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Countdown to Google I/O: Submit your questions for the Android team

Google’s largest developer event of the year is right around the corner and we will be there to bring you all the latest news. This year’s Google I/O is looking like an Android party after Google shipped all paid attendees a free Droid or Nexus One. The event sold out early, but our goal is to bring you as many videos as possible so it feels like you are there with us.

One of our favorite sessions from last year was the Fireside Chat with the Android team members. Google allowed anyone to submit questions and then members of the audience voted up their favorites. It was a great opportunity to listen as the Google engineers took on all questions and candidly spoke about the topics that mattered.

This year Google is hosting two fireside chats — one with the Android engineers and another with the handset makers. If you ever wanted to get those tough Android questions answered, this is likely your best shot all year.

How to play

Leave a comment to submit your question for the Fireside chat with the Android team. For questions related to hardware, see our Questions for Android handset makers post.

It looks like most of the questions related to Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1 will be revealed on the second day of Google I/O, but feel free to ask about whatever you like. We will be scanning this post before the Fireside chat and use it to pick out the top unanswered questions.

As the questions start to come in, use our comment rating system to vote up the questions you think we should ask and bury the stupid ones. There is no guarantee your question will be answered, but I’ll do my best to ask the questions that get the most votes.

Update: Submit as many questions as you like, but split them into different comments so users can individually vote them up or down.

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  • http://Website Thomas Riley

    The following question assumes that it’s not already answered in this years Android announcements!

    “When will we see the return of push notifications into the Android SDK?”

    • http://www.developer.xtify Josh Rochlin

      Rich – Love your question, but love last week’s tweets even more:

      if Goog. don’t get official with push notes in #Android it seems @Xtify offers everything I need plus more! ;)

      @Xtify just made their #Android push API much more seamless and more customisable.. nice!

      Thanks for the kind words. We will be out at I/O and at

      Lets talk!

    • Aaron

      YES!! Push notifications are a 100% necessity!!

      RIM, Apple & even Microsoft provide push! Google should too! :)

  • http://Website Richard

    After the release of Android Froyo, what is the future roadmap for the Android Operating System for the Gingerbread and future relases?

    • http://Website adc123

      is the old mytouch recieve the android2.1 updAte and wat future is for the mytouch 3g

  • William

    Will unlockable bootloaders, as implemented on the Nexus One, become standard?

  • William

    What are their views on community ROMs, like CyanogenMod? Like? Dislike? Indifferent?

  • http://Website Steffen

    Are there any plans to make stock android theme-able? Specifically I would like to be able to change application icon’s for developers who are to lazy to make good icon’s.

    • Aaron

      I suppose this ties in with customising our notification bar colors etc ?
      & maybe also being able to customise the folder icons! :)


    Are there any plans in the future to incorporate a selection of text and be able to paste it through out applications? EX: copying texts from an e-mail or off of a web page and being able to send that selection of text to a friend through text.

    • http://Website Nish

      Selecting Text from a web page or email and then sending/ mailing it as text is already existing.
      U can try to use Menu>>Select Text to select the text and then long press on the page or app ( Eg: text message/ email) where u wanna paste it. U ll get an option to paste the selected text.

      • # Vinzent Vega

        …doesn’t work in the gmail app though!

  • http://Website L. R

    It would be nice to have road maps for future versions of Android, but Google has publicly said that they are not going to do this going forward.

    What would be nice would be to know if they are going to slow down or make releases annual just like the iPhone OS is. Not that the features Apple adds are so great (wow , multitasking!), but it would be nice to look forward to something.

  • Weeds

    Are there any plans to backport key platform improvements (like JIT, 3D accelerated bitmap/image rendering, new kernel versions) to older Android versions, so that outdated devices may still benefit from that.

    For example if we get the JIT in Android 3.0, but no first generation phone will be able to run the stock 3.0 version. Will ther be any backports to say 2.1 to make minor updates available to those devices.

  • PixelSlave

    It’s frustrated to see new version of Android comes out and wait for MONTHS for carriers/hardware vendors to release an update — that’s when there’s an update. Even if there’s an update, not all updates are created equal. My Droid’s 2.1 update still only gives me 3 home screen, while the similarly equipped Milestone update in some countries gets more home screen.

    I’ve heard that there are plans to make all Google apps updateable thru the Market, in order to work around the fragmentation problems. But app updates is not the same as OS update. The most obvious problem is that some apps depends on new features in a new version of the Android OS.

