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Coming soon to the marketplace: PayPal payments

Those of you who use PayPal to buy things online will be pleased to know that the service is being added to the list of payment methods that the Android Market will start accepting. The move was announced during an informal meeting at PayPal’s Amsterdam headquarters, and looks to roll out for Android in Q2 of this year. Acting as an alternative to Google Checkout and credit cards, PayPal support looks to open a whole new revenue stream to the Market, which will hopefully encourage more growth.

As a PayPal user I can say that I’m more inclined to buy things when the service is supported; I mean, while I’m confident that the Market isn’t going to rip off my credit card information, PayPal has a good track record with me so far.

On a lesser note, the same meeting announced plans for the PayPal on the iPhone to enable purchase of real-world goods. Whether this is a shot at Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s Square service or if we’ll find it on the Android remains to be seen.

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  • ryansk

    I understand why Google Checkout was exclusively used, but this is long overdue. My bank, for example, declines ANY overseas transactions for security reasons. I have a terrible time trying to pay for items on Marketplace that have an overseas address, as the transaction (to my bank, at least) appears to come from the address of the developer instead of Google.

    Here’s hoping both pay options are available for all pay apps right out of the chute.

  • Mike

    Paypal is convenient — until you ever have to call them or they put a hold on your account for no reason or they lock you out of your own account. Just pray you never the call them.

    • http://Website Kendall


      Ever heard of paypalsucksdotcom?

      Suggesting trusting them over Google is hilarious.Tthey are a payment services company that acts like a bank but arent regulated or protected/insured like one. This is why you get the unexplained blocking of your account/chargebacks as in cases of suspected fraud they cant/wont cover it so you just have to lose out.

      Everybody is fine with them until you get the suspended account scenario and its only a matter of when, not if. I personally have lost equivalent of $500 I will never see I again due to a fraudulent buyer.. but this is small fry, there are some horror storied out there including people I know who have accounts with $1000s on hold as we speak.

      • http://Website Kendall


        I cant speak for currently, but my experience of their customer service at the time was TERRIBLE.. huge waiting times on the phone (such you have to give up as there just isnt the time told for an hour) and obviously copy-and-paste generic responses to your email queries– all of which makes you want to explode.

      • McKillem

        Your story is ofcourse completely valid, and its horrid if things like this really happen. But mind you, who with a sane mind would put substantial amounts of money on their paypal account? You only have to think about it for 3 seconds to realize that is a bad idea. Especially now, you can just give them permission to withdraw from you bank as you buy things. Ive been using that for years, and if they lock my account then its nothing more then inconvenient.
        They can’t unlawfully withdraw money from my bank seeing as how, at least here in holland, all automated transfers are reverseable.

  • http://Website JimmyK

    I think this is great news! My wife and I have bought and sold for years via PayPal, We have never left a balance in there and always transfer money to our regular (insured / regulated) bank.

    Hopefully VENMO will gain enough momentum to be seriously considered in the same ranks as PayPal and gain marketplace support (Android app as well).

    Does anyone out there use VENMO?

  • http://Website Brad

    Niiiiice! I only use a prepaid mastercard that never has a balance, so there’s always a delay when I have to add funds to it when I want something from the market place ASAP. Paypal will be great :)

  • stalker

    Great news.. Now I can download paid application in india.. :). . ..

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  • http://Website Bryce Reeves

    Not that big of a deal to me.

  • http://Website ChaosKiller

    Bit old this news, what I understood though that it is for in-app purchases, not the marketplace.

  • http://Website Philip Cohen

    Visa/Banks preparing to put PayPal back into its eBay box

    It is with very great sorrow that “Dr Death” Donahoe MBA (aka Peter Principle), resident witch doctor at eBay, is expected to announce the probable imminent demise of eBay’s most ugly daughter, the “clunky” PayPal. He is expected to advise the market that it is probable that PayPal is about to be stricken by a particularly virulent strain of Visa + CyberSource, accompanied by financial institutions complications. As such, PayPal may be expected to deteriorate rapidly and, if ultimately not completely incapacitated, will most likely be eventually confined to what little is by then left of the Donahoe-devastated eBay Marketplaces. There is no cure this condition, and Dr Death will undoubtedly also say that he is particularly saddened by the inevitable presumption that it is unlikely the PayPal will be able to continue to underpin eBay’s bottom line into the future.

    A detailed examination of and prognosis for the patient at

    And for anyone interested generally in the matter of eBay’s unscrupulousness including its deliberate criminal facilitation of the rampant shill bidding fraud being perpetrated by unscrupulous professional sellers on buyers on eBay nominal-start auctions, an introduction thereto at

    eBay/PayPal/Donahoe: Dead Men Walking

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  • Richard Johnson

    Okay, Paypal has been a convenient method of payment for our online shops (note the plural) for the past 6 years. With a turnover circa £70-80 pa through our online shops, we’re only ever used paypal. However, our lastest shop, which has a really good ranking on google, bing etc for numerous high traffic keywords is getting zip, yep no sales at all! The prices are competitve and the goods are basically supplied with everything the competition provides, hwever, it’s getting no sales at all. I’m starting to wonder if our other sites would have had higher sales volumes if i’d integrated google shopping cart/ payment portal into the site.

    A little digging brought up numerous paypal scams and reasons why buyers are put of paying for goods. A test run of Paypals latest payments portal also throws up an interesting fact: for the uninitiated, it’s very difficult to see how you can pay without a paypal account (the pay with debit/ credit card option) isn’t clear at all! In effect, my thoughts are that paypal are using 3rd party sites (ie customers) to draw in new users- ie if you want the goods, you’re likely to sign up with paypal. That doesn’t bode well if you’re competing against companies that use professional payment portals.

    Given the above arguments, I think “Bye Bye Paypal” is the only solution. I’d wholeheartedly suggest that alternatives are sought by web based sellers. Besides, given the lack of real support for sellers (chargebacks, fraudulent claims for “item not as described”) sellers need to really consider their options more when choosing a payment portal.

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  • McKillem

    Well, thats about time. Anybody who does not have a creditcard can’t buy anything in the marketplace, highly inconvenient.
    Definitely below what i expect from Google, that this fairly simple thing has to be implanted as a feature later on.

  • Jeff

    I have experienced problems with paypal. If you don’t use them for a while they cancel your direct debit with them but don’t notify you they have done it. This can (and did) cause problems

  • http://Website Bill W

    i have nothing but praise for paypal ! customer of ebay and paypal for years! i am a buyer only {only have sold 1 item on ebay} and that was a local buy! but every time i have had a problem they were there to help ! last one , rang the 1800 number at 1 A.M. in america {i’m in australia} and not only connected in 5 minutes but the lady put in a claim for me and 30 minutes later i could see it on the Monitor , 5 days later, claim settled {$223.00} howzat ???