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Best Buy pegs May 21st for Sprint Hero 2.1 upgrade

Ok so most the time these Android 2.1 upgrade dates are worthless, but sometimes they actually turn out to be true. Our friends from Android Central have posted an internal Best Buy document which states the Sprint Hero Android 2.1 upgrade has been delayed again until May 21st. Sprint had hoped to have their Android 2.1 upgrades completed by now, but they are still in testing.

Best Buy employees seem skeptical of the news because they voted down the article 53 times in their employee news system.

A leaked Android 2.1 ROM has been available on XDA for awhile, so it appears the main issue could be distribution right now. All signs point to an over the wire upgrade instead of the over the air (OTA) updates we see on other carriers. This could be a problem for Sprint since the majority of customers are not likely to perform a PC-based upgrade. The Samsung Moment recently received a wired update (which enabled OTA updates) and 90% of users have yet to install it.

Sprint wanted to release the upgrade over the air, but the file size is too large for their internal servers. There is the option to allow Google to host the upgrade files, but Sprint has not fully tested that system in order to meet their “required launch timeframe”.

If there is a required timeframe for launch, we are not sure if that was imposed by Google or Sprint. May 21st is the day after Google I/O so maybe Google will announce something related to the fragmentation of their Android platform versions. It is not unbelievable that we could see several handsets upgraded to Android 2.1 by the end of next week.

The Sprint Hero could see Android 2.1 on May 21st.

Source: Android Central

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  • Canterrain

    *cue cries of outrage over delays*

    Although I honestly am looking forward to official 2.1 on the Hero for no other reason than that gets us alot closer to 2.2 and less fragmentation.

    I love android to death, but sometimes its greatest strength is also its greatest weakness.

  • Dan The Man

    So what does impact does this have on the availability of the 2.1 upgrade for the Moment? If any?

  • http://Website Joe

    You think?
    Doesn’t Best Buy know you can trust ANYTHING Sprint dishes out anymore?

    and… yeah right, if you believe they’ll give you 2.2 on the Hero or Moment after this mess, I have some land for sale in Florida… real cheap… good buy for you!

    This is so sad, it’s funny!

    • http://Website Joe

      “CAN’T” or “CANNOT”, not “can”, you dummy!

    • Canterrain

      Actually yes, I do think getting from 2.1 to 2.2 is likely.

      Getting from 1.5 to 2.1 was a huge amount of work, a very large jump. Making the jump to 2.2 is probably going to be something they’re already working on anyways (for the EVO) and a lot easier. (Depending on everything that comes with).

      I just don’t expect it to include absolutely everything that comes with 2.2.

  • http://Website johnie2dk

    I know this is nothing more than a joke. “No, really we are going to upgrade. PLEASE don’t ditch the HTC phones.”

    The only thing this has done for me is make me a iPhone usesr for life. NEVER will I buy a HTC phone again!!!!

  • http://Website lwc

    Just root you’r hero download the leak or a custom rom. Very simple. That’s why htc gave us the leak. Sprint knows we are very capeable of customizing and hacking so why would sprint waste their time?

  • http://Website jaydiZ

    IF i use the 2.1 leak instead of waiting until its official, does that stop me from being able to download the “official” official 2.1? and any other update like the Froyo later on??