    Will Google come up with a solution to the problem? Is there a way to allow vendors to customize the UI in a way that when an OS update is available, end users can choose not to wait for the vendor to update the UI and go straight to the Google brand update (ie, switching the phone to a Google Experience device)? Later, when the hardware vendor’s customize UI update is ready, we can download the update from the vendor to complete the whole update process.

  • http://Website Sebastian

    When come a PC suite for Android?

  • David Shellabarger

    When will show all android apps?

    • http://Website Jeb Johnston

      Checkout They have a complete android market listing there

  • http://Website cmT

    As of right now Android can be called segmented with its different versions (1.5,1.6,2.1 etc). How does does Google plan to de segment Android with the release of Froyo.

  • http://Website Mad Ethel Flint

    is the android team working with the chrome OS team as the operating system(s) develop? are they related at all?

  • http://Website iDavey

    Will an official Google Doc app be brought to the Android platform, also will Google Editions have an app for it’s debut also?

    Normal questions I have pertain to the OS and the slow adoption from manufacturers to upgrade. Will Google start making it uniform too at least have the manufacturers push them at the same time. Along with the carriers.

  • http://Website NexusUser

    When will we see m4b audio book file playback support, with embedded images and titles? DRMd M4B support may not be possible in the stock player but how about support for non-DRM m4b files in the stock Android player.

  • http://Website Barry


    Can Google mandate for every phone developer to have at least 64 GB of Internal Memory for apps?

    Why is it taking Google so long to allow apps to be stored on the SD card? When is Android system going to recognize the new terabyte SD cards? (before or after Apple does?)

    Is Google working on an alternative Itune Application or at least looking to buy someone out? (This is a MAJOR Android vs Apple problem.)

    When is Google going to build an autosync function for customers to update their phones to newest Android version via computer or the air without waiting on the carriers? (To many chiefs, shit load of problems.)

    Is Google going to add more cool animations to Android? (Apple is winning on this one. Normal Joe public doesn’t care what Android is capable of, they want to see the capabilities. Words have a limited response. Pictures or Videos have unlimited responses.)

    Where in the hell is mobile Chrome browser for Android?

    When or where are the 3D games?

    Does Google have a master plan to retain the lead that Android sales have on the Iphone, when the Iphone starts to be sold by multiple carriers here in the states?

    When is Google going to open their retail store? (Name Idea: Google Showroom)

    When are they going to add different voices to the Google Navigation? Actors, cartoon characters, etc…

    Where are the new and greatest updates for Google Voice?

    When or where are the Android TV commercials produced by Google? (Apple is tearing it up on their straight to the point TV commercials. I am getting a little bored with the same damn Droid commercial.)

    I hate Apple and everything it stands for, so tell Google to hurry the hell up and dominate this damn fruit company.

  • http://Website Matt

    The Android phones on the market can currently be put into one of two categories: “Custom Android” and “Standard Android”. By this I mean things like Sense UI, Motoblur, etc. being built as a part of the device’s native software.

    For the standard Android phones, what is the limiting factor in timing out upgrades such that more phones can receive phone updates in a more timely manner? Is there anything Google is attempting to do in order to communicate a set of standards to match hardware to, such that device manufacturers can follow guidelines to minimize trouble caused by Android updates? How open does Google make the Android development path/goals to manufacturers in order to ensure a streamlined updating/upgrading process?

  • http://Website Richard

    Has Google been attempting to enable animated images (GIF) into the Android Operating System? HTC’s Sense UI has this feature. Is it included into the Android Froyo or Gingerbread platform?

  • http://Website Dave Hagenaars

    A few weeks ago i read this article: It says that the OHA partners are not happy with how much power google has over the advancement of android.
    Is this something that concerns Google, and what will they try to do to counter this? Or does it not bother them at all, as the rumors are false?

  • http://Website Richard

    Has Google been working on the Television Advertising Campaign for Android phones by Google such as Nexus One?

  • http://Website Richard

    In the current Android Platform (2.1-update1) the music player has been un-customizable and very “plain”, is there any plans to update the Music Player to use Cooliris technology like the Gallery? Options such as Music Equalizer should be incorporated

    • st4xor

      I noticed that in 2.1, they changed the functionality of the “back” button in the music player. The back button used to take you out of music to the home screen or whatever other application you came from. As of 2.1, pressing the back button keeps you within the music player and takes you “back” to the screen from which you came.

      This change, along with other small changes in the music player, are very welcome. But I still very much miss the “up one level” type button from my ipod touch, e.g. if I have drilled down through an artist->cd->song, I want to go up one level to the artist and pick a different CD.

      There are many things that I like more about the android player than the ipod touch player, but its very easy to get lost when trying to navigate through music. At the very least I would like to see a persistent option to go to the top level of the library AND a persistent option to go to “now playing” (without restarting the song please….)

