1st week of February-2011 then AT&T will start to deploy 21Mbps hspa+…

    I called a friend who is engineer in AT&T MOBILITY unit & he said to me that THEY STILL USE THE 7.2Mbps & 14.4Mbps HSPA, NOT YET THE 21 HSPA+ (maybe next year around February-2011, he said)