  • http://Website Matt

    We are currently able to use Google Voice Search to search for specific contacts in our list, in order to initiate a phone call, text message, etc. Is it ever going to be a planned inclusion to allow voice searching of the contacts list, in order to initiate Google Maps Navigation? For instance, I want to navigate to my mother’s house.

    “Navigate to Mom”

    I could obviously “Navigate to “, but I might not know these addresses, such as for a business contact, etc. Is this a planned inclusion in future versions of Android/Google Maps?

  • http://Website Phroghollow

    1. DivX/Xvid support
    2. Phone Store expansion to Australia
    3. Official love for G1/Dream
    4. Nexus 2
    5. Better Music Player
    6. Apps2SD
    7. Phone Storage : hit us with 64Gb of storage on phone plus microSD card slot

  • http://Website Paul

    Please can we have google maps working off line, Down load via PC or wi-fi for specific town/city/country as data rates in a foreign country are to expensive & only go on line if you have to search or information.

    • stalker

      Yes agreed. I’ve wifi at home but I cannot use google map for navigation outside my home. I’ve to use google earth for navigation (after streaming whole city part and its very frustrating). But still it is not as good as google maps. Google please provide offline maps. :)

  • http://Website Paul

    With most screens being more than 3.5inch can we have the option to have a 5×4 icon grid instead of the current 4×4 you may say this does not work because of landscape mode on homepage but I never use landscape on homepage so this could be disabled if a 5×4 icon screen was enabled.

  • http://Website Brian

    What is the future plan for the Nexus One? Continue dev or move on to the Nexus 2?

  • http://Website Dalythu

    I want to know if android plans to have more control over required design of android phones. Maybe limit the number of screen resolutions or where the buttons (back, menu, search, home) layout to make it easier and faster for developers to develop for more phones (i.e. windows phone 7). Thats the only real thing that concerns me with android future since wacky phone designs can hinder a unified android experience.

    Also can you ask if android plans to have a more unified and defined android UI in developers just so apps flow together more naturally? I feel like android lacks a certain aesthetic that it needs, it need a little more polish and beautification

  • http://Website Nikos

    1. When multitasking will have a “face-lift” and taskman will not be required to close apps.
    2. When Chrome browser will make it to Android?
    3. When Android will support Video Calls?
    4. How Google will address the 3G and Multitouch issues of Nexus one. Will Froyo address those?
    5. When we will see a GSM/WCDMA version of HTC Evo? (Manufacturer question)
    6. Will be an Nexus Two? (Manufacturer question)

    • stalker

      The stock browser you are using on your android phone is chrome, pal. :)

  • http://Website jp2dj1

    Question: can you tell details about upcoming The Nexus Two? Like when is it coming out? What carrier is coming to or google only, if it’s coming out with 2.1 or 2.2, and lastly what bran: motorola, HTC, samsung, ect??

  • David Shellabarger

    Perhaps we should submit questions to the official Google Wave Android Fireside Chat?

  • http://Website Inspiron41

    For the phone manufactures:
    how does the accidental hardware leak of Apple’s iPhone 4G affect the development of future HTC phones? Will we see an attempt to match or improve up on iPhone 4G? Or will see an attempt by HTC to differentiate themselves from the iphone?

    For Google Developer:
    Since a lot of tablet version of android are coming out later this year, will we see an attempt by Google to develop specialized applications or even a specialized OS for them?

    What can you guys say about the fable Google Tablet……………………………

  • http://Website Harry Kancyr

    Is BT headset operability ever going to be supported? It would be nice to have a legal phone dialing system for the road.

  • http://Website Hans

    Not sure if this has been answered before,but here it goes:

    Why is it that Android games are more expensive than iPhone games? Especially with multiplatform games such as Doodle Jump.

  • Chris Larson

    Question: Can I come with y’all?

  • http://Website tori

    I used to be a ipod touch user and while the android store seems alright I have a few issues with it.
    1. Since android users use different carriers most carriers have capability for their customers to watch movies, videos, etc… will android ever have the capability to have it’s own real store for purchasing videos, music, tv shows, etc.. this would only bring more money to Android store…
    2. Will you start to have the Android market available for download on computers so people can search the full store on the computer rather than the headset?
    3. Will you create a wish list of items or the ability to check items to go into a wish list for people to remeber items they would like to purcahse later?
    4. Will you make the store more colorful and user friendly? many times, I try to download something and get error messages?
    5. Will you ever make the android one full access instead of having different handsets use different versions of the store? ease of use….

  • http://Website Greg

    Will there be a “safe” market for kids? Lots of kids are getting hooked on iPod touches and hence wrapped into the Apple ecosystem because they are protected (barely) by a walled garden and m4b support?

    Amazon books, video support coming?

  • http://Website Jared Johnson

    Not sure if this is a question for android devs or handset manufacturers really:

    I hear that the “top three carriers” have “rejected” the Nexus One. When the N1 was still a rumour, everyone was talking about how Google would be screwing over the cell phone companies with a _single_ phone that would be compatible with all major carriers — including 3G — that you could buy direct from Google. This made great sense to me; why buy handsets from providers? Would you buy a branded, crippled computer from your ISP? Or a computer that only worked with one ISP, requiring a new purchase if you wanted to take your business elsewhere? This idea has of course been completely overturned and although I bought a Nexus One and absolutely love it, I don’t understand: what is stopping Google from selling a phone that will work on Sprint’s network whether Sprint likes it or not? And furthermore, what is stopping them from selling a phone that will work on T-Mobile OR Sprint OR Verizon OR AT&T at 3G speeds (and later 3-4G speeds), without asking permission from anyone? Is this a hardware limitation on the part of the handset manufacturer? Or a political limitation for Google or HTC?

  • Aaron

    When is the gaping security hole regarding the unlock screen going to be fixed?

    go to

    for full details.
    While you’re having a look you may aswell Star the issue too? :)

  • http://Website John Peter

    As a Norwegian Android user, I’m baffled by the lack of paid apps in the Android Market in Norway, as well as the rest of Scandinavia and most of the other countries in the world. This really is my number one concern, when will the Market be fully opened in Norway (and the rest of the world)?

    I think this lacking feature is hindering Android’s growth in Norway quite a lot, and as more people buy Android phones and become aware of this shortcoming, more people will know about it and gravitate towards Apple’s non-crippled and thriving App Store instead.

    (I’m also wondering about the pitiful Google Docs support on Google’s own platform)

  • nab9211

    any efforts to make the update proceedure smooth !?

  • brykins

    (1) Storing apps on SD card – it has to come and it has to come soon. My son has a T-Mobile Pulse with limited memory for apps. He has pocket money to spend on apps but can’t because he has no space. Developers will soon tire of developing for a platform where the users can’t actually download and store the apps.

    (2) Some REAL Android support. The Google forums are geared towards the Nexus One and the Market, but what about people like myself who want to raise issues regarding Android on other devices? We are very much left in the dark.

    (3) Some movement on the “download unsuccessful” and the “starting download” issues. Both of these were brought up by one of your own employees over a year ago on your forums, but NEITHER has an answer. My son’s Pulse has to be re-formatted once per month due to the “download unsuccessful” message. (Less of an issue at the moment due to item (1))

    (4) Some real development of Google Contacts and Calendar. I am syncing with the cloud servers but feel that I am losing a LOT of functionality by moving away from Outlook for my calendar and contacts. I feel like I have stepped back to Sidekick for Windows 95. What about a desktop app that syncs with the cloud (and therefore with the phone)?

    (5) How about throwing some money and expertise into getting some of the big name iPhone developers to port their apps to Android? The likes of Facebook, Ebay, PayPal, etc, should all be helped and encouraged to get good apps written, and not left for them to “find out how the market pans out”. Make it so that they have nothing to lose by taking up Android development.

    (6) Lastly, I think Google need to start getting tough with the manufacturers and put in place some way of ensuring that device support and updates are guaranteed for at least twelve months. We are signing in to 18 and 24 month phone contracts to get these devices and are then left wondering whether we will be updated. The rumour of JIT and the speed increase in 2.2 excites me, but I have no way of knowing if/when HTC might provide the update to my Desire, and whether my son’s Pulse will even get an update past 1.5.

    • MidMoMan

      I like a few of these opinions but since you combined them in one comment I can’t vote on the specifics.

    • Aaron

      I don’t think Google will ever be able to ‘get tough’ with manufacturers. Android is open source & manufacturers use it because they can do whatever they please with it.
      Google is, I believe, powerless when it comes to this.

  • http://Website bring me in

    1. USB Host
    2. Music Application with equalizer
    3. friendly Copy and Paste
    4. Nexus 2

  • MidMoMan

    What are the plans to enhance Exchange synch and operation? It would be nice to be able to synch notes and task. Send to groups from the contact list and look up contact from the Global Address List of the user.

  • MidMoMan

    Are there plans to provide security options for phone management from within either Exchange or System Center? Process such as config policy, phone wipe, etc would be nice.

  • http://Website Brett

    A lot of phones I’ve been looking at lately have just received the Android 2.1 update or will currently be running it. (Driod Eris, Samsung Moment, LG Ally, Droid Incredible)

    I’m curious what phones will be able to update to Android 2.2, in-particularly, in which order of how soon they will be able to update.

    I assume the N1, as there is already video of Froyo running on it, but which phones will be next in line for the Android 2.2 update?

  • BiznessMan

    Will there be any software “fix” for the Nexus One touchscreen glitch? I constantly get it to where I click on an icon on the top of the screen and it thinks I clicked one on the very bottom (and stays that way until I turn off the screen and bring it back up) I know they can’t completely fix it if its a hardware issue, but hopefully they can emulate something to make it a bit more smooth

  • Durango_Boy

    Here’s a few things I would like to see, based on my limited two weeks with 2.1 on my Incredible, for the Android system based phones.

    1. DivX / Xvid support.
    2. Animated GIF support.
    3. Software Update for 100% battery charge. (Incredible is NOT charging 100% unless tricked.)
    4. Basic paint or photo editing software.
    5. Better Music Player.
    6. Better Video Player.

    Thanks guys.

  • http://Website fred4405

    I don’t know if this is something thru you or with th ephone carrier, but I would like to know when I forward an e-mail that has attachments, it does not forward the attachement(s) with the e-mail. Is this something you are working on to work correctly?

  • http://Website Hans

    For the manufacturers:

    Is there an official time frame for when manufacturers will include the new Intel Moorestown chip into Android handsets?

  • http://Website Myak

    Please bring VOIP to android.

  • MaineBob

    Will Android 2.2 Froyo include hands free (Bluetooth) dialing?

    See The google Thread:
    and join the 3,549 people and click to turn the Star Yellow.

    AND if so, will there be a quick way to get the update OTA
    and via (Verizon for Droid)?

  • vinay

    My android application use internet connection. when i enable wifi it works properly but when i disable wifi and enable GPRS then it’s stop working not sending any data to server. In GPRS i can browsing but why my application not detecting internet connection

  • http://Website Angela

    When will it be possible for the apps to go to the memory card. I have this huge memory card with all the space left on it and yet hardly any left on the phone itself.

    Need to be able to have the apps on the memory card

  • http://Website Patrick

    When will bluetooth keyboard support and bluetooth file transfer come to android?

  • PixelSlave

    Would Google consider partnering with traditional console game makers to develop Android only mobile games? It would send a shockwave to the mobile world if Nintendo partners with Google to develop games for Android phones — Zelda and Mario on my Droid? Yummy. Please give this a thought. Microsoft has a secret weapon on hand. A Windows Phone 7 Halo will definitely generate a lot of sales for them.

  • http://Website XDrum

    “What about the future of the so called “Legacy Devices”?

    There are many Google branded devices outside the U.S,
    for example the HTC Magic (Google/Vodafone branded) in European countries,
    that are still stuck on Android 1.6 and the users who bought these devices
    cannot get a precise answer on the potential 2.x upgrade from:
    a) The reseller, aka the carrier
    b) Google

    Are these users/devices left alone?
    Are these users forced to switch to a new device (if any will be available in Europe)
    to get a full Google Experience?”

    Thanks a lot

  • stalker

    A native notepad application in android please..

  • http://Website Cassandra Mason

    Will the HTC Dream a.k.a G1 be getting any other updates past Android 1.6?? If so, When??

  • http://Website Dave Mathew

    Why are android apps more expensive than Iphone? Backbreaker football is $.99 on iphone $2.99 on andriod.What is the reason for the incredible 300% increase??

  • PixelSlave

    Every iPhone user can download an OS update from Apple to update their phone, provided their phones are supported. But even if I bought a Motorola Droid, which is a Google Experience phone, I couldn’t do that. I think a lot of Droid Incredible users would just give up their Sense UI, if there’s a way for them to upgrade to Android 2.2 the moment it comes out. But right now, it cannot be done — the most ridiculous thing is, many Droid Incredible orders are in back order! By the time people receive their “brand new” phones, its OS will already be outdated!

  • http://Website Vinzent Vega

    Will exchange calendar and address-list support be integrated into the OS?

    This is problem concerns only the nexus one, other android phones by htc and motorola (I don’t know about the other manufactures) have custom calendar apps.

    A lot of people are waiting for this:

  • http://Website HappyGuy

    Jesus, if thats’s the best publicity photo the team can come up with, we’re doomed. If Android is so now and happening, why do the the top table look so miserable, bored and half asleep? No wonder developers are (literally) seen as sad geeks. They need an Ballmer monkey injection!